Gajim - 2019-03-18

  1. bot André created an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #401: < Remove wicd plugin or update it to work with gajim master >
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  3. spicewiesel did everyone hear about Gajim crashing when chatting with Pidgin on the other end? I have not yet got any details but heard it from some colleagues now
  4. lovetox yes, it has to do with xhtml
  5. lovetox you can disable it in preferences in gajim
  6. spicewiesel ah okay
  7. lovetox its already fixed, i have to look up the version
  8. spicewiesel cool, thank you
  9. lovetox yes its in Gajim 1.1.1+ spicewiesel
  10. spicewiesel okay, that's fine. I can tell them to A) disable xhtml or B) update, thank you
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  12. wurstsalat asterix, have you thought about my website proposal? I'm back home now, willing to spend time ;)
  13. hannibal wurstsalat: gitlab pages contains a Jekyll template to generate static websites from CI, maybe it helps
  14. wurstsalat yeah, that looks helpful indeed. I'll add that to the issue, thank you :)
  15. lovetox is gitlab pages not a feature of the paid version?
  16. lovetox no its in the free version as it seems
  17. Eduard lovetox: isnt
  18. asterix The problem is the jekyll installation depends on many things that are not already unstalled. Poor server do already many things
  19. ta What about hugo?
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  21. jonas.baumgardt A few days ago I asked how to move the OMEMO-keys and the histories to another linux computer. A user replied that you have to copy the folders ~/.config/gajim and ~/.local/share/gajim to the other computer. I did that and now Gajim doesn't start anymore. I also tried to start it in the terminal, but it didn't work either. I will send a photo from the terminal output.
  22. jonas.baumgardt
  23. lovetox yeah there seems to be permission errors
  24. lovetox seems gajim has no permission to write to your home dir
  25. lovetox this is uncatched error and afterwards everything else fails
  26. maltel probably the folder ~/.config/gajim/ that you copied ended up being owned by another user than the user you run gajim as
  27. lovetox or the folders you copied have another permission from your old machine
  28. lovetox yeah this should be solved if you change the owner of the folder you copied to the user you execute gajim with
  29. jonas.baumgardt maltel: Should I first do c"hmod a+rwx /path/to/file"?
  30. jonas.baumgardt maltel: Should I first do "chmod a+rwx /path/to/file"?
  31. lovetox you should pass -R
  32. lovetox which will recursive change all files in the folder
  33. maltel I would recommend using chown
  34. lovetox Dont change only the file mentioned in the console
  35. lovetox all files need to be accessed by gajim
  36. maltel chown --recursive nutzer:nutzer ~/.config/gajim or something like that
  37. maltel this should change ownership to your user (I assume it is called "nutzer" from your home directory) and group. using "chmod a+rwx" gives all users read and write access to the file(s) instead
  38. jonas.baumgardt maltel: Okay, I'm going to do that tomorrow because I don't have time at the moment. Thank you for your quick replies!
  39. amuza Hello, just downloaded gajim-1.1.2.tar.bz2 for GNU+Linux but cannot fin its signature
  40. amuza Are gajim packages signed?
  41. lovetox no i dont think so
  42. amuza I downloaded the key for (9530 6A3F 5430 B830 FE23 ACEF 838B C515 1E55 26DE) but cannot find the signature of the Gajim 1.1.2 built I downloaded
  43. lovetox maybe they are if you use the repo
  44. lovetox our debian repo
  45. amuza I tried to connect to it, but could not make it
  46. lovetox but you download this from our server
  47. amuza I use Trisquel 8
  48. amuza Yes, I guess I downloaded it from your server
  49. amuza Is there any reason why they are not PGP-signed?
  50. amuza Maybe the devs don't find it is worth it?
  51. lovetox maybe asterix can answer that
  52. amuza @asterix hello
  53. amuza Thank you lovetox
  54. amuza And anyone here could let me know their opinion on Matrix ?
  55. lovetox If you are not looking for the answer to a specific question, i would suggest try it out and form your own opinion
  56. amuza Yeap, that was a too vague question... forget it
  57. bot amuza created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9627: < PGP-signing packages >
  58. amuza Hi again. Once the tar.bz2 package is decompressed, I get a directory with files and subdirectories. How do I install Gajim?
  59. lovetox isnt there a README file in there?
  60. amuza No, there isn't
  61. lovetox indeed there isnt
  62. amuza I'm giving up, I'm getting too many errors, I will stick to my old version of Gajim. Thank you.
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