Gajim - 2019-04-04

  1. bot Daniel Brötzmann proposed a new merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Rework InvitationReceivedDialog
  2. wurstsalat lovetox, asterix:
  3. wurstsalat is it possible to view a vCard of a not yet added contact ?
  4. lovetox thanks wurstsalat
  5. lovetox yes, start a chat with a new jid
  6. lovetox click the information button in the chatwindow
  7. lovetox But yes info button in the add contact dialog seems useful
  8. wurstsalat thanks!
  9. wurstsalat just rebased the new-contact-info branch from sophie-h
  10. wurstsalat successfully as it seems
  11. Link Mauve fm, (not a remark or anything, I just want to understand your reasonment) when you noticed a message of yours got put in mod_pastebin, why did you post it again in smaller chunks to avoid it?
  12. juliathomas hi, I was here ~yesterday with some questions but have logged out inbetween. so now I can't see the history of what as been said inbetween. did someone answerd my questions? If so, can someone copypaste this for me? :-)
  13. wurstsalat juliathomas, check here
  14. juliathomas thx @wurstsalat
  15. juliathomas I'm using Gajim 0.16.6
  16. fuesschen juliathomas, then its time for an update!
  17. juliathomas question I had was regarding sending files via gajim in a secure manner. can I force file sending to encrypt over OMEMO?
  18. juliathomas oooh, I see Gajim is at 1.1.2
  19. juliathomas I just installed it through the debian synaptic. :-(
  20. juliathomas ok, I'll do an update. cu you later.
  21. juliathomas (if someone has the knowledge/resources, it be great to have Gajim in the debian repo that is not complitly out of date. this might also help to add gajim into tails rather then pidgin. ...there where a couple of discussions about that...)
  22. wurstsalat debacle^ (but I think it's rather recent ;) )
  23. wurstsalat debacle ^
  24. MattJ juliathomas, the way Debian works, it will be 1.1.2 in the next Debian release, see:
  25. MattJ Debian doesn't generally update packages within a given Debian release, except for serious problems
  26. lovetox juliathomas Gajim 1.1.2 is in the debian repo
  27. lovetox look up how to access the backports repo
  28. debacle MattJ, juliathomas there are official Gajim backports for Debian stretch, so you can easily get the latest version, as lovetox said correctly
  29. lovetox debacle is freeze already over for next debian version?
  30. lovetox i wanted to add 1.1.3 soon
  31. juliathomas ah ok thx. (still would be great if that would be accesable via synaptic, but I guess that's rather a debian thing then a gajim thing)
  32. lovetox juliathomas synaptic is just the GUI? you can always add the debian backports repo, then you can access it via synaptic
  33. juliathomas yes it's just the GUI. Thought yes I can other repos, but it won't be stored since I'm using tails. I could somehow make this persistance over the "dot files", but I haven't figured that out to use them correctly
  34. juliathomas *can add other
  35. lovetox not much we can do about debian stable repo sadly, as it says its meant to be stable
  36. juliathomas in the under "Installation Procedure" under Packages, "Debian" is linked to an dead page.
  37. lovetox Thanks
  38. Norst Hi, is embedded IPython supposed to work on Windows (MSYS2)? Does anybody use/test it? I have tried and got error.
  39. juliathomas the installation process for debian that is to by find here: seems to be missing a sudo at | apt-key add - thought it shall be: | sudo apt-key add - (but I'm not shure)
  40. lovetox Norst what error
  41. lovetox and how do you try to use it
  42. lovetox are you running gajim from source or the installed version?
  43. Norst
  44. Norst from source
  45. Norst I got this error after executing -i
  46. lovetox dont have access to the pastebin url, i look at it later
  47. juliathomas when following the instructions for installing gajim under debian from here: I resieve the following error when: sudo apt-get update: E: The method driver /usr/lib/apt/methods/https could not be found. N: Is the package apt-transport-https installed? E: Failed to fetch E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.
  48. juliathomas here's the gajim instruction I'm speaking about:
  49. juliathomas for the last step I resieve: amnesia@amnesia:~$ sudo apt-get install gajim-nightly [sudo] password for amnesia: Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done E: Unable to locate package gajim-nightly
  50. wurstsalat Norst, I had this as well recently (Linux).. couldn't figure out why though
  51. lovetox juliathomas download the deb
  52. lovetox or use this
  53. Norst wurstsalat‎, well, so not a Windows-specific
  54. juliathomas sry I install so rarly something that I always need a full explaination of what my stepts are to do so, acept when it via GUI or just sudo apt-get. (I'm not sayn this so that you should give me an explaination, it's rather that it be nice to have this available as an easy to follow installation guide at the gajim webpage.)
  55. juliathomas (an how to use gajim under tails, since there where already a couple of discussions about adding gajim at tails, would be also nice to have at the gajim webpage. Since I'm obviously lacking knowledge I do not feel comfortable of writing this by myself)
  56. juliathomas (I have downloaded gajim1.1.2.tar.bz2 from the source that was suggested on the webpage here: . how to install this now, I simply don't know :-(
  57. Norst Well, I figured out the cause of the problem:
  58. wurstsalat Norst, nice!
  59. Norst seems like Ipython 7 introduce backward-incompatible changes
  60. Norst naive fix (remove `self.IP.prompts` arg) didn't work (raise another exception)
  61. wurstsalat would be nice to have this feature again.. helped me already a lot
  62. fm Link Mauve: mainly because I wanted to talk to lovetox directly and didn't know if he would notice when mentioned in pastebin.
  63. fm Personally, I actually don't see any benefit in redirecting "normal" messages to a pastebin. I do see benefit for that when people send debug messages or so, but for normal chat?
  64. fm Why did mod_pastebin trigger anyway? Such low line threshold?
  65. fm Iirc it was no more than 3 lines or so I send at once
  66. bot norstbox created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9652: < Embedded IPython interactive shell failed to start >
  67. juliathomas test
  68. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9652: < Embedded IPython interactive shell failed to start >
  69. juliathomas I'm still tryn to install Gajim, but been failing since a while. I''ve wrote down here my issue:
  70. jjrh my suggestion is use pyenv then pip install all the dependencies, git clone nbxmpp, gajim and gajim plugins
  71. jjrh either that or use the ppa
  72. juliathomas thx @jjrh for responding. but it is unfortunatly not helping me. the discription form the secound link does not work, and the first just comes with the same issues because I raised the question. here's what my issue is:
  73. juliathomas :(((
  74. jjrh By the looks of it you need apt-transport-https
  75. jjrh sudo apt-get install apt-transport-https
  76. lovetox i dont understand why you not just add the debian backports repo
  77. lovetox to apt
  78. debacle It is as easy as: $ echo deb stretch-backports main \ | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/stretch-backports.list $ sudo apt update $ sudo apt install -t stretch-backports gajim DONE
  79. debacle (well, I used https in the example, but you can use http as well.)
  80. juliathomas thx you all for the pasion with me :-p. adding stretch-backports with the code you shared is producing the following error for me: All packages are up to date. W: Failed to fetch Could not resolve host: W: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.
  81. lovetox but resolves fine
  82. lovetox just type it into your browser
  83. lovetox i guess this is a problem with tails and its dns resolver
  84. lovetox
  85. lovetox read this
  86. lovetox that may help it probably has to do that your proxy cant resolve srv records
  87. debacle juliathomas, lovetox, yes, seems to be a DNS problem.
  88. debacle can you "$ ping"?
  89. juliathomas no I can't. it says unreachable. hmmm, maybe I must do it with an onion adress.
  90. juliathomas the other updates are done by usage of tor adresses. like: Ign:3 tor+http://vwakviie2ienjx6t.onion/debian stretch InRelease hmmm. does anyone by chance know the onion adress of stretch-backports?
  91. debacle juliathomas, I assume, that it is the same!
  92. debacle because stretch-backports are on the same server(s) anyway
  93. juliathomas yes it's the same. just for the record, that's the onion url for stretch-backports: http://vwakviie2ienjx6t.onion/debian/dists/stretch-backports/
  94. debacle nice!
  95. Norst is there a way to show/log contact's online/offline changes (events) in chatview? I really like this behavior in Psi+
  96. Norst i mean contact sign-in/sign-out. There is relative option, but it produce only short-lived balloon notify
  97. lovetox Norst, advanced config editor
  98. lovetox print_status_in_chats
  99. juliathomas aaarg, now I'm resieving after I have added strech-backports as a repository the following when doing sudo apt-get update : "The repository 'tor+http://vwakviie2ienjx6t.onion/debian/dists/stretch-backports main Release' does not have a Release file." I don't understand how this makes anysense.
  100. juliathomas @debacle
  101. juliathomas debacle
  102. debacle juliathomas, what's in your /etc/apt/sources.list.d/stretch-backports.list?
  103. debacle should be: $ cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/stretch-backports.list deb tor+http://vwakviie2ienjx6t.onion/debian stretch-backports main
  104. juliathomas @debacle: it is following the same pattern as the other repository, that is: deb tor+http://vwakviie2ienjx6t.onion/debian/dists/stretch-backports main contrib
  105. debacle please try the above, it works for me, juliathomas
  106. debacle that is: deb tor+http://vwakviie2ienjx6t.onion/debian stretch-backports main
  107. Eduard > @debacle: it is following the same pattern as the other repository, that is: deb tor+http://vwakviie2ienjx6t.onion/debian/dists/stretch-backports main contrib There's a / more
  108. juliathomas debacle: also this is reproducing the same error. "deb tor+http://vwakviie2ienjx6t.onion/debian stretch-backports main
  109. juliathomas ups wrong copy paste
  110. juliathomas : The repository 'tor+http://vwakviie2ienjx6t.onion/debian/dists stretch-backports Release' does not have a Release file. N: Data from such a repository can't be authenticated and is therefore potentially dangerous to use. N: See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details.
  111. juliathomas W: Failed to fetch Could not resolve host: E: Failed to fetch tor+http://vwakviie2ienjx6t.onion/debian/dists/dists/stretch-backports/main/binary-amd64/Packages 404 Not Found
  112. debacle well, this works just fine for me: deb tor+http://vwakviie2ienjx6t.onion/debian stretch-backports main
  113. debacle I believe you copied it wrong an therefore get the wrong path with "dists/dists/" which is just not correct. Please just copy the line as is :-)
  114. debacle I did not install from there, however, only did the "apt update" and up to that point it works for me.
  115. juliathomas hmmm, I have copy pasted now this line. It reproduces however the same issue :-( Are you testing it with debian or under tails debacle?
  116. juliathomas cd
  117. debacle debian
  118. debacle I wonder where the double "dists" come from. Maybe you can ask in about it.
  119. juliathomas thx for your support sofar debacle. I gonna ask in there. Once I have found out what the issue was I will report back.