Gajim - 2019-05-25

  1. debacle I could not connect to my server in the train (TGV) with Gajim, but it worked with Converse.js. I wonder they do differently?
  2. debacle I believe, that the server in question speaks both BOSH and websockets and has the respective DNS entries.
  3. Link Mauve debacle, Gajim needs configuration to use BOSH, while Converse (the hosted version) will always use a proxy for that, since neither support XEP-0156 yet.
  4. debacle Link Mauve, I see some config variables in Gajims ACE, e.g. bosh_uri, which seems to be set correctly (""). There is also bosh_useproxy which is set to "Deactivated". What else would I have to configure?
  5. Link Mauve No idea, and Iā€™m already late, sorry!
  6. debacle NP
  7. debacle Another problem I had today with Gajim: Probably related to a very flaky wifi connection, Gajim complained about being unable to connect to a MUC by means of twice or thrice a dialog box, where I had to click. Unfortunately, Gajim opened the dialog box for all > 50 MUCs.
  8. debacle Maybe Gajim should either have only one "error window", where all errors go (like the `*Messages*` buffer in Emacs) or at least limit the number of open dialog windows?
  9. wurstsalat debacle: yes, unfortunately sometimes this error flooding happens.. And I think there is no issue for that case yet
  10. bot Martin created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9712: < Show all errors in one window instead of opening multiple >
  11. debacle wurstsalat, opened it now
  12. wurstsalat debacle: perfect, thanks!
  13. lovetox debacle, you have to set bosh as proxy in the proxy options
  14. lovetox and after that gajim will only use bosh
  15. lovetox so its not a option Gajim just tries if something else does not work