Gajim - 2019-07-08

  1. wurstsalat debacle, when will 1.1.3 arrive in stable? it's in experimental still
  2. debacle probably in 2021
  3. debacle stable has only be released two days ago
  4. debacle it might be possible to update the version in between, if the changes are really small and there are no incompatibilities
  5. debacle (for all who read here: It's about the Debian packages! Debian 10 buster has been released this Saturday with Gajim 1.1.2-2.)
  6. debacle I (or somebody else) will probably provide newer Gajim version in buster-backports at some point.
  7. wurstsalat Alright, thank you!
  8. andy Hi, I have a little problem with my Gaijm on Linux. I use three instance of messenger: Conversations at my Nokia, Gajim at my home laptop (Linux openSUSE) and Gajim at my work Laptop (windows). On all devices I have OMEMO encryptions enabled. When I return to home and wake up my laptop from sleep Gajim not retriving messages that I send being at work. Restarting Gajim fix the problem temporary. Anyone have this issue?
  9. wurstsalat your laptop doesn't catch up on MAM
  10. andy its obvious ;) But can I fix it?
  11. andy probably Gajim have problem when returning from sleep.
  12. andy I dont disconnect manually Gajim on my laptop - when I close it my openSUSE goes to sleep.
  13. lovetox seems a bug when coming from sleep
  14. lovetox the fix is to restart gajim once you turn on your computer for now
  15. lovetox you could gather logs when this happens
  16. lovetox that would helpful to track down the problem
  17. andy lovetox, logs from XML console?
  18. lovetox no
  19. lovetox debug logs
  20. lovetox -v
  21. andy oki tommorrow I will make an issue on gitlab ;)
  22. romanl Hi all. Plugin OMEMO (we have 2.6.59 in openSUSE Tumbleweed) requires newer version of gajim (required: 1.1.3 < Why this plugin require not stable release, but development one?
  23. Eduard Ask to opensuse