Gajim - 2019-07-23

  1. andy lovetox, yesterday I have added, and deleted bookmarks on Gajim Home. Today at work I dont have any of this bookmarks. Probably the problems occurs when on the "first" instance we have opened muc room, that have been removed from bookmarks on the second device.
  2. pep. “lovetox> the first thing i would like to abolish is, having adhoc commands on 3 different jids”, what do you propose instead?
  3. EmleyMoor wondered how that could happen
  4. EmleyMoor The point is, it's very logical as it is
  5. EmleyMoor I'm not getting participant entry/exit/quit messages in MUCs. Does gajim have an option I need to change?
  6. andy EmleyMoor, click at room options --> chat settings
  7. andy At the top of this menu you have a checkbox for it.
  8. EmleyMoor andy, where is room options?
  9. andy Next icon after the lock.
  10. EmleyMoor Where therein is chat settings+
  11. EmleyMoor ?
  12. andy EmleyMoor, what version are You are using?
  13. EmleyMoor 1.1.3
  14. andy oh, I have an nightly..
  15. andy Menus are redesigned a little so..
  16. EmleyMoor Is there an easy way to get a nightly (or even a twice-nightly-whiteley) into Debian buster?
  17. andy EmleyMoor, i use openSUSE at home and it was easy to make it work (ofc I miss some liberaries, but after that it install).
  18. andy look at the gitlab page
  19. EmleyMoor Sounds like a lot of work... looked already, no time now
  20. andy work?
  21. EmleyMoor faff - inconvenience etc... and all for an option that should be there
  22. andy Saying it someone that have Debian on desktop ;)
  23. EmleyMoor blames Android Auto for all of his recent XMPP problems
  24. andy Probably the option are you looking here is in stable, but I cannot help becasue Im using a nightly right now.
  25. andy EmleyMoor, what problem with AA?
  26. EmleyMoor Not a problem *with* it, but it is *to blame* due to Conversations being the client
  27. andy EmleyMoor, to make Gajim Nightly work at Linux try this: git clone then enter to this folder and run: ./ install --root=/"destination to install gajim"
  28. andy EmleyMoor, Im using an Android Auto and can recieve messages when driving the same way as sms.
  29. andy But ok im using a Pix-Art Messenger right now.
  30. andy But it is not possible to send message using a Pix i think. I dont try but problably I cant
  31. EmleyMoor andy: using Conversations, yes. It was adapting my setup to support that that brought most of this about
  32. andy so try the command that I past few lines up
  33. andy if you have all needed liberaries it will work in 30 seconds.
  34. EmleyMoor Like I said earlier, not now!
  35. andy :)
  36. andy Gajmi have mor user friendly UI in nightly for a lot things so it worth to switch.
  37. EmleyMoor Later or someone find me the option
  38. andy Gajim have mor user friendly UI in nightly for a lot things so it worth to switch.
  39. EmleyMoor andy, Happen so but not worth risking my chance of employment for
  40. andy about AA. It is even possible to send message through PixArt in AA using a Google Asistant?
  41. EmleyMoor I haven't discovered all it can do, and have triggered some unexpected sh... you know what when tinkering
  42. EmleyMoor I am not fluent in Android Assistantese either... need a guide to it and a way to fine tune my voice model
  43. EmleyMoor Installed from git but not running - pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: The 'nbxmpp>=0.9.91' distribution was not found and is required by gajim - what do I need to do?
  44. EmleyMoor (either that or I need help to find the option to show MUC enty/exit announcements in stable)
  45. EmleyMoor Anyone???
  46. Eduard EmleyMoor: gajim master requires nbxmpp master
  47. andy EmleyMoor,
  48. andy [20:45:31] andy: [20:58:17] lovetox: andy after a bit of searching [20:58:24] lovetox: try install the dev package here appstream-glib-devel [20:59:20] lovetox: or try first with the normal package [20:59:24] lovetox: libappstream [20:59:31] lovetox: whatever this is called in your distro [20:59:40] andy: ok [20:59:43] andy: thx [21:05:14] andy: lovetox, first works. One again thx.
  49. EmleyMoor So, how do I fulfil that?
  50. EmleyMoor Ah
  51. andy EmleyMoor, ofc you are running a ./setup install command yep?
  52. andy EmleyMoor, ofc you are running a ./ install command yep?
  53. EmleyMoor andy, yes, did that
  54. andy so try to install missing libs, its fix problem for me.
  55. andy EmleyMoor, probably this setting you are trying to search is located in a global gajim settings
  56. EmleyMoor I need more "do this" type advice on this one
  57. EmleyMoor I can't find it, anywhere
  58. EmleyMoor What was suggested to you didn't help. Same error
  59. EmleyMoor This is why I was reluctant to attempt it earlier
  60. EmleyMoor Eduard, how to fulfil the requirement?
  61. Eduard EmleyMoor: installing
  62. EmleyMoor Eduard, starting with some kind of git clone command (detail?)? Then???
  63. EmleyMoor (I didn't want to have to do this in the first place but now Magnusson's Law applies...)
  64. EmleyMoor OK, git cloned that...
  65. Eduard EmleyMoor: yes, git clone, then compile
  66. Eduard If you don't want to do that just use a packaged gajim for your distro
  67. EmleyMoor No, you mean ./ - can I use --root=... as I did with gajim to influence where it ends up?
  68. EmleyMoor Eduard, Where do I find a packaged *nightly*?
  69. EmleyMoor (answer to my own previous question: No) - so, how do I influence the setup destination?
  70. Eduard You can use the --user flag and just install for you or use --root as you said
  71. EmleyMoor --root is no go
  72. EmleyMoor Ah, I see
  73. EmleyMoor Found my error
  74. EmleyMoor --prefix is even better in my case
  75. EmleyMoor Hmm... no... this is no go unless I want to be messy
  76. andy EmleyMoor, i just have checked stable and not found this options so, it problably were introduced in nightly.
  77. EmleyMoor Now seeing this:
  78. EmleyMoor What do I need to do now?
  79. EmleyMoor Actually I think the answer is remove my packaged version
  80. EmleyMoor No but less wrong now...
  81. EmleyMoor 1092741 on same pastebit
  82. EmleyMoor Pastebin
  83. EmleyMoor What do I do?
  84. Link Mauve EmleyMoor, which distribution are you using?
  85. Link Mauve See for nightly builds for some distributions.
  86. EmleyMoor Nightly build now running, but AV settings are missing and I don't see how to join group chats
  87. EmleyMoor Not sure anything not involving too much unstable is possible on buster yet
  88. EmleyMoor Checking dependencies manually
  89. EmleyMoor Actually it should work. Will decrap my system and try again
  90. EmleyMoor No group chats!
  91. EmleyMoor Complete non starter if I can't do those
  92. EmleyMoor Group chats are there but not connecting, and AV things still missing
  93. Link Mauve EmleyMoor, I’m attempting to fix audio/vidéo atm.
  94. Link Mauve To make it work on Wayland.
  95. Link Mauve Since currently it uses an unholy mess of X11 crap.
  96. asterix EmleyMoor: in dtable there is show_status_in_muc or something like that
  97. asterix In ACE
  98. asterix If you have a bookmark, the option is per muc in bookmarks window
  99. EmleyMoor I found the option in the nightly, but unfortunately I couldn't get on the group chats at all
  100. EmleyMoor Back on stable UFN!
  101. asterix The option is is advanced configuration editor
  102. EmleyMoor Not in stable, it isn't
  103. asterix Yes in stable
  104. asterix I don't think lovetox removed that, it must be somewhere
  105. asterix Ask him when he's back. I can't check now
  106. EmleyMoor I've found the bookmark option, but there's a "Default" and nowhere to set that
  107. EmleyMoor can live with stable for now
  108. asterix The default is in ACE
  109. EmleyMoor asterix, where?
  110. lovetox Preference -> Advanced -> Advanced Config Editor
  111. lovetox and the setting is called i think, print_status_in_muc
  112. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 3 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >:
  113. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *f650f51a* < > NickCompletion: Simplify nickname change