Gajim - 2019-06-16

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  2. bot Philipp Hörist updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: ChatToMUC: Rework dialog
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  4. erik lovetox, I'm now getting lots of loading pixbuf failed. Try to convert image with pillow: /home/ehuelsmann/.cache/gajim/avatars/812021dffa5e8d0e90794a57388789ac72877862
  5. erik should I remove the cache directory?
  6. lovetox no
  7. erik ok.
  8. lovetox thats not an error
  9. lovetox it just means we fallback to using pillow to load the image
  10. erik it's a warning telling me that I should use pillow.
  11. lovetox because your contacts use weird formats like webp
  12. erik ok.
  13. lovetox no erik
  14. erik from the wording it looks like I should do something.
  15. lovetox its a message, telling the developer whats happening
  16. lovetox a image conversion failed so the application fell back to using pillow
  17. erik ok. could you change the wording to "Trying ..."?
  18. erik because then it's clear that the program is doing it.
  19. erik I now think I'm instructed to.
  20. lovetox yes
  21. lovetox i can do that
  22. erik thanks!
  23. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *835cf86c* < > Remove log message
  24. erik :-) that's another solution.
  25. erik hmm. is it really true, or does the "C" look ex-centric in the new round generated avatar design?
  26. erik other than that, I like the round design for the reason it's less heavy than the squares-with-rounded-edges.
  27. lovetox No letters are not perfectly centered, but to lazy to look into it whats the problem
  28. erik yea. i understand.
  29. erik I must say that I rather work on the listbox than on centering the letters.
  30. erik but for the past few days, I had to build some more infrastructure for another project of mine.
  31. bot Martin created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9738: < "Send Group Message" should always use bare JIDs >
  32. debacle Die Timestamps vor den Messages sind immer die des Empfangs durch Gajim, richtig?
  33. lovetox ne
  34. debacle Sondern?
  35. lovetox manchmal ist es die zeit wo der server die message empfangen hat
  36. debacle Oh, Pardon, this is an EN MUC! My question was, whether the timestamps shown in Gajim are the receive timestamps or not.
  37. lovetox manchmal ist es die zeit an der der contact die message abgeschickt hat
  38. lovetox It depends and is not answerable easy
  39. lovetox if the server adds a delay timestamp then that timestamp is used
  40. debacle Hm, and how do I know which timestamp it is?
  41. lovetox if the user adds a delay timestamp and its within a reasonable timeframe then that is used
  42. lovetox you can know it
  43. lovetox you cant know it
  44. lovetox why is that important?
  45. debacle My practical problem is: Today, I switched on my computer at 10:00 hrs. I received a message: > [10:01:11] Will arrive tomorrow at 15:00 hrs. I only now know, that the message has been send yesterday, i.e. arrival is today!
  46. lovetox no the message was not sent yesterday
  47. lovetox it was sent on 10:01
  48. lovetox the timestamp do not reflect when gajim received the message
  49. lovetox they could by coincidence
  50. lovetox but especially at startup they do not
  51. lovetox they reflect either the timestamp your server received the message
  52. lovetox or when the your contact sent the message
  53. debacle Strange. Somehow, I'm under the impression, that I very often get messages with the time stamp when I switch on my computer. Either coincidence or my server makes funny things with the timestamp?
  54. lovetox you can ask your contact when did he sent that message
  55. lovetox if he says yesterday, there is something wrong with Gajims timestamp handling
  56. lovetox or the servers communication of that timestamp to Gajim
  57. lovetox are you using 1.1.3?
  58. debacle I asked. Let's see wheter push to his Monal iOS works :-)
  59. debacle yes, 1.1.3
  60. lovetox i will test this in a minute
  61. lovetox no works for me with classic offline message, and with MAM
  62. lovetox server received timestamp is displayed
  63. lovetox debacle do you experience this in MUC or single chat?
  64. lovetox i remember a bug that could cause that but only in MUCs that dont use MAM
  65. debacle no, it's not a MUC
  66. debacle my contact responded, lovetox. he said, it was yesterday, as I expected
  67. debacle which means, the timestamps is wrong, but I don't know whether to blame Gajim or Prosody
  68. lovetox hard to say without logs
  69. lovetox but this should be easy to reproduce
  70. lovetox just go offline, send a message from another account, wait 2 minutes, go online and look at the timestamp
  71. debacle yes, and I'm pretty sure, that I saw this many times before
  72. debacle I'll reproduce it later this day and make a ticket then, OK?
  73. debacle with logs attached
  74. lovetox yeah please
  75. Mikaela Is it possible to join all MUCs minimized by default unless I opt to not minimize them in bookmarks management? Is joining minimized a Gajim specific feature or is it specified in some XEP? Does the option sync between Gajims?
  76. lovetox joining minimized is the default
  77. lovetox no its not a XEP its just our UI
  78. lovetox and previously it was synced, but now its not anymore
  79. lovetox im not sure how it is in 1.1.3 though as i currently have not installed it
  80. lovetox we are talking about auto joined mucs on start btw
  81. lovetox you cant set that manual joined mucs are minimized
  82. Mikaela Thanks. I find it the least bothersome way to my focus while everything else seems to lump everything in a single screen in front of my eyes
  83. marmistrz lovetox, btw. I'm currently losing messages in a conversation, but unforutnately, at this point I got tired of manually launching gajim, so I'm wondering if I can somehow get any logs out of a running gajim instance
  84. lovetox no
  85. marmistrz Can we please have the persistent logs enabled not only for windows, but also on Linux?
  86. marmistrz (in the next release)
  87. lovetox yes
  88. debacle lovetox, I wonder which loglevel I should ues for the timestamp problem. "--loglevel .nbxmpp=DEBUG" is very verbose, but I'm not even sure, it gets the relevant information.
  89. lovetox just use -v
  90. debacle hm, OK
  91. wurstsalat
  92. wurstsalat it clips a little too much
  93. lovetox no its not the clipping
  94. lovetox these are not avatars where height and width are the same
  95. lovetox hm i think this is actually hard
  96. lovetox hm or no, we have to scale down so we fill out the complete raster
  97. lovetox but this means losing something from the avatar
  98. Zash clipping out a circle of diameter = min(width, height) ? won't always look good
  99. lovetox yes thats what i just thought
  100. lovetox this is the best we can do i think
  101. Zash Tho I think it says somewhere that a square avatar is recommended, so might be fine
  102. Zash having stuff in the corners that gets hidden by the circle is sometimes weird too
  103. wurstsalat that's why I thought it might be a good idea to have a setting for the shape
  104. wurstsalat but we could scale down if there is no significant difference between width and height (with a certain threshold)
  105. lovetox too much effort i think, thebug here to fix is actually that the surface is not a circle anymore
  106. lovetox its only as big as the avatar, and clipping something out makes it not bigger in height
  107. lovetox but it should have the same height as the others
  108. bot Daniel Brötzmann updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: ManagePEPServices: Rework window
  109. wurstsalat that makes me think of a selector window for avatar publishing, where you can select a square region of the image for publishing
  110. Zash not an uncommon thing for avatar selector