Gajim - 2019-05-14

  1. bot Daniel Brötzmann updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Rework contact info
  2. rion Why Gajim takes 100% on one cpu core all the time?
  3. Link Mauve rion, do you have a profiler around? I’ve never seen that.
  4. Link Mauve If you’re on Linux, perf is very handy.
  5. rion it can python?
  6. Link Mauve It can anything, it doesn’t have any special handling of Python but at least you can see if it comes from Python itself or e.g. from OpenSSL or from GTK+.
  7. rion well next time. have to go to work now.
  8. Link Mauve Ok. :)
  9. rion Link Mauve‎: what about the backtrace above?
  10. Link Mauve rion, looks like a proper bug.
  11. Link Mauve Could you open an issue so that someone may end up looking at it?
  12. rion yep. also later
  13. Link Mauve Ta.
  14. RonUL_ hi, is there any chance to fix connection via tor in the new ver?
  15. RonUL_ works on 0.16.6
  16. zuglufttier RonUL_, which version are you running right now?
  17. RonUL_ 0.16.6
  18. zuglufttier And which one doesn't work?
  19. RonUL_ newer
  20. RonUL_ i.e 1.1.2-2
  21. zuglufttier Seems to work for me...
  22. zuglufttier RonUL_, start gajim on a terminal like this: gajim -l gajim.c.resolver=DEBUG gajim.c.connection=DEBUG
  23. RonUL_ zuglufttier, wait, i need to install the new version
  24. zuglufttier You need to set the onion Hostname manually in the config.
  25. zuglufttier Should look somethin like this then:
  26. RonUL_ zuglufttier,
  27. zuglufttier Nothing happened :D
  28. zuglufttier Oh, wait: ajim -l gajim.c.resolver=DEBUG,gajim.c.connection=DEBUG
  29. zuglufttier Oh, wait: gajim -l gajim.c.resolver=DEBUG,gajim.c.connection=DEBUG
  30. zuglufttier The comma was missing previously!
  31. zuglufttier If you start gajim with these options, you should see more.
  32. RonUL_ zuglufttier, my config:
  33. ta `inline codetags are awesome for telling other people what commands to use or for code snippets` ;-)
  34. zuglufttier RonUL_, you add something like this: = 5222 = otm5car7fa4u3m3u.onion
  35. zuglufttier But you can do that in the GUI as well. In "Modify Account..." -> Connection -> Hostname
  36. RonUL_ i did that
  37. RonUL_ i use the same config on 0.16.6
  38. RonUL_ one more time
  39. zuglufttier OK, so then let's see the output of gajim -l gajim.c.resolver=DEBUG,gajim.c.connection=DEBUG
  40. ta have you set proxies for accounts using tor?
  41. RonUL_ zuglufttier,
  42. RonUL_ ta, yes
  43. RonUL_ ta, i am using onion addresses but only with 0.16.6
  44. RonUL_ i think this is a proxy issue
  45. RonUL_
  46. ta so you have set up that proxy for your accounts in 1.1.x as well? i have not read about that in your conversation with zuglufttier
  47. RonUL_ ta, yes, I did that.
  48. ta Ok, then i am out. Last time i tried tor and gajim it worked that way.
  49. RonUL_ for only works only gajim 0,16.6
  50. RonUL_ fir me
  51. RonUL_ ta, ok, I'm on 1.1.2 with "onion". The problem was in the proxy probably as I suposed. When I tickthe proxy auth off the connection works. On 0.16.6 I had the proxy auth enabled
  52. ta I'm not that much into proxy settings in gajim, it just worked when i last tried. Maybe the devs cab help you more.
  53. lovetox RonUL_, rightfully so
  54. lovetox Tor runs on your own machine
  55. lovetox why would you want to authenticate yourself to it
  56. lovetox and with what credentials anyway
  57. lovetox but glad you found the issue :)
  58. lovetox rion, Gajim has probably many jingle bugs
  59. lovetox it only supports very simple functions
  60. lovetox so nothing you implemented in the last months in your client
  61. bot Marcin Mielniczuk proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Print MAM query jid in the info calls
  62. marmistrz I had this issue with MAM messages not fetched once again and it appears that there is no MAM query (or at least there is not info log about "no results")
  63. marmistrz I modified my 1.1.2 sources in a similar way to what I did in !441 and it appears that the affected jid doesn't appear in the MAM logs at all
  64. marmistrz so it looks like no query is executed at all
  65. lovetox are you talking about your account mam or groupchats?
  66. marmistrz account MAM
  67. marmistrz 1-1 chat
  68. lovetox when does that happen, if you come out of standby?
  69. marmistrz These are all the log statements concerning the contact:
  70. marmistrz
  71. marmistrz lovetox, these are messages from yesterday, I don't remember what happened back then
  72. marmistrz but it looks like it doesn't even try making the MAM query
  73. marmistrz Let me know where I should add some logging to confirm this
  74. lovetox what do you mean this are all logs?
  75. lovetox are you coming back from standby?
  76. lovetox you can already see when mam querys are made in logs
  77. lovetox the point would be to find the circumstance where it doesnt make one
  78. marmistrz lovetox, I did `grep jid logs` and there was no log concerning this contact's MAM
  79. lovetox but a contact has no mam
  80. marmistrz The messages aren't there even if I restart gajim
  81. lovetox your account has mam
  82. marmistrz lovetox, I mean that mam regarding this contact
  83. marmistrz *I mean "the message archive containing the conversation with this contact"
  84. lovetox and you sure you dont have him on your "no archive list"
  85. lovetox in the archiving preferneces
  86. marmistrz I didn't change anything ehre
  87. lovetox does that mean you looked into the dialog and confirmed it?
  88. marmistrz anyway, I tried opening another contact and there's no information from gajim.c.m.archiving about this another contact
  89. lovetox opening?
  90. lovetox gajim does not do mam querys when you open a chat
  91. marmistrz Went to the roster, double clicked some contact
  92. marmistrz So when does it do the queries for 1;1 chats?
  93. lovetox at the start of gajim
  94. marmistrz Hmmm, I can see no logs concerning any of the 1:1 chats...
  95. marmistrz Maybe they're just not logged in gajim.c.m.archiving
  96. lovetox then there are none
  97. bot Marcin Mielniczuk updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Print MAM query jid in the info calls
  98. lovetox this is pretty easy to test
  99. lovetox close gajim, send a message from your phone to a contact
  100. lovetox and open gajim
  101. lovetox message should be there
  102. bot Marcin Mielniczuk updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Print MAM query jid in the info calls
  103. marmistrz lovetox, the problem is that it *usually* works
  104. marmistrz but sometimes there are some weird messages that are not fetched
  105. lovetox thats why i asked what the circumstances were
  106. lovetox i can only think of some kind of standby reconnect issue
  107. lovetox just log to a file, wait until it happens and then we can analyse the log
  108. marmistrz I'll leave the logs, hope I'm going to reproduce it
  109. marmistrz anyway, I hacked mam_id in request_archive_on_signin to be None (to force fetch the messages from the last week, and they still aren't there
  110. marmistrz and the logging only mentions messages from the resource Gajim
  111. marmistrz the logging doesn't mention any Conversations full-jid messages
  112. marmistrz .... but the messages *are* in the archive, because dino managed to fetch them
  113. marmistrz Hmmm, it would be nice to have a button in the 1:1 chat menu to force a MAM query for a contact (if your messages are encrypted and you're doing the query in the XML console, you basically see nothing)
  114. marmistrz Hmmm, that's weird.
  115. marmistrz I tweaked current git to display the stanzas when the message is received from MAM
  116. marmistrz It appears that stanzas from the affected contact are fetched!
  117. marmistrz Can I somehow print the send date of a stanza from gajim?
  118. marmistrz (from gajim code)
  119. marmistrz I currently have something like:
  120. marmistrz 14.05.2019 23:03:00 (D) gajim.c.m.mam | ( <message xmlns="jabber:client" type="chat" to="" from=""><displayed id="d0a2d3d2-02a0-455e-9282-642eb5a5be34" xmlns="urn:xmpp:chat-markers:0" /><store xmlns="urn:xmpp:hints" /></message>