Gajim - 2019-04-21

  1. bullgard4 A happe Easter to all!
  2. erik my Gajim always shows emoticons as weird characters. I'm running Gajim on Linux Mint. Is there something I can do to make emoticons show correctly (on Gajim 1.0.1)?
  3. wurstsalat weird characters? Do you have noto fonts installed?
  4. erik checks
  5. erik "fonts-noto-hinted"
  6. erik but apparently not fonts-nono-unhinted.
  7. erik and not "python-nototools"
  8. erik is that what's missing?
  9. erik ohh! fonts-noto-color-emoji?
  10. wurstsalat I think so. You can select that one later in preferences
  11. erik yay! that worked.
  12. erik thanks!
  13. wurstsalat 🥚🐇
  14. erik lol. At least I'm *seeing* the emoticons now.
  15. meaz is it possible to get the details of a room? In converse.js, you can get if it is persistent, anonymous, and so on.
  16. wurstsalat Config menu for group chats is only available for those who can edit settings
  17. wurstsalat lovetox, does Gajim have an option to view this somehow? Maybe it's worth showing the info?
  18. meaz thanks for your confirmation of what I thought wurstsalat :)
  19. meaz I just wanted to be sure.
  20. marmistrz Is the minimize-on-auto-join read from the server or is it a Gajim-only local flag?
  21. marmistrz Btw. it looks like minimize_on_autojoin is not present in gajim-1.1.2, has the behavior changed for MUCs to default to minimizing on autojoin? (that's what I understood from looking at the code)
  22. wurstsalat marmistrz: settings are not stored in the bookmarks anymore, this changed
  23. wurstsalat So it's local now
  24. marmistrz wurstsalat: thanks
  25. lovetox wurstsalat, but only in master
  26. lovetox erik whats the problem with inputing emojis?
  27. lovetox you have to select "font" emoji in the preferences
  28. lovetox then the emoji popup should show you everything
  29. erik lovetox, I didn't have problems inputting them (insofar I'm aware); it's viewing them which was the problem. But that problem has been fixed by installing extra fonts.
  30. erik (the selector for the emoji in the settings hasn't changed.)
  31. lovetox ok was confused because you said "at least im seeing them now"
  32. lovetox which hinted at something other not working
  33. erik yes, I'm seeing them now. I'm mostly referring to the fact that while I see them (and no longer the weird characters) the improvement is that I'm not seeing weird characters -- the emoji themselves, I don't care for too much.
  34. erik (but the weird characters were really bugging me)
  35. bot Lex Brit created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9680: < "sqlite3.OperationalError: unable to open database file" in background on daily build >
  36. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9680: < "sqlite3.OperationalError: unable to open database file" in background on daily build >