Gajim - 2019-05-12

  1. pdurbin Hi! In the screenshot at it shows "Obelix (2)" and I have a similar "(2)" next to one of my contacts names (and an orange shirt instead of a green shirt). Can anyone tell me what this means?
  2. lovetox it means the contact is online with 2 clients
  3. lovetox and color is status, orange means away
  4. pdurbin Oh! Thanks! Is there a list of possible colors? Is it just green, orange and grey? Or are there more?
  5. lovetox look at the the bottom of the roster
  6. lovetox there is a dropdown to set your status
  7. pdurbin Oh. Duh. That makes sense. Thanks. And thanks for explaining "(2)".
  8. pdurbin Is anyone here involved with ?
  9. lovetox not directly why
  10. pdurbin Well, I recently opened and just left a comment about Gajim. I'm happy to see that Gajim is using what I'm starting to call a Searchable Linkable Open Public Indexed (SLOPI) communication style. SLOPI is pronounced "sloppy". :)
  11. pdurbin What do you think about SLOPI? :)
  12. pdurbin Gajim seems nice. I've been using it for a couple weeks. I'm trying to give XMPP another try after 10 years or so. Previously I was using Pidgin.
  13. lovetox pdurbin, there is a search page for group chats
  14. lovetox
  15. lovetox so what this would be missing is a link to the actual logs of these chats
  16. pdurbin lovetox, thanks. I've been meaning to start a list of rooms I'm interested in that have logs. Like this one for Gaijm. :)
  17. pdurbin I think it would be valuable to know before joining if the room is logged or not.
  18. pdurbin How hard would it to be to update the description for Gajim on that "search" list to mention that the room is logged?
  19. lovetox how is that valuable, every room has logs
  20. lovetox or do you mean the link to the weblog?
  21. pdurbin Sorry, I'm talking specifically about weblogs.
  22. lovetox yes i opened a issue with the site so they show a link
  23. pdurbin Ah. Great. Recently? Do you have a link to the issue you opened?
  24. lovetox
  25. pdurbin Thanks! So `muc#roominfo_logs` is a thing?
  26. pdurbin Looks like it appears a couple times in XEP-0045.
  27. pdurbin Had you heard of Gitter before I mentioned it?
  28. lovetox yes
  29. pdurbin Cool. I think Gitter is fantastic for open source project but they don't support self hosting very well.
  30. pdurbin The Gitter code wasn't open source from the start.
  31. pdurbin Plus Gitter isn't built on a standard protocol, though it does have a very nice IRC gateway that I use all the time.
  32. pdurbin So I've been wondering if XMPP would be a good protocol to build on to create something like Gitter that can be self hosted. Or maybe something new doesn't need to be created. Maybe all that's needed is some recommended config on the client and server side.
  33. pdurbin It's really cool that XMPP has a standard way to express the location of weblogs. I didn't know that.
  34. pdurbin This room doesn't have scrollback turned on, right? MAM, I think I mean.
  35. lovetox Gajim has no scrollback
  36. lovetox we have a history dialog
  37. lovetox CTRL + H
  38. lovetox but you can only view history since first join not from before
  39. pdurbin Ok. Interesting. Maybe I'm thinking of Conversations.
  40. pdurbin Thanks.
  41. pdurbin Ok, I just joined from Conversations and I can see scrollback from even before I joined. Thanks. Makes more sense.
  42. pdurbin lovetox: ah, so you and Asterix are the main developers. Thanks so much for answering my questions. :)
  43. bot André updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Remove color and font formatting
  44. marmistrz lovetox: any chances of my trust PR being reviewed before I have to fix merge conflicts? :D
  45. lovetox no sorry, i cant review at the moment, im preparing a bigger change with nbxmpp and Gajim, if thats finished i will look at GUI stuff again
  46. marmistrz lovetox: thanks, good luck with that :)