Gajim - 2019-06-11

  1. EmleyMoor Here we go again
  2. wurstsalat EmleyMoor: would it help to just make the ScrolledWindow with the entries expand when resizing the RosterItemExchange window?
  3. EmleyMoor wurstsalat: Yes, it would, greatly!
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  6. Mikaela Hi, I have possibly asked this before, but how do I force sending adhoc command to Biboumi when Gajim grays the box out? I am attempting to send adhoc command to and the option is grayed out and I cannot join out, because port is not specified and I cannot specify a port without sending adhoc command to it which I cannot do, because the box is grayed out etc.
  7. Mikaela I found it, accounts, discover services, detects "IRC server over Biboumi" and offers "Execute Command". Why is Gajim graying it out in the usual place?
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  9. bot Mikaela Suomalainen created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9730: < Execute command is grayed out at times and has to be used through service discovery >
  10. lovetox Mikaela, whats the usual place?
  11. Mikaela lovetox, right click it in the roster and select execute command
  12. lovetox *sigh* test this and discover instantly 3 bugs :D
  13. erik 3? Wow.
  14. wurstsalat I just took a look at the RosterExchangeWindow, also a nice spot :D
  15. erik Hmm. I should learn about your test setup before my hypothetical work on a listening becomes a bug factory
  16. lovetox there is no test setup
  17. lovetox and you cant test GUI code
  18. erik 😁
  19. erik Then what is your CI testing?
  20. lovetox mostly for pylint compliance
  21. erik I ok
  22. lovetox there are two or three actual unit tests but they have nothing to do with gui
  23. Mikaela > *sigh* test this and discover instantly 3 bugs :D Congratulations 😸
  24. Mikaela Are there any news on messagewindow by the way? I am starting to have a high number of MUC windows again and the lack of scrolling is a bit uncomfortable
  25. lovetox i hope this year :D
  26. wurstsalat lovetox, should RosterItemExchange be a separate one in /gtk or should it go to /gtk/ ? ~250 loc
  27. lovetox make it separate
  28. lovetox hm so Mikaela seems this is already fixed in master
  29. lovetox i have no problem accessing the ad hoc commands
  30. Mikaela oh, nice, thanks :)
  31. lovetox how did you reach that server command via discovery window
  32. lovetox i dont get it, i mean where you can set the port
  33. lovetox ah you typed the irc server jid?
  34. Mikaela yes
  35. Mikaela and then it offered the network and execute command and there was "Configure a few settings" where one of the options is port
  36. lovetox if you restart the client, then you will not even get that irc server roster contact
  37. lovetox because server is already connected, and server does not send any messages
  38. lovetox i think maybe we should query the server adhoc commands also if you adhoc a channel
  39. lovetox hm or i adhoc biboumi, the see to which server you are connected, then adhoc these
  40. Mikaela I think I would have received it, because I added a bookmark on that server I had previously deconfigured and the server I couldn't adhoc kept telling me "cannot connect to IRC server, port not configured" or similar
  41. Mikaela I did adhoc, but it only offered me an option to disconnect
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  45. wurstsalat lovetox, I'm not sure about the two-letter approach in the avatar generator. XEP-0392 states "Render the *first* character of the name in white or black centered on the shape." and I think this looks better
  46. lovetox thats just a usecase listed in the XEP, like an example
  47. lovetox its not normative as in everyone should do it this way
  48. wurstsalat ah I see
  49. wurstsalat we could make it configurable if desired :D
  50. lovetox i agree that one letter looks better
  51. lovetox but is it usability wise better?
  52. lovetox we dont auto generate avatars because of looks
  53. wurstsalat the color difference should do the trick
  54. wurstsalat I have the feeling that there could be more colors though
  55. lovetox yeah this does not work really well yet
  56. lovetox it often yields very similiar stuff
  57. wurstsalat should these be consistent across clients?
  58. wurstsalat yes they should
  59. lovetox i found test vectors and will run them through the generator
  60. wurstsalat nice
  61. wurstsalat I tried using one or two capital letters depending on if there was a space separator in the nick (signal does that). having both letters in capitals looks better than having one uppercase and one lowercase letter. but I would want to avoid having some avatars with one and some with two letters
  62. lovetox yeah i will change it back to one letter
  63. lovetox but i have to fix the color generator
  64. wurstsalat I'm looking forward to this one :)
  65. shell1 +
  66. bot Philipp Hörist updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Rework RosterItemExchangeWindow
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