Gajim - 2019-04-14

  1. anontestsgajim
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  3. anontestsgajim .
  4. bot anontests created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9673: < gajim group-chat room channel and instant-messages not working on windows 7; apparently. >
  5. anontestspsi .
  6. anontestspsi test
  7. anontestspsi hi
  8. anontestspsi oh. this announces the issues reported.
  9. anontestspsi well. i may have spammed the chat channel and everyone in the chat channel before because i thought no 1 was talking. my bad. i'm sorry. ... hope i can talk and it's all right for me to talk a lot right now. ...
  10. anontestspsi this is embarrassing...
  11. anontestspsi well. i'm anon. anontests. anontestspsi. right now. apparently. i'm also anontestsgajim. and i'm also anontestspsiplus; to see if my messages are displaying properly; since gajim isn't working for me right now. so. i'm an anonymous or psuedo-semi-anonymous user testing stuff; i guess. i know being an anonymous user has a lot of negative stigma nowadays apparently; but; really; i'm just an pseudo-semi-anonymous user.
  12. anontestspsi crap. it's red. did i post too much at 1 time or something? sorry.
  13. anontestspsi not sure of the character limit or limits on here or anything.
  14. anontestspsi so yeah i'm mainly doing this for tests right now, and stuff. ... i sort of like tech stuff and sorta wanna get into that more; for a number of reasons; despite basically relatively i don't know how to use a computer; haha. ... but i've been on computers as a sorta "normal" user for a long time ...
  15. anontestspsi i used gajim for instant-messaging in the past; for initial test; some time ago; and i want to get back into that again. ...
  16. anontestspsi i also use windows 7; by the way. yeah all right all you gnu-linux and bsd users hate me right. at least it's not ios. maybe i wanna look into and get into looking into replacing windows 7 with gnu linux or bsd or something sometime. especially since windows 7 support is ending apparently; and i don't like windows 10; for a number of reasons; and stuff. ...
  17. anontestspsi i think a lot. i talk a lot. sorry about that.
  18. anontestspsi i'm really shy and bad at talking to people and you probably won't like me. but. ... i hope we try to get along or at least until the apparent or my apparent gajim on windows 7 issue is fixed. ...
  19. anontestspsi anyway. i hope this helps. thanks. ... and. nice to meet you. thanks. ...
  20. anontestspsi test
  21. anontestspsi ah. so the "/me" command from irc and stuff works too, and stuff.
  22. anontestspsi spreads gajim.
  23. anontestspsi there.
  24. anontestspsi oh. i was on the wrong account with this 1 anyway. ... well. ... fixed. ...
  25. anontestspsi psi-im and psi-plus does'nt show avatars next to user-names in the chat channel. but it does show which jabber xmpp client program they're using. i guess that's the trade-off; apparently. not sure about any options to change that; not immediately obvious.
  26. anontestspsi wow!! look at all those gnu linux android "" users!! absolutely unbelievable!! alike over 50%~75%~90%+ or so of the chat channel. shame it's not more cross-platform, and available for windows; and even other gnu linux distros; and stuff.
  27. anontestspsi i like psi-im, psi-plus; and gajim because it's cross-platform. i like cross-platform and stuff a lot. because; again; as a windows 7 user; i may switch to gnu linux at some point; and stuff.
  28. anontestspsi but. yeah. ... again. it's really amazing to see so many gnu linux android users in her. ... so many gnu linux android users ... wow ... well. anyway. ... ...
  29. anontestspsi ... i'm going to resist my urge to ask someone to speak andor private instant message everyone again ...
  30. anontestspsi ... i wonder where everyone is and what everyone is doing on saturday night ... i'm just sitting here trying to get gajim to work on windows 7 andor my computer for me ...
  31. anontestspsi i'm going to do other stuff since there's not that much talking right now. i know. i'm impatient. it's just i was setting this up for a while and stuff. sorry.
  32. anontestspsi be back later, i guess ...
  33. erik anontestspsi: I responded to you much earlier already
  34. anontestspsi erik: uhhuh ... i know that ... but gajim is'nt working so i can't see your messages but now i'm using psi-im so i can see your messages but then i did'nt get a response, and stuff ...
  35. erik Weird. Gajim is working here. Has been for weeks.
  36. anontestspsi oh. i see. well. i'm using windows 7. i'm not sure what's causing this to happen. but. anyway. at least you're responding to me at the same time now. ...
  37. anontestspsi also i made anontestgajim, anontestpsi, anontestpsiplus to easily tell apart what i'm doing and testing; by looking at it.
  38. anontestspsi all i'm getting in gajim is the messages telling me "You (you) joined the room"; but no other messages. i don't think instant-messages works with that either.
  39. anontestspsi maybe it's my computer. maybe. it's messed up or something. maybe. it may be messed up in other ways. maybe. i wanted to talk to someone before getting into looking into that. chicken and the egg paradox. i want to talk to them on gajim before looking into it but i may have to look into it before talking to them on gajim.
  40. anontestspsi i may exit this and restart my computer and try again.
  41. anontestspsi if that doe'nt work then i guess i'll just use psi-im for right now indefinitely.
  42. anontestspsi tho i think i remember why i liked gajim more than psi-im. gajim is cross-platform; alike psi-im; but it's more avatar-oriented; which reminded me of other instant-messnegers; and i thought could help popularize jabber xmpp more; by leading by example; and stuff. anyway.
  43. anontestspsi do you want to talk more now, erik? is it normal to have normal chat conversations in here and talk about whatever? or did you just want to make the inital response to show someone was talking? so i could see it? or what?
  44. anontestspsi i think i may be a little bit chat-starved. so i may be exploding all over the place with words everywhere, and stuff.
  45. anontestspsi all right. i'll try this.
  46. erik It's normal to have conversations here, yes.
  47. anontestspsi oh, i see. all right, good.
  48. anontestspsi is anyone interested in messaging me? i wanna test the instant messaging thing on psi-im. since it probably apparently does'nt work on gajim; apparently. tho you can message anontestsgajim; too.
  49. anontestspsi i'm guessing everyone ... a lot ... have messages blocked by default or something. i don't know.
  50. anontestspsi i was a quiet user in a lot of active chat channels and stuff a long time ago. since it's all quiet i guess i'm just exploding now. hah. ...
  51. anontestspsi if only talking to myself was permitted everywhere. now. hah. ...
  52. erik But I'm preparing to head out with the kids, so I'm afraid I don't have much time to talk. The subject of the conversation should probably be your non-working gajim installation
  53. anontestspsi oh i see. oh that's all right. oh. yeah. that. well. i don't mind talking about other stuff, too. but i am focused on that right now, yeah. all right. wel. i understand. well. thanks anyway.
  54. erik There is activity in this channel and the activity includes commit updates from a bit
  55. anontestspsi i mean you know i don't wanna drag everyone down or bore everyone with oh you gotta get gajim to work. 'cause that's probably difficult; as there's no obvious answer. so i don't mind testing psi-im right now, and stuff.
  56. anontestspsi oh. all right. good. ... was'nt expecting my little issue stuff i posted before to actually be posted in here. ... it must've looked funny when i posted a bunch of issues at once before. ... hah. ... again. thank you for tolerating me. hah. ...
  57. anontestspsi if anyone could instant-message me on here or confirm that they're seeing my instant-messages. that'd be cool. because i haven't successfully tested it in psi-im yet. at least.
  58. anontestspsi again. if gajim is'nt working. right now. because of windows 7, or my computer, or otherwise, then there's no sense in attempting to get it to work right now. in the immediate present. so i'd like to use psi-im until then. but i'd like to test it. since i'm here, and stuff ...
  59. anontestspsi i could post on the bbs thing i post in sometimes. but i'm also having some troubles; with some users on there; and stuff; right now; as well.
  60. erik Are the ims showing up as whispered ?
  61. anontestspsi ... i'm going to resist my urge to message everyone on psi-im; again ... like i did on gajim; when gajim isn't working; and i can't see any messages on there; apparently. ...
  62. anontestspsi ? i'm not sure what that is. but i haven't received any messages from you. ... am i having trouble receiving messages on psi-im too?
  63. anontestspsi whispered? i just messaged you, erik, a lot. no response. ...
  64. anontestspsi if you're sending me messages and i'm not receiving them. then that means i can't receive messages on gajim in chat-channel or instant-messages. and in psi-im i can't receive instant-messages; but the chat channel works.
  65. anontestspsi oh. anontestsgajim can't receive messages. apparently. i don't see anything on there obviously telling me i'm receiving messages or not.
  66. anontestspsi you can try anontestspsi or maybe even anontestspsiplus. and see if any of them work.
  67. erik I'm not sending you PMs, no. But apparently I did receive yours
  68. anontestspsi oh. shoot. it's red. that probably means i'm talking too much or something. again; i don't know of the filters or limits in here; sorry.
  69. anontestspsi oh all right. good. well. at least that works. ...
  70. anontestspsi also. i am able to -send- messages to the chat channel in gajim; i just can't -see- any messages in the chat channel. ... and i did send messages to everyone on gajim before; but i have no idea if anyone received it or not. part of me hopes i did'nt. because i did'nt want to message everyone; and not be able to see a response from them. haha. ...
  71. anontestspsi hi! thank you! thank you for sending me a message, erik. you really helped me out a lot, thank you.
  72. anontestspsi well i know you're busy. thank you for helping me test psi-im at least. thank you.
  73. anontestspsi hah
  74. anontestspsi :P
  75. anontestspsi ^^
  76. anontestspsi oh. crap. i know why it's red now. it's because it turns red in psi-im when you say the name you are. so i say anontestpsi. so it's red. got it. ...
  77. anontestspsi i mean. anontestspsi.
  78. anontestspsi yeah. tha'ts it. all right. it isn't a filter or limit or something. good. because. i have enough of that stuff already. hah. ...
  79. anontestspsi yeah. that's it. all right. it isn't a filter or limit or something. good. because. i have enough of that stuff already. hah. ... *
  80. wurstsalat anontestspsi: you shouldn't send _private messages_ to everyone
  81. anontestspsi yeah. i know. that's why i did'nt do it.
  82. anontestspsi but i am tempted to message you now. to test it. but. erik already helped me. so it probably works. it'd be nice if someone messaged me. to confirm. i don't know.
  83. wurstsalat Well, we _are_ talking right
  84. anontestspsi right on.
  85. anontestspsi i mean i wanted to confirm if instant-messages worked or not; too, and stuff ...
  86. anontestspsi i mean if i coul receive it without initiating it. to verify. i don't know. ... since i was having so much trouble with gajim, and stuff ...
  87. anontestspsi could*
  88. anontestspsi i can't spell today.
  89. wurstsalat This is an anonymous chat. What you send to users is sent as a _Private Message_, not every client supports that. And people probably don't want to answer as well.
  90. anontestspsi ... oh. i see. why not?
  91. wurstsalat This chat here is for talking in this chat here, I guess
  92. anontestspsi ...oh...
  93. anontestspsi say wurstsaalat . can you try messaging me? so i can see if i can receive messages like that? initiated like that?
  94. anontestspsi you don't have to be intimidated by me. i know i am intimidating and scary sometimes. i actually consider myself pretty jolly. but whatever ...
  95. anontestspsi all right! it works!
  96. anontestspsi thank you!
  97. anontestspsi ... so. again. psi--im and psi-plus display what everyone is using and their role. gajim displays avatars. it'd be nice to have both. ...
  98. anontestspsi psi-im*
  99. anontestspsi ... judging by psi-im and psi-plus displaying what everyone is using; most are using for android-only; 2nd is hidden, 3rd is gaijim, 4th is mcabber, 5th is psi-plus -- me and 1 other user, 5th is psi-im; only used by myself. ...
  100. anontestspsi let's look into mcabber ...
  101. anontestspsi what?!! they don't have any windows-os support?!!
  102. anontestspsi ah well whatever ...
  103. wurstsalat Another point of this group chat is that there is asynchronous chat where everybody haa the chance to read up on questions to be able to answer them.
  104. wurstsalat Also helps the development process. One gets to know the common issues
  105. wurstsalat There it goes, PM stuff in Conversations
  106. anontestspsi ... yeah. i understand. ... i don't mind doing stuff in private either. ... also again i'm shy and don't wanna annoy everyone. hah ... it actually gets to the point where the chat can get angry at me; so i retreat to private messages; and stuff. hah. ...
  107. anontestspsi yeah. i understand. i understand.
  108. anontestspsi oh. you got my prviate-messages ... or 1:1 chat message in private ...
  109. anontestspsi you don't like private messages or 1:1 chats or whatever. do you, wurstalat?
  110. lovetox Only because i join a groupchat with 120 people does not mean i want to talk to everyone
  111. lovetox It would be better you get some friends, open your own groupchannel, and test all the things
  112. wurstsalat That's what I was explaining the last half hour, lovetox 🌚
  113. lovetox instead of forcing other people to be part of your test
  114. anontestspsi yeah. not at all. i never said that.
  115. anontestspsi well i have no friends so you'll have to do right now for this, and i'm experimenting with this right now and may not be ready for that, and i'm testing all the things right now with you ... that are relavant to this right now ...
  116. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *ecdf1526* < > Fix mypy error
  117. anontestspsi i know that. but there's nothing wrong with instant-messaging users and making friens or just talking that way, too ... i don't get it ...
  118. anontestspsi maybe i'm not forcing other people to be part of my test. maybe i'm asking them to help me. ...
  119. anontestspsi i needed help to test if gajim and psi-im worked and this is a chat channel for gajim that says "you are welcome to join and communicate with us". what do you expect me to do? ...
  120. anontestspsi ... ah well whatever ...
  121. anontestspsi i also like to private message in particular people and have conversations with them specifically because i get to know that person more that they may be shy in showing in public; as it were; alike me. ... i'd feel shy to share some information or stuff i was telling you just now; for example ... i would'nt tell everyone without knowing them. but i would like to get to know and know specific users points of views. ...
  122. lovetox its fine to write something in a groupchat
  123. lovetox its not fine to message people privately
  124. lovetox i think you see the difference
  125. anontestspsi oh all right
  126. anontestspsi why not?
  127. anontestspsi ... i don't understand ...
  128. anontestspsi is it a rule or something?
  129. anontestspsi ... that and chat can escalate out of control for me sometimes. so i don't mind talking with users personally about common interests or whatever. ...
  130. anontestspsi ...but whatever you wanna do is fine...
  131. lovetox i suggest if psi is working for you, just use psi
  132. anontestspsi yeah. i know that. thank you.
  133. anontestspsi i would still like to get to the bottom of getting gajim to work anyway. as a side thing. but. yeah. thank you for the advice. ...
  134. anontestspsi again i already did my tests and got everything working. ... i'm just saying. ...
  135. anontestspsi ... and stuff ...
  136. lovetox your screenshot also doesnt look like windows 7
  137. lovetox do you have some classic theme installed?
  138. anontestspsi it does'nt? it's windows classic theme.
  139. anontestspsi no. windows classic theme comes with windows 7 by default. i just use it.
  140. lovetox k
  141. anontestspsi k
  142. lovetox debug logs of gajim can be found in your UserData/debug folder
  143. anontestspsi thank you. i'll look into that right now ...
  144. anontestspsi ... there's nothing in "UserData/Debug" folder. ... i have "gajim->preferences->advanced->miscellaneous ticked". ... so in gajim chat does'nt work, messages don't work, and debug does'nt work.
  145. anontestspsi i don't know what gajim's doing, other than that it doesn't like me.
  146. lovetox file is maybe only written after restart
  147. anontestspsi ... oh. lovetox is a mod. i didn't know that. ... yeah. i restarted it before. it wasn't working. i'll try again. thank you. ... hold on ...
  148. anontestspsi i tried restarting. i don't see anything in the "UserData/Debug" folder. ... gajim is still broken, too. but again it does say "You joined the channel" or whatever. that's the message that shows up in gajim; for group chat.
  149. anontestspsi ... looking at what the gajim users are using here. ... oh. shoot. lovetox is using windows 7 right now. i guess they're trying to get to the bottom of it too. i'm guessing it's working for them in windows 7. ...
  150. erik Then what's not writing?
  151. anontestspsi oh. everything besides "You joined the channel".
  152. lovetox why do you think its broken if it tells you you joined the channel?
  153. anontestspsi like i see "You joined the channel" over and over; but nothing else.
  154. lovetox are you using the portable?
  155. anontestspsi i don't think it's broken; i see that it's apparently broken; it only tells me i joined the channel; it doesn't give any other messages ...
  156. anontestspsi yeah. i'm using the portable.
  157. anontestspsi i'm using the latest portable.
  158. anontestspsi i was using the old 1 at 1st. but i wanted to at least get the newest portable to work 1st.
  159. lovetox and how do you start the application?
  160. anontestspsi i go to the folder with gajim-portable and gajim-portable-debug in it and double-click gajim-portable to open and run it.
  161. lovetox ok good
  162. anontestspsi yeah
  163. lovetox and you did not install over your ancient old gajim version?
  164. lovetox you installed this into a new folder
  165. anontestspsi no.
  166. anontestspsi this is a separate version fresh-install from my ancient old gaijim version.
  167. anontestspsi gajim version.
  168. anontestsgajim ‎[09:02:16] ‎You (anontestsgajim) joined the room ‎[09:02:21] ‎You (anontestsgajim) joined the room
  169. anontestspsi see. i sent that on there. but. i'm not seeing my own message.
  170. anontestspsi the only message i'm getting are what i posted. sometimes it appears multiple times. but nothing else.
  171. lovetox do you have any plugins downloaded?
  172. anontestspsi but. it's working in psi-im and psi-plus.
  173. anontestspsi no.
  174. lovetox then disable the debug logging, and start gajim with the Gajim-Portable-Debug link
  175. lovetox then write a message here and see if there are any errors in the console
  176. anontestspsi all right
  177. anontestspsi hold on
  178. anontestsgajim test
  179. anontestspsi going to gajim, preferences, advanced, enable debugging, disable ...
  180. anontestspsi hey!! something's happening!! gajim-portable-debug is displaying stuff!! progress!! something!! yay!! woo. ...
  181. anontestsgajim test
  182. lovetox yeah and what?
  183. anontestspsi ... i'm not seeing any obvious errors. ? but i would'nt know. ...
  184. lovetox hm, yeah last chance is then to try the install version not the protable
  185. lovetox if this also doesnt work and you are not able to get debug logs
  186. lovetox then nothing we can do about it
  187. anontestspsi sorry about that. i was trying to get a pastebin account approved. they would'nt send the confirmation e-mail. only an e-mail making me "offers". so i messaged the admin. no reply. so i'm using an old 1. ...
  188. anontestspsi is that so ...
  189. anontestspsi maybe i am ...
  190. anontestspsi ...oh...yeah...sure...i understand...welp...oh well...well...
  191. anontestspsi
  192. anontestspsi pastebin logs.
  193. anontestspsi i had an initial pastebin test account in case something like this would happen.
  194. anontestspsi and. i'm. not making this up. in case you think this is some kind of joke or prank. or something. ...
  195. anontestspsi there's the debug ...
  196. anontestspsi i hope this helps ...
  197. lovetox no nothin in there that would cause that problem
  198. anontestspsi oh. i see.
  199. anontestspsi ... i'm gonna try some things ...
  200. anontestspsi ... i'll still be here and listening to suggestions and doing whatever you want but i'm just gonna try some things at the same time, and stuff...
  201. anontestsgajim .
  202. anontestspsi .
  203. anontestspsi just doing some tests. don't mind me. ...
  204. anontestsgajim .
  205. anontestspsi .
  206. anontestsgajim .
  207. anontestspsi .
  208. anontestspsi ... to be honest. i'm thinking maybe my disk-drives are messed up. i may have been having a little bit of problems with that. i think. ... i think psi-im and psi-plus aren't as dependent on it; but gajim is. ... i think if i replace my disk-drives or backup, reformat, re-install, use a different computer, or fix my computer in some other way. it may work ...
  209. anontestspsi ... oh. i have a 2nd computer i use as a 2nd computer that i can use to test gajim in. i could try that, i guess ...
  210. anontestspsi ... well. this is strange. i thought if i switched to my 2nd computer that it would work. but. i'm getting the same issue. ... it's weird how this seems to work for no reason. ...
  211. anontestspsi hey. lovetox. did it work on windows 7 for you?
  212. anontestspsi ... ahh, they hung up ...
  213. anontestspsi shoot. i'm really stunned. ... i guess gajim portable just doesn't work for windows 7. i don't know. ... i guess i'll just use psi-im andor psi-plus right now, i guess...
  214. anontestspsi well... thanks anyway...
  215. anontestspsi
  216. anontestspsi ugh... they gave me a pastebin... automatically converted my post to a pastebin post... man that's rough ... ... wonder what amount of characters triggers that ...
  217. anontestspsi update. gajim-portable on windows 7 physical machine for me isn't displaying group-chat messages from or "1-1-group-chat-messages" from messaging on gajim for example ; but it is displaying direct-instant messages alike to ...
  218. anontestspsi so that's working apparently. which is nice. ... so i think the problem is just gajim-portable on windows 7 having issues displaying most any-kind-of group-chat messages; apparently. ... yeah...that's it. ...
  219. anontestspsi anyway. again. hope this helps. thanks.
  220. bot Daniel Brötzmann closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9673: < gajim group-chat room channel and instant-messages not working on windows 7; apparently. >
  221. anontestspsi ... okay...
  222. anontestspsi i don't mind focusing on this. i'm not in a huge rush to get psi-im to work right away. and i wanna exhaust my efforts here more before stopping. ... that and it could help others having similar issues. ... and i think that's pretty important. ...
  223. anontestspsi i also don't mind private messages. if anyone wants to private messages me.
  224. anontestspsi you can talk about whatever. hah. ... anyway. ...
  225. anontestspsi i'm getting sorta tired so i guess i'm turning in for the night. goodnight ...
  226. bot Daniel Brötzmann closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8046: < Replace button View cert... by expand/collapse >
  227. wurstsalat I wanted to replace the symbol for encrytion status by a symbolic one, but I'm not sure whether to add color or not..
  228. wurstsalat
  229. wurstsalat is it necessary to have two symbols for encryption? could these to be combined to one?
  230. bot Daniel Brötzmann proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Display file name and transfer speed in HTTP File Upload Progress dialog
  231. bot Daniel Brötzmann updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Display file name and transfer speed in HTTP File Upload Progress dialog
  232. lovetox wurstsalat, black icon is enough
  233. lovetox its only shown if encryption is activated anyway
  234. lovetox asterix, my server cant connect to the muc, neither do i see you online
  235. lovetox asterix could you check there should be some s2s:close command on prosody
  236. lovetox and close all connections to my domain?
  237. asterix lovetox, I just fixed ipv6, is it better?
  238. lovetox yes works
  239. lovetox what was the problem?
  240. asterix lovetox, IPv6 was down
  241. erik ah! that explains why I couldn't get in either.
  242. erik I must be on IPv6
  243. erik quick question: is there a way to have the indenting of overly long messages align with the start of the text after the timestamp?
  244. lovetox no not currently
  245. lovetox we save that for when we redesign the chat
  246. gtalk-user Hello
  247. gtalk-user Anyone here use gajim to connect to gtalk?
  248. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _python-nbxmpp_ < >: *d343e2be* < > Add PGP Legacy (XEP-0027) module *9dc56a27* < > Fix wrong enum attr
  249. lovetox no
  250. lovetox gtalk-user, Google dropped support for XMPP federation in May 2014
  251. erik lovetox, that's something far more complex than I'd like to take on, I presume?
  252. lovetox yes its not easy, also wasted as i want to switch away from the textview soon
  253. lovetox exactly to make stuff like that easier
  254. wurstsalat erik: there is a list of features waiting for that conversation redesign here
  255. wurstsalat And indentation is mentioned there
  256. erik wow. that's quite a list.
  257. erik does all of that need to be done at once?
  258. erik or is there any precondition that needs to be fulfilled before you can start with that work?
  259. erik or ... can people cherry-pick from that list?
  260. lovetox frist we have to move away from the textview widget to a listbox
  261. lovetox then one can start and adding one by one these things
  262. erik ok. so you're not thinking of doing your own canvas?
  263. SouL >frist we have to move away from the textview widget to a listbox My dream becoming true!
  264. gtalk-user If someone tested gtalk with gajim, please contact me.
  265. erik gtalk-user, that was dropped by Google in May 2014
  266. erik gtalk-user, as lovetox said above.
  267. a lovetox: do you think it's possible to interpret as a registration form validation error and let the user modify form data (possibly taking into account the changed form fields) and resubmit?
  268. gtalk-user I can still use gtalk with pidgin to talk to other gtalk members. So maybe it's not connected with other networks, but it still works.
  269. lovetox a, yes we could add something like that, but only in the next major version, which will take time
  270. lovetox or you try yourself to add it to the 1.1 branch
  271. lovetox the codebase regarding ibr is a bit old though
  272. wurstsalat > My dream becoming true! Yes!
  273. a i'd be up for that, just wanted to check if that'd be welcome
  274. syn lovetox: what about the changes in form fields? I've heard an opinion recently that the original registration fields are there only as a reference to what caused the error
  275. syn do you think server sending back a changed form is valid in this xep?
  276. lovetox i dont think the XEP was made for that, but i also dont see why the client would care if the same form comes back or another
  277. lovetox so yeah this is a workaround, you probably will have to ask all client developers to add this workaround
  278. lovetox point is we currently have no legal way to do multistep registration
  279. lovetox and your solution seems like a fine workaround that does not cause many troubles
  280. syn ok, thanks for the feedback
  281. bot Seve Ferrer updated a merge request for _gajim-plugins/gajim_1.1_ < >: Spoilers plugin
  282. bot Danila Mikheev created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9674: < Error messages when switching between chats on Linux >
  283. bot Seve Ferrer updated a merge request for _gajim-plugins/gajim_1.1_ < >: Spoilers plugin
  284. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *3312ca6c* < > Add plugin extension point "send-presence" This lets plugins modify the presence
  285. bot Philipp Hörist updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Display file name and transfer speed in HTTP File Upload Progress dialog
  286. bot Philipp Hörist updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Display file name and transfer speed in HTTP File Upload Progress dialog
  287. bot Daniel Brötzmann closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9661: < [HTTP Upload] display filename, upload speed and ETA >
  288. bot Philipp Hörist merged a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Display file name and transfer speed in HTTP File Upload Progress dialog
  289. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *b32b0f44* < > HTTPUpload: Display filename and transfer speed Fixes #9661
  290. bot Danila Mikheev closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9674: < Error messages when switching between chats on Linux >
  291. anontestspsi @wurstsalat . i may not be entirely sure what you mean. but if they can be combined into 1; then go for it. just make the encryption status symbol different; based on what's going on. you can also change the symbol and the color; so users are more ... intuitively ... aware of what's going on. ... i don't know. ... but whatever you wanna do is fine ...
  292. anontestspsi just testing. don't mind me.
  293. anontestsgajim .
  294. anontestspsi lovetox. gajim was working on your windows 7 virtual machine? what do you think is causing this to happen?
  295. lovetox i dont use virutal machines
  296. lovetox and yes its working on my windows 7, i have no idea what could cause your problems, as you also dont see log files, maybe gajim has no access to your harddrive
  297. anontestspsi oh. nevermind. it was working on your windows 7 machine then? but not mine? what do you think is causing this to happen?
  298. lovetox that would cause all kinds of problems
  299. anontestspsi oh. i see. strange ... yeah ... i used 2 different machines ... yeah ... yeah i was thinking that too. ... i had my 2nd machine on for a long itme ... i suppose it's possible that there's a problem with both.
  300. anontestspsi yeah. maybe you're right. ... i'm gonna try to restart my 2nd and maybe my 1st machine now ...
  301. anontestsgajim .
  302. anontestsgajim .
  303. anontestsgajim .
  304. lovetox anontest can you do your tests in another channel please?
  305. lovetox just create a groupchat just for you :)
  306. anontests .
  307. anontestsgajim test
  308. fuesschen anontestsgajim, can you just pleas stop testing in this muc?
  309. fuesschen anontestsgajim, can you just please stop testing in this muc?
  310. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *53880edd* < > Add delay execution decorator
  311. marmistrz lovetox: a long time ago you said that displaying trust the way we currently display encryption needed some changes in the OMEMO plugin. Are they finished?
  312. lovetox yeah i think so
  313. anontestspsi lovetox. sorry. did'nt see your message. sorry.
  314. anontestspsi i'm not sure how to do that but thank you. :) :3
  315. anontestspsi fuesschen, sorry. i did'nt see your message. sorry.
  316. anontestspsi all right i'll do that i guess.
  317. anontestspsi i'm sorry ...
  318. anontestspsi also.
  319. anontestspsi >You have exceeded the maximum paste size of 512 kilobytes per paste. PRO users don't have this limit!
  320. anontestspsi what should i use besides pastebin?
  321. anontestspsi ... also. i was expecting to fix this a lot faster. haha. ... :P
  322. lovetox
  323. anontestspsi ah. thank you.
  324. marmistrz ok, so I'll ping you when I get down to implementing that. Recently I revisited !366 and I have no idea how to fix it. AFAIU it should work.
  325. lovetox implementing what?
  326. marmistrz Indication of trust the way we currently indicate encryption
  327. lovetox its already done
  328. marmistrz oh
  329. marmistrz : D
  330. anontestspsi wait. by not testing in here. do you mean don't send any messages in here? or do you mean stop joining and leaving? or what?
  331. lovetox stop sending "." messages
  332. anontestspsi ah. i understand. thank you.
  333. lovetox you can join and leave as much as you want
  334. anontestspsi ah. i see. thanks ...
  335. anontestspsi
  336. anontestspsi gosh ...
  337. anontestspsi i'm not sure how to make a group-chat. or if that even works on my apparently not-working-properly-on-my-machine gajim programs. ... i attempted to join ""; the group-chat showed up as a blank window or tab; no user-names or messages. i attempted to join again;
  338. anontestspsi but then the window or tab would'nt appear at all. i attempted to join "tests@conference.gajim"; still no user-names or messages. if i exit and attempt to join again then it'll probably not show up as a new tab at all again.
  339. anontestspsi i can't find an obvious way to search for or list channels or group-chats on a server on psi-im or psi-plus. but i can on gajim. which is nice.
  340. anontestspsi i'll just join "", i guess ... the only other option is "". ... and test there, and stuff...
  341. anontestspsi oh. psi-im has separate group-chat windows instead of tabs. but psi-plus and gajim have tabs; which is nice; i guess ... ^^
  342. lovetox you cant create groupchats on the gajim server
  343. lovetox use the server where you made your account
  344. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ < >: *466a4e91* < > [pgp] Move all Gajim PGP code into plugin
  345. bot ehm8? created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9675: < Bug that popped up out of no where >
  346. anontestspsi oh. i see. i wonder why. ...
  347. anontestspsi (Disconnected: closed): Disconnected: close ? i'm disconnected and closed. ... what ...
  348. anontestspsi well. i seem to not be disconnected anymore. so i'll just proceed again. ...
  349. anontestspsi oh. i see. i wonder why. ...
  350. anontestspsi well. on group-chat-server "" there is the group-chat "test" and "golos" that no 1 seems to be using. hope you don't mind me using "test" too. which i am using now. ... i'm also attempting and testing to use "". and the messages are actually displaying?!! that's different than what i've been getting on . this is really interesting ... i wonder what's causing this to happen ...
  351. anontestspsi i also got the debug log thing to work apparently under "C:\Users\USER\Gajim\UserData\Debug". i also have a debug log from before. not sure why it only appeared there and not elsewhere. ... i've been saving my portable version and moving them in-between different directoires before then. ... maybe it does'nt like that and that has something to do with it; instead of installing to a directory without renaming it or moving it, and stuff...
  352. anontestspsi also pastebin is dumb because they have a 512K limit. i guess gajim paste is all right. but i just want to have an account so i can potentially keep my pastes up forever, delete them or not delete them, and basically really moderate them; as it were. so. i looked up alternatives and decided to use . it seems to be the best alternative. for me. so. ...
  353. anontestspsi also i'm not sure whether or not to "encrypt" this text paste as an option. or "convert line endings". no encryption and convert line endings by default. but. ...
  354. anontestspsi oh. nevermind. has a limit too; but it doens't say what that limit is. ...
  355. anontestspsi i guess i'll have to use github gist. tho i really wanted to avoid using github. i feel it's too formal and there's over-reliance and i wanted something more casual. but cant' find any right now. so. github gist it is. i guess...
  356. anontestspsi C:\Users\USER\Gajim\UserData\Debug\2019-04-13-debug.log
  357. anontestspsi C:\Users\USER\Gajim\UserData\Debug\2019-04-14-debug.log
  358. anontestspsi debug logs!! 8D
  359. anontestspsi i made some new posts here. gajim group-chat room channel and instant-messages not working on windows 7; apparently. (#9673) · Issues · gajim / gajim · GitLab . -- sorry about the stream of consciousness talk. i'm working on it.
  360. anontestspsi and i installed gajim 1.1.2 non-portable 32-bit locally on windows 7 64 bit and got it debug logging working; too. here are the logs. C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Gajim\Debug\2019-04-14-debug.log
  361. anontestspsi also again keep in mind again that i am apparently getting group-chat to work on group-chat-servers such as ""; apparently. i just can't get group-chat to work on "" in the group-chat "gajim", "test", or "golos". apparently. ... that's what i'm seeing now, anyway ...
  362. anontestspsi and again obviously only in gajim on my machine in windows 7; psi-im etc. works; again.
  363. anontestspsi hope this helps.