Gajim - 2019-06-09

  1. erik lovetox: when you're around, I've started a wiki page to summarize my findings on the topic of refactoring and moving to a listbox:
  2. erik feel free to read it and add your comments.
  3. erik it's far from done at the moment though.
  4. erik wurstsalat, i've added you to the list of people who can edit that page too. (which doesn't imply I expect you to!)
  5. erik any others, let me know.
  6. wurstsalat erik: perfect, thank you
  7. erik I've summarized on that page what my progress was from yesterday's xmpp sprint
  8. wurstsalat Nice work, erik! I'm looking forward to your MRs. I cannot really add conceptual input, but I'll try to help where I can :)
  9. erik Thanks! I'll be adding to that document as I'm finding and discussing the code base and the approach. I'm used to "going to the drawing board" before coding
  10. erik Fortunately, lovetox challenged me to do exactly that in this case too.
  11. lovetox erik i take a look a bit later
  12. lovetox wa on holiday and not yet home
  13. erik lovetox: enjoy! There's no hurry; I'm working on the fix and can incorporate comments any time
  14. fm erik: that's a nice summary you created there 👍
  15. fm Don't you want to document the rest of gajim, too? 😜
  16. fm Just wanted to ask you to add wurstsalat's comment from earlier to your last chart quote, too: > File transfers, image previews :)
  17. fm Think, this would be great, of you could consider developing in a more generic direction, allowing to add arbitrary widgets to a list element, instead of the text view
  18. erik fm: yes, that's the idea, to make the view much more genetic
  19. fm That would simplify a lot of the "extra" stuff displayed
  20. fm Yeah, I know, just wanted to make sure it doesn't slip off the table 😉
  21. fm Anyway, great that you accept the challenge to implement the listview stuff :) That will be an enabler for many other features and improvements....
  22. erik fm: you want write access to that document to add these notes?
  23. erik Do you have an account?
  24. erik fm: the idea is at first to *enable* the additional features. That is, to refactor what's there to something that builds a foundation for the next 15 years
  25. fm erik: yes, I do have an account (FlorianMuenchbach). Will see, if I find time to contribute
  26. fm Work and personal life don't leave me much time for gajim development atm. Just used traveling time to get up to date here 😉
  27. erik fm: just adding your thoughts or reservations is fine
  28. erik And a valuable contribution too
  29. fm I know, just read your conversation with lovetox and wurstsalat ;)
  30. fm Thanks ^^
  31. zak Hi. I see it is not possible (yet?) to set the primary language for a MUC with Gajim?
  32. lovetox you can set every config setting if the MUC allows it
  33. Zash Yeah, that's not a setting in Gajim, but something the server provides
  34. zak So I have to contact the server operator to set this setting?
  35. Zash Probably, depends on the server software.
  36. lovetox open the muc config window
  37. lovetox is there a language option? no? then your server does not support owner setting language
  38. zak Ok, so Gajim does support it, if the server supports it. I will contact team then. Thanks!
  39. EmleyMoor Is there a way to get "<transport> wants you to add users to your roster" window to show them more than 2 at a time?
  40. EmleyMoor Alternatively, any way to make Gajim ignore requests when the JID is already in the roster?
  41. lovetox i dont think so
  42. erik hi. quick question for my refactoring write-up and design: does any part of the Gajim code base use the Observer/Observable pattern?
  43. bot jordila created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9726: < Error when changing account status to offline - false alarm ? >