Gajim - 2019-07-13

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  2. joergsorge Hi, file transfer like attachement of pictures in xmpp is IMHO not automatically encrypted even when OMEMO is enabled. According to this, files are only encrypted when this is used by the Client How is it with Gajim?
  3. zuglufttier Gajim should be fine.
  4. zuglufttier If any client has something implemented, it usually is Gajim 😉
  5. Eduard joergsorge: it's implemented.
  6. joergsorge Thanx for answering
  7. lovetox joergsorge, this depends if your server supports httpupload
  8. joergsorge It seems that gajim has no intern view or preview of pictures?
  9. lovetox via plugin
  10. wurstsalat You can install the URL image preview plugin
  11. joergsorge Ah, OK
  12. zinid is the Debian maintainer (of Gajim) in this conference?
  13. joergsorge I'm trying gajim for non tech people. I think it would be good when OMEMO and URL image preview are activated by a fresh install
  14. Link Mauve joergsorge, distributions should make those plugins recommended optional dependencies.
  15. lovetox zinid, normally yes
  16. lovetox he is called debacle
  17. lovetox why is there a problem?
  18. zinid lovetox, just wanted to know when 1.2.0 hit Testing
  19. lovetox there is no 1.2.0 and it will stay that way for some time
  20. zinid ah, okay
  21. zinid is master usable?
  22. zinid I saw lots of refactoring
  23. lovetox yes, if you dont use omemo its useable, probably here and there some bugs
  24. lovetox but nothing that should stop you
  25. zinid I see
  26. zinid 12
  27. debacle zinid, I'm here :-)
  28. debacle joergsorge, in Debian (and therefore Ubuntu) gajim-omemo is installed automatically with gajim. gajim-urlimagepreview is not. Maybe I'll change that. It's not perfect in respect to privacy, but OTOH, most people (myself included) prefer having inline images over preventing others seeing ones IP address.
  29. andrey.g We need a XEP to ask the MUC server to forward such files to our jabber server.
  30. lovetox such files?
  31. joergsorge debacle: Thanx for info. I'm on Ubuntu. But I was testing for Windows user.. 🙄
  32. debacle joergsorge, I see :-)
  33. momo hi
  34. momo how do I not log the conversation history with other users in conversations?
  35. lovetox CTRL + H and disable record history
  36. momo lovetox: I do want to have this for all contacts forever also for new ones.
  37. momo I want to delete all logs that are present and also hinder gajim to gather new logs.
  38. lovetox there is a option in the Account Window
  39. momo found it.
  40. momo how do I delete the already stored logs?
  41. lovetox Gajim -> History Manager
  42. momo that takes time.
  43. momo thanks
  44. lovetox why?
  45. lovetox you can select everything and hit delete
  46. lovetox 2 clicks
  47. momo okay
  48. momo that select all did not work for the first time. now it did. thanks
  49. momo bye
  50. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *1d970409* < > StartChat: Better integrate the global search - Add account selector - Add toggle button for global search - Disco MUCs found via global search - Light refactoring
  51. Nothing4You ugh
  52. Nothing4You so i just updated to the latest gajim dev on osx
  53. Nothing4You and now there are giant icons for users
  54. Nothing4You
  55. Nothing4You both in the sidebar aswell as in my contacts
  56. tuxayo Hi! Saluton! Bonjour! :) With a friend of mine, we started a group on Conversations, but they can't see the group discussion in Gajim, even when I send messages, is it expected? Did we miss something in the UI?
  57. Nothing4You try joining the room from gajim with the same nick
  58. Nothing4You that should fix it i think
  59. tuxayo Nothing4You, But where to find the room, I think (and hope) it's not listed in the directory
  60. Nothing4You accounts -> account -> join group chat -> join group chat -> enter the address?
  61. tuxayo Nothing4You, ok that way, thanks :)
  62. Nothing4You i guess conversations didn't create a bookmark on your xmpp server
  63. Nothing4You i bookmarked all my rooms in gajim and i always see them on all clients (gajim/conversations) even after new install and connection
  64. tuxayo Nothing4You, thanks, we are doing that :)
  65. lovetox hm Nothing4You do you have a high dpi display?
  66. Nothing4You lovetox, yes, macbook pro
  67. lovetox can you put a print in -> def get_avatar()
  68. lovetox what is as scale value passed
  69. Nothing4You where there?
  70. lovetox into the method first line
  71. Nothing4You oh
  72. Nothing4You nvm
  73. Nothing4You misread
  74. Nothing4You sure, one sec
  75. Nothing4You brb
  76. Nothing4You lovetox, 2
  77. lovetox ok thanks, i will test this
  78. Nothing4You thanks
  79. andrey.g > such files those downloaded by URL preview plugin directly (for now)
  80. lovetox sound inefficient
  81. lovetox you want your server to download all images it encounters
  82. lovetox so if i post a image here, 100 server download the image and store it
  83. andrey.g Only those, where users configured jabber client to increased privacy in this respect.
  84. lovetox it cant be a receiver setting
  85. andrey.g They don't need to store it. Once client receives a message with an image, it requests it, server only forwards it.
  86. lovetox so a proxy?
  87. andrey.g yes, like proxy
  88. andrey.g it acts already as proxy for avatars, I guess
  89. lovetox why avatar? they are not loaded with http
  90. lovetox but i dont see where you need a xep for that
  91. lovetox it has not much to do with xmpp
  92. andrey.g just analogy: avatar is an image
  93. lovetox you want the client to use a proxy whenever it opens a link
  94. lovetox setup a proxy on your server and configure it in the client
  95. lovetox the only thing a xep would maybe be useful, for automatic proxy detection
  96. andrey.g yes, but i like jabber server to be this proxy
  97. Zash Server-provided http proxy of some sort?
  98. Zash Or actual re-hosting of files?
  99. andrey.g no need for rehosting
  100. zinid does every ISP provides a proxy?
  101. zinid does every ISP provide a proxy?
  102. andrey.g but maybe caching in case many people are on the same server received the same message and requesting same image. That would increase efficiency.
  103. zinid ah, server-provided
  104. andrey.g here is important not to use IP also from ISP
  105. zinid Zash: does prosody support http(s) proxy?
  106. Zash it would be easy to implement if you wanted to do so
  107. andrey.g > setup a proxy on your server that's why I thought about a XEP, since I cannot always ask admin of a jabber server to setup something custom
  108. Zash There's XEP-0215
  109. zinid Zash: httpS is probably easy, yes
  110. lovetox andrey.g, a XEP describes a protocol
  111. lovetox it does not tell server admins what to setup
  112. lovetox the only thing a XEP can do is, describe a way to announce that there is a proxy setup
  113. andrey.g That's it.
  114. lovetox yeah and then you have hidden your ip, but now server operator sees all your images :D
  115. andrey.g > XEP-0215 Zash, thanks. Oh, already deferred.
  116. zinid there is a problem with authentication in xep-0215, iirc
  117. Zash If you wanna hide both then a generic TCP proxy (ie SOCKS) would work
  118. zinid a client has no idea how to authenticate on announced service
  119. andrey.g lovetox, server operator see URLs in messages and thus the images.
  120. lovetox works only for non encrypted messages
  121. lovetox seems all like much work for very little gain
  122. lovetox if you want to hide your IP, chances are high you use a proxy anyway
  123. Zash For thumbnails you could use BOB, which can be cached along the way
  124. Zash Link Mauve made a thing for that
  125. lovetox i mean the links you follow from xmpp messages, are probably 1 % of the http requests you do each day
  126. Zash Wasn't there stuff in Jingle FT / SIMS that would allow passing along thumbnails?
  127. andrey.g lovetox, for encrypted messages I make an assumption that I trust the other party. This is not always the case, but I think mostly.
  128. andrey.g lovetox I mean hiding IP in the context of what debacle said. If user press something to download, he should know what he doing. The issue why URL preview is not recommended, because it downloads automatically and thus someone else can forcibly reveal your IP address without you are aware of this.
  129. Zash Doesn't it only that if a contact sent it?
  130. lovetox No Zash
  131. andrey.g Everybody in a public MUC.
  132. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *d53ef36c* < > Avatars: Take display scale into consideration
  133. lovetox Nothing4You, ^