Gajim - 2019-05-10

  1. guybrush88 hi everyone, I'm proofreading and doing some corrections to the Italian translation of Gajim :)
  2. guybrush88 first step: I'm proofreading the strings that are marked as needing some review
  3. guybrush88 then I'll go for untranslated strings, I think
  4. wurstsalat guybrush88: nice, contributions are always welcome!
  5. guybrush88 I have just one (maybe silly) question: which has the highest priority for development within Gajim or Gajim 1.1?
  6. guybrush88 so I can prioritize translations
  7. wurstsalat asterix ? ^
  8. guybrush88 in the meanwhile, I'll work also on the website localisation
  9. guybrush88 and thanks, wurstsalat
  10. asterix 1.1 is the current release. Gajim is the next major release. I don't know if there will be another release in the 1.1 branch. So I'd start with Gajim.
  11. guybrush88 ok, I see, thanks asterix
  12. guybrush88 asterix, about incorrect translations that appear under the category with critical mistakes, if I want to think about a proper translation in a second moment, is it better to leave such things unchanged or can I make it an empty translation instead of a wrong one?
  13. wurstsalat guybrush88: you could add a comment and later search for that comment
  14. jjrh lovetox, is there opposition to gajim getting some pubsub browsing features?
  15. lovetox no
  16. jjrh I have been mucking around with pubsub with the aim of having a plugin for gajim
  17. lovetox but thats not a simple task, its almost like writing a own client
  18. lovetox people blog on pubsub, you can use it like a social network
  19. lovetox means you need to suppot displaying html and stuff
  20. lovetox as i said there are whole clients that revolve around that thing
  21. jjrh Yeah - been playing with movim using slixmpp
  22. lovetox to say, "i just add a browser"
  23. lovetox is not realy the thing im looking for
  24. jjrh No me either :)
  25. jjrh my aim would be to just show atom feeds - even if it's just "there is a new atom feed, here's the link"
  26. jjrh > lovetox gajim is not a pubsub browser, use dedicated clients like movim for that Just wanted to make sure this wasn't a "over my dead body" sorta statement or if it was more "gajim won't do this anytime soon"
  27. lovetox no that was meant as, it was never designed as such so i dont care much about if you can browse pubsub or not
  28. lovetox in reply to a possible bug report
  29. jjrh Yeah :)
  30. jjrh Gajim will lock up if you do service discovery on say (Or probably anything with many many results)
  31. jjrh Looking at the omemo and pgp plugins, I gather I can pretty much extend nbxmpp to give me everything I need and it should be reasonable to do everything inside a gajim plugin correct?
  32. lovetox you would have to check what pubsub capabilities nbxmpp has currently
  33. lovetox i think it can only request an item of a node
  34. lovetox you probably want many
  35. Link Mauve “17:11:46 jjrh> my aim would be to just show atom feeds - even if it's just "there is a new atom feed, here's the link"”, there is/was something doing exactly that.
  36. lovetox you probably also want rsm to page through multiple results
  37. Link Mauve But IIRC people mostly just got frustrated by the popups.
  38. Link Mauve You could create another kind of UI for that.
  39. Link Mauve If you mean an actual PubSub browser though, Gajim’s discovery feature works well with existing ones.
  40. Link Mauve It even allows you to subscribe or publish to nodes.
  41. Link Mauve This isn’t a plugin but in Gajim’s core.
  42. lovetox Link Mauve, thats not in a state to advertise it
  43. lovetox not in a state anyone would want to use it
  44. lovetox so please dont point people to it
  45. Link Mauve lovetox, of course not, but it may be a better idea than starting from scratch, for jjrh.
  46. jjrh Link Mauve, yeah I remember the pubsub notifications it really should be a a separate UI since that was annoying. Gajim will straight up lockup / crash if you try and browse say
  47. Link Mauve jjrh, try a smaller server.
  48. jjrh Yeah smaller ones work fine.
  49. Link Mauve Does Movim ever do this operation, btw?
  50. jjrh What operation?
  51. Link Mauve Discovering all of the nodes on a server.
  52. Link Mauve Without pagination.
  53. jjrh I don't know, I haven't used movim to browse other pubsub servers. I think the issue is gajim's service discovery is recursive (which makes sense the majority of the time) so when you get 1000 results back, gajim gets at it and does service discovery on them all (and anything under them).
  54. jjrh which locks the UI while it does the work.
  55. jjrh lovetox, sorry so back to what you were saying - there are scenarios where i'll hit a wall in what I can extend nbxmpp to do from a gajim plugin or do you mean using nbxmpp's existing pubsub stuff?
  56. lovetox just try it and you will see
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