Gajim - 2019-06-26

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  2. bot andy created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9746: < Remodeling OMEMO Fingerprints window >
  3. andy Hi, What do you think about my idea of remodeling OMEMO Fingerprints window?
  4. wurstsalat a row separating your own fingerprints from the rest might be a good idea (and sorting or course, so your fingerprints come last). but I wouldn't split it into two lists. that went wrong the last time it was that way
  5. bot Daniel Brötzmann created an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #432: < Remodeling OMEMO Fingerprints window >
  6. bot Daniel Brötzmann closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9746: < Remodeling OMEMO Fingerprints window >
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  8. andy wurstsalat, but for newbie this window is a little hard to understand in that look.
  9. wurstsalat newbies typically have one fingerprint for themselves, not 8 :D
  10. andy Gajim show in one list own and contact fingerprints. Its a little confiusing i think
  11. andy yeah but they see they own and another and think. WTF? Label at the top of the window suggest that this list show only contact fingerprints - not own for another devices
  12. andy hmm
  13. andy maybe add a button on the bottom of the window to show own other fingerprints?
  14. wurstsalat wording could be better for the header, probably "fingerprints for your conversation with user@example"
  15. andy list would be clean.
  16. andy wurstsalat, why own (current device) fingerprint is on another "list"? I think this way of showing OMEMO information is a little bit confusing
  17. wurstsalat that list shows all fingerprints involved in the *conversation*, which includes your own devices. hiding these behind a button leads to more confusion
  18. wurstsalat andy, that's already handeled differently in master
  19. andy :)
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  21. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9747: < sqlite3.OperationalError: attempt to write a readonly database >
  22. johnms
  23. johnms Sorry, wrong chat. :(
  24. rom1dep lovetox: Didn't you refactored MUC quite a bit recently? Maybe it's unrelated, but since few days I seem to be receiving (via biboumi) some freenode service messages telling me `some_nick: Nickname is already in use.` Could it be that gajim somehow misinterprets a room/nick's received presence and then try to use that nick for itself?
  25. Zash I've seen that in other clients, like poezio
  26. lovetox rom1dep, please capture the xml when that happens
  27. lovetox or gather logs with -v
  28. lovetox probably easy to debug
  29. Zash Turn on debug logging biboumi too if you can, in case it's something the IRC network sends
  30. rom1dep I posted some logs in the biboumi room, FTR
  31. lovetox you get this on connecting?
  32. lovetox or just sometime while joned
  33. rom1dep lovetox: I still can't get to the XML console due to global menus with submenus not working on my kde :)
  34. rom1dep I'll restart gajim, can I pass it an argument so it dumps the xml into some file?
  35. lovetox yes log with -v > tosomelog.txt
  36. rom1dep won't that dump the normal logs there as well?
  37. rom1dep also, when clicking on the global menu entry (gajim:4950): GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: 19:22:34.542: g_simple_action_activate: assertion 'simple->parameter_type == NULL ? parameter == NULL : (parameter != NULL && g_variant_is_of_type (parameter, simple->parameter_type))' failed
  38. lovetox you cant log only xml
  39. lovetox wurstsalat, runs KDE i think and has not problems
  40. lovetox maybe you can compare glib versions etc
  41. lovetox but this is almost certainly no gajim bug that your menus dont work
  42. lovetox you could run gajim with gdb
  43. lovetox but that error probably means only the menu was not found
  44. lovetox so there is probably before that something wrong
  45. lovetox for some reason the export of the menu to your DE is not working
  46. rom1dep lovetox: that's how I configured my kde, with global meny in a separate panel
  47. rom1dep
  48. rom1dep (can't have enough vertical screen estate)
  49. rom1dep other apps don't seem to suffer from this issue
  50. rom1dep and non-nested entries do work
  51. lovetox about what menu are you talking
  52. lovetox the Gajim menu?
  53. lovetox we have only nested entrys in the accounts menu
  54. rom1dep yes, for instance Gajim/Plugins works, but not Accounts/something/add contact
  55. lovetox and i guess if you remove that configuration everything works
  56. rom1dep not sure I understand what you mean
  57. lovetox you said you configured your KDE so that it forces non-global menu
  58. lovetox hm is on kde all the menus global?
  59. lovetox or only the Gajim menu
  60. rom1dep all my menus for all my apps are showing up in this heads-up menu
  61. rom1dep all I configured is a panel with a globalmenu widged, which tells the toolkits not to draw their own menu but insead use that onee
  62. rom1dep all I configured is a panel with a globalmenu widged, which tells the toolkits not to draw their own menu but insead use that one
  63. rom1dep now it's funny because I `./ -v > logs.txt` and it is empty
  64. lovetox google how to redirect output on linux
  65. lovetox i have no idea
  66. lovetox im not sure what you configured but im not suprised it does not work
  67. rom1dep it's not that `>` generally fails me :)
  68. lovetox either use a DE supplied option to disable global menus or leave it
  69. lovetox you can also try the gnome-tweak-tool
  70. lovetox and disable application menus
  71. lovetox you can try to disable whatever custom menu configuration you applied
  72. lovetox and if the menu then works, report a bug to whoever provides these menu configuration tool
  73. rom1dep
  74. wurstsalat rom1dep: I'll try to configure what you have, just to see if it's working or not ;)
  75. rom1dep it even works for weird things (non Qt, non Gtk) like pycharm
  76. lovetox rom1dep, yes it works because they have static menus
  77. lovetox we dont
  78. rom1dep uhhhh, so when is the menu rendered?
  79. wurstsalat A hotkey for opening the xml console would be nice though
  80. lovetox it does not matter when, what matters is we change it
  81. lovetox and your customization seems not to transfer the data if it changes
  82. lovetox maybe, but then its weird that you still see the whole menu
  83. lovetox but you say it breaks when you open the submenu, or when you activate a item in the sub menu
  84. rom1dep no, only when I click nothing happens
  85. rom1dep it lets me navigate into the submenu fine
  86. lovetox you can try there is a method called build_accounts_menu() in
  87. rom1dep I just enabled another account, it now showing up under accounts
  88. lovetox add this into the last line
  89. lovetox we modify the menu in place
  90. lovetox maybe we have to re-set it so that kde noticies
  91. rom1dep doesn't seem to help, unfortunately
  92. wurstsalat rom1dep: i do get the same error
  93. lovetox then im out of ideas
  94. rom1dep at least with `./ >&1 > logs.txt 2>&1` I do log and print in the console at the same time (but I lose the coloring in the console sigh)
  95. wurstsalat Gtk-Message: 20:41:56.145: Failed to load module "appmenu-gtk-module"
  96. rom1dep wurstsalat: aha! feeling less lonely over there :)
  97. wurstsalat Yeah, but I like my menus attached to the windows ;)
  98. rom1dep yeah, used to be like you, I changed that like a year ago or so
  99. marmistrz lovetox: it looks my OMEMO trust change has gotten merge conflicts. Will you have the time to review it during the first week of July after I fix them?