Gajim - 2019-07-04

  1. wurstsalat asterix, thanks for pushing the translations (and updating gitlab) :)
  2. asterix Np. But bot us broken now ...
  3. jacques1delarosiere
  4. wurstsalat effectively filtered by pastebin service :D
  5. Eduard Very nice wurstsalat
  6. Eduard :)
  7. Odo Hello, is there any option to let Gajim display the given name of a private MUC and not only the cryptic JID name? I have only a handful of private MUCs, but I'm already confusing them because of those random JID names.
  8. lovetox Odo you can name them in the Bookmark window
  9. lovetox at least in the tabs it shows the name then
  10. Odo lovetox where can I name the MUC? I don't find an option or don't know where to search for such a naming option
  11. lovetox Gajim -> Bookmarks
  12. Odo I'm using the German localization, can you tell me, which this should be, number of the menu entry from counting from top? ah, I think it's the one translated to something like "managing group chats", I'll have a look there.
  13. Odo lovetox, ok, after a restart of Gajim that seemed to wirk, thanks :)
  14. lovetox but yeah its not optimal, we are working on displaying not the jid anymore in future versions
  15. lovetox its kind of a new thing that clients generate weird names for groupchats
  16. Odo I'm wondering, why it worked in another private MUC (no OMEMO), where I just edited and saved the MUC title (didn't change it) via Conversations, after that Gajim showed the name correctly so far; but with another private MUC (OMEMO activated) it didn't work so far, so I had to edit it in the way you described. In the other private MUC the chat name is also displayed correctly in the bookmark edit window.