Gajim - 2019-06-17

  1. lovetox wurstsalat yeah good luck writting that widget in GTK πŸ˜ƒ
  2. wurstsalat I had a look this morning..
  3. lovetox actually i dont know if its easy or hard, i wouldnt know where to start
  4. lovetox maybe something like Gtk.DrawingArea can be used
  5. lovetox maybe its not that hard, you just need a square surface, you load the avatar onto it, then you need a zoom button which should also not hard to do
  6. lovetox and a way with the mouse to move the picture on the surface
  7. lovetox and i would just save then whatever is in that square surface
  8. lovetox not deal with overlaying a square on a picture, which is probably harder to do
  9. lovetox actually this should be doable πŸ™‚
  10. jubalh In Gajim, when I scroll over a contact I can see "Idle since 12:00 pm". this comes from XEP-0012, right?
  11. Link Mauve jubalh, most likely XEP-0319 instead.
  12. Link Mauve Sending a XEP-0012 iq to each of your contacts periodically would be so much of a waste of bandwidth.
  13. jubalh Link Mauve, thanks! I'll read that XEP then :)
  14. wurstsalat lovetox, I'll have another look :)
  15. hannibal wurstsalat: you could copy the GNOME user avatar selection
  16. wurstsalat That looks nice indeed!
  17. lovetox yeah its probably written in C
  18. lovetox but we nevertheless could look what widgets they use
  19. wurstsalat hm that's a lot of code
  20. lovetox can you post a link
  21. wurstsalat
  22. lovetox hm does not suprise me, i guess you can do that in less lines in python
  23. lovetox probably around 600 though for the widget
  24. lovetox but i think this can be done eaier
  25. lovetox but i think this can be done easier
  26. lovetox though does not look that fancy then
  27. wurstsalat What do you have in mind?
  28. lovetox just a 60x60 drawin area, where you load into the surface
  29. lovetox and then you catch mouse events, and clear/redraw the surface according to mouse events
  30. lovetox and a zoom button where you just scale the surface to bigger/smaller
  31. wurstsalat Yes that sounds simpler
  32. lovetox at least i think you can place the surface in a way that what does not fit overflows and is just not shown
  33. lovetox and afterwards you just cut out whatever is in the drawing area
  34. wurstsalat are windows builds broken atm?
  35. wurstsalat lovetox, I tried for a while, but nothing presentable yet :)
  36. lovetox yes broken
  37. andrey.g Updated gajim, restarted, and in 1-to-1 omemo chat among old messages I see (sometimes multiple at once): [timestamp] β€ŽUser session not found (without nickname inbetween).
  38. lovetox yes i think ejabberd sends this in some circumstances like when we send a chatstate to someone that is offline i believe
  39. lovetox not time yet to filter these out somehow
  40. andrey.g ok, thanks
  41. andrey.g Few minutes ago server has been restarted. Now contact being online is shown offline, but after I've sent a message, I've received delivery receipt. And one opened MUC is not reconnected (who knows how many minimized are also dead).
  42. lovetox then there must have been an error on reconnect
  43. andrey.g No Tracebacks and no "Error"s. Should I look for something else?
  44. lovetox .. hm no idea, i just cant believe that gajim didnt try to reconnect, i think it failed for some reason
  45. lovetox maybe i will test that later, i have now a test server
  46. andrey.g Last status change from xmpp-de: [22:59:15] ... has joined the group chat So, since 1+ hour dead. And Gajim allow me only to disconnect. The MUC looks like "zombie".
  47. lovetox hm
  48. lovetox as i said i will test that restart thing
  49. andrey.g ok, thanks