Gajim - 2019-05-19

  1. testeGajim hello :) I'm still not using XMPP for long and Gajim for even a shorter time, but I've got a really annoying problem and want to sort out, if I'm just too stupid to find the option in Gajim, to activate persistent chat (known as MAM, iirc) or if it's a problem with Gajim
  2. lovetox what Gajim version?
  3. testeGajim I've been in some MUCs for some months now, but I don't use Gajim on a daily basis, so it's not started on some days or even several days
  4. testeGajim should be the actual one: 1.1.3
  5. lovetox and you think MAM is not activated?
  6. testeGajim so I wanted to read some MUCs from the past days, and it seems that Gajim doesn't get those chat history of days, on which I didn't use Gajim (and therefor Gajim didn't connect to those MUCs)
  7. testeGajim I don't know, if I activated it in the right place, as "MAM" isn't explicitely said in the options, but I activated
  8. testeGajim moment, just have to look ...
  9. lovetox there is nothing to activate
  10. testeGajim (I'm using the German version, so I hope Ill translate it correctly backwards)
  11. lovetox question one would be if the server where this MUC is hosted even has MAM activated
  12. lovetox is it your own server?
  13. testeGajim others told me, I have to activate MAM (it's also told in the privacy policy of my XMPP server, that I have to activate it), and I did it via the menu like "accounts -> advanced -> edit archive options" Standard: "Always"
  14. testeGajim yes, MAM is activated on that server, I just asked there
  15. lovetox then there is nothing more to do
  16. testeGajim and yes, MAM is activated on that server, too, it's coincidentally the same server where I have my XMPP account
  17. lovetox on first join gajim only loads a day of history you cant extend it
  18. lovetox on every subsequent join it loads all history since your last join
  19. testeGajim ok, then Gajim just doesn't load Chat History of MUCs from days where I didn't start Gajim?
  20. lovetox it has nothing to do with the days you started Gajim
  21. testeGajim ok, I'll just have a look concerning this MUC here, just a moment ...
  22. lovetox when you joined the gajim chat
  23. lovetox did you get history?
  24. testeGajim Gajim didn't save a chat history of this chat from last Wednesday and last Saturday .. perhaps nothing was said on those days?
  25. testeGajim Gajim didn't save the chat history of this MUC from whole April, that seems odd to me
  26. testeGajim what do you mean by "get history"?
  27. lovetox you see old chats in your chat window
  28. testeGajim not in the chat window, but in the chat archive window, yes
  29. lovetox so you have history for every day except last wednsday?
  30. testeGajim for this MUC here ( Gajim saved also the chat history only from days, on which I had Gajim started, as it seems, no chat history at all from April, but chat history e.g. from some days in February and March
  31. testeGajim no, at least all days are missing chat history, in which I didn't start Gajim, perhaps on more days
  32. lovetox check account -> advanced -> serverinfo
  33. lovetox if you have a green check at MAM
  34. testeGajim yes, XEP-0313 MAM is activated
  35. testeGajim I joined an XMPP server, where to that time all XEPs were featured
  36. lovetox if you click on the chat menu
  37. lovetox is there a option named Sync Threshold?
  38. testeGajim if one starts Gajim, no history problems occur, but as it seems, I haven't started Gajim in April at all (may be possible due to Easter holidays etc.), so I don't get any history from those offline days/weeks
  39. testeGajim aaah, yes, there is
  40. testeGajim and that seeems to be the problem, I guess,
  41. lovetox its usually on no threshold for private chats
  42. testeGajim standard selection seems to be "1 day"
  43. lovetox but for public mucs its on 1 day
  44. testeGajim if that's the problem: THANK YOU VERY MUCH
  45. lovetox this is a per muc setting
  46. testeGajim yes, and that's the general problem (not only) I have encountered in Gajim: the options are scattered all over the interface, e.g. there are at least 2 menu entries for "accounts" with different options inside, and I tried to have a look in nearly any option I found in Gajim so far, but this option I had never seen or taken into account ... and not only me
  47. testeGajim solving this will help some users having the same "problem", too, I guess :)
  48. testeGajim thank you very much, I'll test it, I just was considering using another client, but there seem not to be really good ones existing for Windows so far, that's why I'm testing Gajim
  49. lovetox np, please report if you have problems :)
  50. testeGajim that's why I tried here ;)
  51. testeGajim the problem finding the right option hidden in some sub-sub-menu where one doesn't expect it to be ... or having e.g. this chat related options in 3 different menus scattered all over the interface, seems to be more of a design "problem"
  52. lovetox its hard to have many options but at the same time make it so everyone finds what he needs instantly
  53. lovetox but yes Gajim can improve in that area a lot
  54. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _python-nbxmpp_ < >: *ac23d278* < > Add IBB (XEP-0047) module
  55. testeGajim yes, of course ... iirc other clients (not using them any more) often have different ways to get to the same option, that at least seem to be better as having to try different menus to find an option, one thinks having already found somewhere else ... sorry for my English, I hope I explained it understandable )
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  57. testeGajim ups, sry ^^
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  59. testeGajim hmm, I thought when I create an invitation to someone in my contact list, that this invitation occurs in the chat with him, and not here?
  60. lovetox you click "invite to" and select the group chat from the list
  61. bot Philipp Hörist updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Add paste-image-from-clipboard functionality
  62. testeGajim yes, I did, and he got the invitation, but I didn't know, that this creates a chat line everyone can read here
  63. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *16751610* < > Add paste-image-from-clipboard functionality
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  67. marc Hi, is there a place where I could browse available theme for gajim ?
  68. lovetox no there are none
  69. marc thanks lovetox
  70. Ran marc, what do you mean with themes? You can apply any GTK theme you want to Gajim, if that's what you mean.
  71. lovetox you can style various elements in Gajim via preferences
  72. lovetox you can save those, so we call that a theme
  73. marc Ran: indeed, it's what I just figured out :) I'm going to try that (never played with gtk themes before)
  74. Ran I think you can even apply custon properties with CSS selectors to specific element in Gajim, although I never did it.
  75. Ran (
  76. marc Ran: Really, we can do that ? Very nice ! (I know CSS quite well)
  77. Ran Well yeah, I think GTK uses actually CSS for styling in general.
  78. Ran Have a look at that:
  79. marc Thanks for your links, I'll read them thoroughly
  80. lovetox Gajim has something for that
  81. lovetox put user-theme.css in ~/.config/Gajim/theme)
  82. lovetox put user-theme.css in ~/.config/Gajim/theme
  83. marc lovetox: nicer and nicer :)
  84. Ran Oh, that's pretty cool to know!
  85. lovetox hm just hope that works, never tried it :D
  86. lovetox but it should, put any named .css in there, but then you have to select it under preferences Theme
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