Gajim - 2019-07-20

  1. laxifeiji when I using Gajim-Portable-Master-64bit-2019-07-18.exe I found a bug is: when "Behavior of Windows and Tabs" set to "only single window". contact list will been resized to a very narrow size
  2. laxifeiji contact list will been resized to a very narrow size,when restart gajim
  3. lovetox only once?
  4. lovetox EmleyMoor, i dont think there will be a release for that soon, you can use nightly
  5. EmleyMoor I'm on about roster additions, rather than the roster window itself
  6. lovetox you mean the thing you reported when adding facebook contacts
  7. EmleyMoor Yes
  8. lovetox its fixed in master branch
  9. EmleyMoor Which I easily install on Debian how?
  10. lovetox depend on your debian
  11. lovetox do you use buster?
  12. EmleyMoor Yes
  13. lovetox do you use omemo?
  14. EmleyMoor No but planning
  15. lovetox pvoigt, hm actually it should be enough if you install pycairo wit pop
  16. lovetox pvoigt, hm actually it should be enough if you install pycairo with pip
  17. lovetox the underlying libcairo2 in stretch is high enough
  18. lovetox it just seems the wrapper was never updated
  19. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *b51b99f9* < > Add a dependency on python-cairo and libcairo > 1.14.0 *0dbad0ca* < > Groupchat: Integrate password entry into GroupChatControl
  20. EmleyMoor Anyone around used biboumi through gajim? I'm trying to configure my connections to servers but get no response to "configure", and can't work out the format of commands otherwise
  21. EmleyMoor (and no, I can't join biboumi's MUC at the moment)
  22. lovetox EmleyMoor, did you try the service disovery?
  23. lovetox Accounts -> Service Disovery
  24. lovetox Accounts -> Service Discovery
  25. EmleyMoor lovetox, That's miles back! Yes, I did, but we are beyond anything that can do
  26. lovetox im not sure what you are talking about
  27. EmleyMoor What I want to do is not stuff you can click in there
  28. lovetox i have to run
  29. lovetox i tell you later
  30. EmleyMoor biboumi is likely to be short lived on here if I can't find help on how to speak its language...
  31. EmleyMoor Key: I can't get a server JID to understand "configure"
  32. lovetox what do you mean by "configure"
  33. EmleyMoor The ad-doc command as listed in the documentation
  34. EmleyMoor Ad-hoc *
  35. lovetox yeah if i click command in disovery window
  36. lovetox i see configure a few settings
  37. lovetox if you join a channel, minimize it to roster right click you have also commands
  38. lovetox there you can set commands specifically for that channel
  39. EmleyMoor What about servers?
  40. lovetox this is also possible
  41. lovetox you just have to find the right jid ..
  42. lovetox or at least i think i saw this once
  43. lovetox you can configure which port to use etc
  44. EmleyMoor I *KNOW* the JID. I just cannot get this bit to work
  45. lovetox yeah tell me
  46. lovetox or just type it into the dsicovery window
  47. lovetox but maybe biboumi does not support more options
  48. lovetox at least via adhoc
  49. EmleyMoor It *MUST*. It *SAYS SO IN THE DOCS*!
  50. EmleyMoor Typing the JID in the discovery window does not work
  51. EmleyMoor Ah, after a bit of a faff I've got to it
  52. EmleyMoor No way to preconfigure this stuff?
  53. lovetox !?
  54. lovetox maybe you want to join a muc for biboumi support
  55. EmleyMoor There is one but I am unable to join it at present (technical issue at their end)
  56. bot andy created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9764: < Error after disable a second account >
  57. Eduard Hello, any idea about it: ```
  58. Eduard
  59. bot Daniel Brötzmann closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9764: < Error after disable a second account >
  60. Eduard Well, look like a corrupt log data. It's fine now.
  61. Eduard Well, looks like a corrupt log data. It's fine now.
  62. lovetox Eduard, jumping between Gajim major versions will cause this
  63. lovetox this is probably caused by downgrading Gajim
  64. lovetox we only support upgrade migrations
  65. lovetox deleting cache.db should do the trick
  66. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 4 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >:
  67. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *f6ce10eb* < > AdHoc: Prevent request with invalid JID resource can also be an empty string
  68. Eduard lovetox: yeah, it was because I installed the latest master and then downgraded
  69. lovetox Link Mauve, what version of biboumi is jabberfr running?