Gajim - 2019-06-05

  1. mrdoctorwho Recent gajim versions seem to have serious omemo issues
  2. mrdoctorwho I have three devices and one gajim is unable to decrypt messages from another gajim
  3. mrdoctorwho while conversations works well, one gajim is also unable to decrypt conversations' messages
  4. mrdoctorwho also I'm unable to remove omemo fingerprints
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  15. wurstsalat Norbärt, no problem! and yes, I'm on the ubuntu situation
  16. emleymoor I think my bookmarks problem relates to ejabberd's use of XEP-0411 (introduced in 18.12) - do I need to change any settings in gajim to work with PEP bookmarks?
  17. emleymoor Alternatively, why am I having a problem? Read about the change in ejabberd
  18. EmleyMoor I seem to have sorted *most* of my bookmarks problem... was due to corrupt data on my ejabberd. However, my bookmarked chats marked for "auto join" don't, on my laptop.
  19. EmleyMoor (will try removing and remaking my account on it, first, but if any other suggestions before I do, please let me know)
  20. EmleyMoor Hmmm... no improvement
  21. EmleyMoor Maybe that instance of gajim needed a prod - the "Join Groupchat" menu was unpopulated, despite the bookmarks being up to date. Will see in approximately one more bristow, I guess
  22. EmleyMoor No, still unpopulated and not honouring autojoins
  23. EmleyMoor Still, the bf should be OK with it, it's only me that uses it in more than one instance right now.
  24. lovetox EmleyMoor, look in the server info window if bookmark conversion is detected
  25. lovetox as i recall from your debug logs
  26. lovetox its not activated on your server
  27. EmleyMoor lovetox, It wasn't, but is now
  28. lovetox did you follow the advice in the blog post about this feature
  29. lovetox ?
  30. lovetox you have to execute a mirgration command
  31. EmleyMoor Executed, but it wouldn't until I fixed an issue with broken data
  32. lovetox so get a debug log again with -l gajim.c.m.bookmarks=DEBUG from the machine where it is not working
  33. EmleyMoor I have yet to retest after my latest tinkering, but will, shortly
  34. EmleyMoor OK, latest: Gajim > Bookmarks shows the bookmarks, however those marked for auto join do not. Accounts > Join Group Chat has none of the bookmarked chats in it unless and until I make a change to one, when they thereafter all appear. Requested log:, and yes, that is the end.
  35. lovetox sounds weird
  36. lovetox are you sure the menu does not show the bookmarks
  37. lovetox hm
  38. lovetox still weird that there is no answer from private storage
  39. lovetox and it seems you dont have bookmark conversion activated
  40. lovetox can you verify that in server info window
  41. EmleyMoor lovetox: ... unless and until I make a change to one..., as I stated. Just checked again, still not there
  42. EmleyMoor lovetox, I've tried but it's not something gajim seems to be aware of
  43. EmleyMoor e.g. It's aware of XEP-0258, which my server doesn't support, but says nothing about bookmark conversion. If it seems... as you say... show me the seemage.
  44. EmleyMoor Obviously it is aware, but I can't see how to see whether it detects it
  45. EmleyMoor Let's prove it, rather than speculate
  46. lovetox Are you saying there is no entry for bookmark conversion in your server info window?
  47. lovetox or there is one but its red
  48. EmleyMoor There is no entry
  49. lovetox right its not in 1.1
  50. lovetox i fear this is a bug with ejabberds bookmark conversion, but to be sure can you please send me a full log with -v flag
  51. EmleyMoor OK
  52. EmleyMoor Generating log, will get to the point where it mostly looks well, then send it...
  53. EmleyMoor It still performs adequately on my desktop, btw
  54. EmleyMoor How do I send it?
  55. lovetox PM?
  56. lovetox just double click my name
  57. lovetox and upload it somewhere
  58. EmleyMoor Unable to send it to you by PM...
  59. EmleyMoor (I'd try again but it seems you're not even there to be attempted)
  60. EmleyMoor
  61. EmleyMoor No one else with an idea?
  62. Holger I didn't follow all this. I can try to reproduce on current ejabberd if someone tells me how.
  63. lovetox EmleyMoor, do you use the twitter transport on both machines?
  64. EmleyMoor lovetox, Yes
  65. EmleyMoor Holger, if it's an ejabberd issue at all it has to do with enabling XEP-0411
  66. EmleyMoor (so far it's not proved whether it's in ejabberd, gajim or something in between)
  67. lovetox looking at your log
  68. lovetox Gajim never sends the private storage request
  69. lovetox this might be a bug in Gajim
  70. lovetox though its really mysterious why this happens only on one machine
  71. EmleyMoor Highly, as they're the same system and package
  72. lovetox what i see is that you receive a lot of messages on each start from twitter
  73. lovetox i would like to see if the problem is solved if you disable twitter transport
  74. EmleyMoor lovetox, Well, it's no big hassle to stop it and try, though I think it's a red herring
  75. lovetox em no its not, thats the first thing you do trying to find the problem, you get other things out of the way that might interfere
  76. EmleyMoor Well, it's made no difference
  77. lovetox twitter sending you 100+ messages on start may be like a ddos that trips gajim and it cant send the stuff that it wants to send
  78. EmleyMoor Symptoms identical with Twitter transport stopped
  79. lovetox hm looking further at your log
  80. lovetox you lost connection in that log
  81. lovetox probably because of too many messages
  82. EmleyMoor I didn't *notice* any loss of connection
  83. lovetox if its your server just make a test account without registering any transports
  84. lovetox add this test account on both machines
  85. lovetox and try to add some bookmarks
  86. lovetox this looks like Gajim on the one machine just cant handle the message load
  87. EmleyMoor Well, if it can't on one, it shouldn't on the other either
  88. EmleyMoor Right in the middle of setting up a test account
  89. lovetox thats not true, how much Gajim can handle is dependent on how fast your machine is
  90. EmleyMoor Gajim should not, surely, be any worse than its competitors
  91. lovetox why not?
  92. EmleyMoor Because the whole point of being a serious competitor is to be at least as good, I'd have thought
  93. lovetox serious competitor?! did you read some blog im not aware of :D
  94. Zash Is Gajim objectively worse?
  95. EmleyMoor s/jective/ous/
  96. EmleyMoor OK, bookmarks do work on the test account...
  97. EmleyMoor-test This mas an autojoin on the laptop using a bookmark
  98. EmleyMoor-test was*
  99. lovetox can you check in your ejabberd config, what the stream management unacked stanza limit is
  100. EmleyMoor Er... not sure I can translate your question into what I'll actually see
  101. lovetox max_ack_queue
  102. lovetox search for this setting in your config
  103. EmleyMoor Not there so I guess default
  104. lovetox
  105. lovetox then try to set it to 5000
  106. lovetox and try again on your main account
  107. lovetox what happens i believe is, the server sends so many stanzas, that gajim is not able to find the time to acknoledge the messages
  108. lovetox after 1000 unacked messages the server terminates the connection
  109. lovetox Gajim cant track the bookmarks request over a reconnect it seems, and thus it never completes
  110. EmleyMoor No change
  111. lovetox then please provide a full log again to see if the termination still happens
  112. lovetox or look your self
  113. lovetox for something like isconnected by remote server
  114. EmleyMoor OK, will try that shortly
  115. lovetox "Disconnected by remote server"
  116. EmleyMoor No "Disconnected", still no go
  117. lovetox yeah then please supply the log
  118. EmleyMoor Bookmarks show in Gajim > Bookmarks, but not in Accounts > Join Group Chat
  119. lovetox yes the bookmarks are received and stored, but the menu is only updated after all bookmarks requests succeeded
  120. EmleyMoor (again)
  121. lovetox yes essentially you found the current limit of Gajim on that machine
  122. lovetox i read 900 presences, about 600+ contacts
  123. lovetox Gajim is just not well equiped at the moment to handle so many contacts
  124. lovetox i guess its the facebook transport that causes the problems
  125. EmleyMoor Hmmm... this could steer me back to psi+ when they implement Carbons and MAM
  126. EmleyMoor The only other viable alternative seems to be dino-im, not likely to be easy to get before next Debian release
  127. EmleyMoor Absence of Facebook transport certainly seems to help
  128. Zash Did stpeter ever try Gajim?
  129. EmleyMoor Apart from the mere fact it's a slower machine, is there any explanation for this limit?
  130. Zash The imfamous stpeter test, who has like 3000+ contacts if I remember correctly
  131. EmleyMoor Dino really isn't as nice... no roster/groups - not even tags, it seems... but it works
  132. EmleyMoor I'll try Gajim on the laptop in later versions, or if/when I get a faster one.