Gajim - 2019-05-24

  1. bot Mark T created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9709: < Roster remove request? >
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  5. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9710: < ServiceDiscovery error when searching, _update_info 'NoneType' object is not iterable >
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  7. Link Mauve Hi, I’ve just had a look at a user trying to invite someone to a MUC.
  8. Link Mauve They first tried to look at things in the MUC window rather than in the roster.
  9. Link Mauve In multiple buttons, right clicks, right click on participants, etc.
  10. Link Mauve At some point they tried to switch to the roster, and then to drag and drop the contact in the participants list.
  11. Link Mauve In the end I suggested to do a right click on the user, but since they were disconnected the “Invite to” menu option was greyed out.
  12. Link Mauve You may want to expose this same feature the other tested ways.
  13. wurstsalat Link Mauve, that part definitely needs work! I will draft an issue with your suggestions to enhance the group chat invitation process
  14. Link Mauve Thanks. )
  15. Link Mauve Thanks. :)
  16. Link Mauve User studies are great btw!
  17. wurstsalat invitation of offline contacts already has an open issue, but that is only a tiny part
  18. Link Mauve Yeah.
  19. wurstsalat yes, they are. I'm already making lists when others use gajim the first time..
  20. Link Mauve This is not this user’s first time, but it’s the first time I saw them use it.
  21. Link Mauve Also, they also were complaining that OMEMO wasn’t working, with the plugin not being enabled.
  22. Link Mauve Also MAM being unsupported, but that’s because Ubuntu ships a super old 1.0.1 version AIUI, which didn’t support MAM :2.
  23. marmistrz Where did one configure gajim to group all chats in the roster by type?
  24. marmistrz And below the contact name I'm getting an empty rectangle with hover text: "last message was sent from a mobile device". I do have ttf-emojione installed from AUR. what is that symbol supposed to be?
  25. wurstsalat Link Mauve, yes, I'm on it (ubuntu packages)
  26. wurstsalat marmistrz, what do you mean, by type in roster? you can group chat windows by type.
  27. wurstsalat and that rectangle is supposed to be a phone
  28. marmistrz Ah, it looks like a missing emoji :P Is this gtk-theme dependent?
  29. wurstsalat yes
  30. marmistrz wurstsalat, I mean that I once had a single window for everything, multiple accounts and: I have all the 1:1 chats in one section and all the MUCs in one section, no matter the account
  31. marmistrz So that I don't have to remember which account has which MUC when entering a MUC which is not yet maximzied
  32. wurstsalat you can merge your accounts (in accounts config windows)
  33. marmistrz wurstsalat, that's what I was looking for, thanks! I was looking in the roster options.
  34. wurstsalat yeah, they will be moved to where you just looked :D it's in the making
  35. marmistrz :D
  36. RonUL_
  37. griffj Hello, this morning (morning for me anyway) when Gajim started up, AVG had a fit about it. screen shot. Is this happening to a lot of others?
  38. wurstsalat griffj, never seen this, probably false alarm
  39. wurstsalat RonUL_, that one is fixed
  40. RonUL_ wurstsalat, hi, thank you for the info
  41. griffj I've submitted a false positive to AVG. With hopes that it is indeed false positive heh.
  42. griffj Is there any mechanism to push preferences and/or advanced config to domain connected Gajim clients?
  43. griffj I realize this is a linux based world in here most likely, but thought I would ask :)
  44. wurstsalat no there isn't (yet)
  45. wurstsalat but feel free to open an issue
  46. griffj Thank you.
  47. bot Daniel Brötzmann created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9711: < Enhance group chat join and invitation process >
  48. wurstsalat Link Mauve ^
  49. Link Mauve \o/
  50. wurstsalat if only there were more developers
  51. ta lets battle which xmpp project has fewest :)
  52. Link Mauve I can count many which have zero!
  53. ta ok, then accumulated in time over the last 20 years