Gajim - 2019-06-03

  1. Norbärt
  2. hannibal Norbärt:
  3. wurstsalat Norbärt: have you restarted gajim after installing plugins?
  4. Norbärt Thank you for reply, hannibal. I did read the readme and tried both install methods (./ and pip3). I always get the mentioned error message: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/tmp/pip-45ab699_-build/build/mo/be/LC_MESSAGES/'. Actually there *ARE* multiple files on my hard drive, but they in "/usr/share/locale/. . .". @wurstsalat: Jep, I did restart (reboot tut gut). Didn't help :/
  5. Norbärt Tried it again. Same result. Install plugin_installer with Muon pakage manager, installed plugins in gajim gui ("successfull"), restart, . . . . . no plugins.
  6. wurstsalat I cannot help you with that error, but you could try the version from flathub
  7. Norbärt
  8. wurstsalat plugins installed in your ./local are from plugin_installer. the others are from dist installs
  9. wurstsalat your plugin installer also has to have the right version for Gajim 1.1
  10. wurstsalat see
  11. Norbärt Mhhh... Lemme see. My plugin_installer version is 0.20.4. Package manager and Gajim's plugin_installer don't offer me a more recent version. But you are right: the most recent version for Gajim 1.1 branch is "plugin_installer version 1.1.4". I'll try to "python-install" that one...
  12. wurstsalat you may also just uninstall all other versions and then just copy the right one from the repo into your .local path
  13. wurstsalat ubuntu packages for gajim are a mess at the moment (nobody maintains them really)
  14. Norbärt Yeah? That's sad. I mean . . . it's *Ubuntu*. I'll do as you suggest and copy it per hand.
  15. EmleyMoor I've had two "Roster Item Exchange" windows come up stating that my Facebook transport would like me to add some contacts to my roster... lots of them. However, most if not all of them are already there, and adding them will in fact undo my custom names and groups. How do I stop this unnecessary mess?
  16. EmleyMoor Also, any way I can view the list of them in a "more than two at a time" view?
  17. EmleyMoor (have selected "cancel" for now but I still want to know, in case it happens for what will now be a fourth time!)
  18. wurstsalat EmleyMoor, cannot help you there, I guess this transport is only used by a few people
  19. EmleyMoor This is an issue that has only become one since I started using gajim.
  20. EmleyMoor The "view the list" thing is purely Gajim
  21. flow Hi there, where is the setting to show every chat in its own window again?
  22. EmleyMoor How do I "knock a nail in" to an instance of Gajim to prevent the roster "jump scrolling"
  23. EmleyMoor Alternatively how do I "ditch and refetch" the roster?
  24. wurstsalat EmleyMoor: you could for example delete your local account to start new (if that helps) Don't know what you mean by jump-scolling though
  25. EmleyMoor wurstsalat, Not sure I get the "local account" thing. The "jump scrolling" is that the roster keeps making jumps, on its own, to a certain position in the roster. I want it to stay where I put it, instead.
  26. wurstsalat Should be normal behaviour. I haven't seen jumping yet. You can delete your account in Gajim > Accounts to delete your local roster. I don't know if that would help ;)
  27. EmleyMoor I can't even see how it can be deleted
  28. wurstsalat Gajim > Accounts
  29. EmleyMoor Gajim > Accounts > ...?
  30. EmleyMoor Gajim > Accounts > ... and then do what? (Can't see any way to delete the Local account)
  31. wurstsalat The 'Local' account is not what you are searching for (that's a different account). Look for the axcount you created
  32. bot jdkbx created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9720: < Pasting Text into the messaging windows with a right click does not remove the "Write a message…" string. >
  33. EmleyMoor wurstsalat: Ah. Not to worry now, I completed the corrections. I must have tried Gajim before on that machine.
  34. EmleyMoor Gajim on my laptop is not picking up on my group chat bookmarks... why not? They can be seen on my desktop...
  35. EmleyMoor (it can't bookmark/autojoin new ones entered either)
  36. EmleyMoor Any ideas?
  37. wurstsalat you already restarted gajim, I guess?
  38. wurstsalat does your server support bookmarks?
  39. zinid does gajim support captcha during in-band registration?
  40. wurstsalat Yes
  41. wurstsalat The captcha is a bit hidden, you have to scroll down the form to see it.. I'm working on that dialog atm
  42. zinid ah, okay, good
  43. EmleyMoor wurstsalat, I'll try restarting it. If it doesn't support bookmarks, how come Gajim sees them on my desktop?
  44. EmleyMoor Restarting made no difference
  45. EmleyMoor This is amiss behaviour between two instances of gajiw
  46. EmleyMoor Gajim
  47. EmleyMoor *
  48. EmleyMoor I need to unbreak gajim on my laptop.
  49. wurstsalat so you say in Gajim > Bookmarks, you create entries and they are not saved?
  50. EmleyMoor wurstsalat, No... I see no Gajim > Bookmarks
  51. wurstsalat top left corner of your desktop (when having the roster window focused) ?
  52. EmleyMoor There are bookmarks already in my account, and Gajim on my desktop picks up on them. On my laptop, it doesn't
  53. EmleyMoor Ah. Well, that sort of confirms it... on the laptop, it doesn't see them. On the desktop, it does.
  54. EmleyMoor (but they seem to be "per instance" not "per account"?
  55. wurstsalat which version do you use?
  56. EmleyMoor 1.1.2
  57. EmleyMoor Hmmm... weird things happening all round