Gajim - 2019-06-04

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  2. Link Mauve “12:46:00 flow> Hi there, where is the setting to show every chat in its own window again?”, yes, window type in the first tab of preferences IIRC.
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  4. flow Link Mauve, that was it. Thanks a ton :)
  5. flow Hmm does gajim really need to display xep258 security labels support in the server features list? I assume this is a feature with only a limited audience
  6. EmleyMoor Gajim on my desktop machine picked up on the bookmarks stored server-side on my account. Gajim on my laptop didn't. How can I get it to, or do I need to redefine them there?
  7. lovetox flow, i like users beeing able to see what the server supports without resorting to debug logs
  8. lovetox EmleyMoor, do you use different gajim version on the machines?
  9. EmleyMoor lovetox, No, the same
  10. lovetox thats really weird, i think this is worth debugging
  11. EmleyMoor I'm happy to help but will need guidance
  12. lovetox can you start the gajim instance that does not see the bookmarks with -l gajim.c.m.bookmarks=DEBUG
  13. EmleyMoor It's doing stuff... will pastebin the output when it concludes
  14. EmleyMoor
  15. lovetox ok thanks and now on the machine where it works
  16. lovetox was there more in this log?
  17. lovetox after 04/06/19 21:30:48 (I) gajim.c.m.bookmarks Request Bookmarks (PrivateStorage)
  18. lovetox which you omitted?
  19. EmleyMoor lovetox, Nothing more
  20. lovetox very weird, can you start gajim with -v flag, this will produce extensive debug logs, then search after the line i just posted
  21. lovetox then post me what comes after it
  22. lovetox lets say the next 100 lines
  23. emleymoor Hold on, let's sort this one first
  24. emleymoor
  25. lovetox can you open Accounts -> Server Info
  26. lovetox and look for XEP-0163 publish options line
  27. lovetox if it has a green check mark?
  28. emleymoor On which?
  29. lovetox doesnt matter
  30. emleymoor It does
  31. lovetox what server software is running?
  32. lovetox is it your own server?
  33. emleymoor Yes, my own - ejabberd 18.12.1
  34. lovetox something with your pubsub seems setup wrong
  35. lovetox gajim cant publish bookmarks to pubsub, see the errors in the log you just posted
  36. emleymoor Perhaps. Anyway, that other log...
  37. lovetox you may want to ask in the ejabberd support channel what the problem could be, i guess itc access rules
  38. emleymoor It doesn't explain why it picked up on them in the first place... although some ejabberd stuff might, as it happens
  39. lovetox its not the reason for the problem, but its something you would want to get fixed
  40. lovetox i was to optimistic, thing im looking for must be further down
  41. lovetox you can pm me the full log if you dont want to post it here
  42. emleymoor lovetox, The thing being? It's thousands of lines
  43. lovetox yeah just send me 1000 or something, cant say when it is what im searching it depends on how many contacts you have
  44. emleymoor Er... damn, just realised I no longer have it intact.
  45. lovetox as it is not reproducible just start gajim agian :)
  46. emleymoor I'll do so if I get the problem with ejabberd solved and it doesn't fix it
  47. lovetox normally after a request we should receive the bookmarks
  48. lovetox but it seems your server does not send it to the second instance
  49. lovetox for some reason
  50. lovetox either way keep me in the loop what happens :)
  51. emleymoor lovetox: I think pubsub is hosed in this ejabberd...
  52. Norbärt
  53. Norbärt Ahh, and this is the place I found the Gajim deb-files for Ubuntu:
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