Gajim - 2019-03-13

  1. dark hello
  2. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #398: < [urlimagepreview] no preview in Gajim with urlimagepreviewplugin with or without Omemo Plugin >
  3. Mikaela- Is it possible to suppress all errors telling that I cannot join MUC due to remote-server-not-found or %s or whatever, or error about them in the tabs instead of requiring xkill after returning from hibernation due to too many errors that repeat themselves?
  4. Mikaela-
  5. lovetox Mikaela- seems like multiple bugs too me
  6. lovetox there should never be a %s
  7. lovetox and we should investigate why you cant join a muc after hibernate
  8. lovetox maybe you can add a issue and supply logs after coming from hibernation
  9. mikaela %s is from Bifröst, I will need to find where logs of the issue are stored
  10. mikaela Is there a log somewhere or will I have to try my luck with xsession-errors or restore from hibernate to run it in terminal to hibernate again?
  11. lovetox mikaela, just start gajim next time with -v > log.txt or something and reroute everything to a log
  12. lovetox then when the error happens, stop gajim and cut the log to the last minute or so
  13. lovetox im assuming you are using linux here
  14. lovetox if you use gajim 1.1.2 there is also a option in preference -> advanced where you can enabled debug logging
  15. lovetox but you have to restart gajim afterwards, and logs are in /.local/share/gajim/debug
  16. lovetox but im not sure maybe i activated that option only on windows
  17. mikaela lovetox: thanks, I am on Debian Testing and using flatpak.
  18. C-Keen Hm, yesterday I could exchange OMEMO messages between me and my peer. Nothing has changed on the config. Today, we don't see each others messages. I only get the 'This message was encrypted with OMEMO and could not be decrypted.' message and I don't see my own messages appear in the chat window. Any idea on how to debug this?
  19. C-Keen both are running gajim 1.1.2 and omemo plugin 2.6.27
  20. C-Keen nvm, I have been the cause of the error
  21. mikaela C-Keen, How did you become the cause of the error? I always wish to know the solution in addition to the problem
  22. C-Keen mikaela, yeah sorry. I did a system upgrade and it has replaced the lib under my feet, so omemo would stop working as a strace has revealed, so I restarted the client and voilá it works again. Magic
  23. mikaela 👍️
  24. C-Keen 🦄
  25. Mikaela- everything went to stderr or something and not to the log, now I am running `flatpak run org.gajim.Gajim -v > Gajim.log 2>&1` which seems to work, I don't know if that is Gajim or flatpak feature. I am not seeing a debug log setting and am hibernating now as I am missed to a walk.
  26. lovetox thats basic rerouting of console output
  27. lovetox you can do this with all applications
  28. mikaela > mikaela, just start gajim next time with -v > log.txt or something and reroute everything to a log I mean this results empty file
  29. uplink I have a Problem with Gajim giving me in debig console: "(E) gajim.plugin_system.omemo: <server> => Publishing bundle was NOT successful (E) nbxmpp.dispatcher_nb: Invalid XML received from server. Forcing disconnect." and leading to constant reconnects. The XML console does not contain a Bundle-Publish-Request
  30. uplink Other XMPP-client on the same machine work without problems (Pidgin)
  31. Mikaela- - the last 200 lines of that Gajim.log, I cannot see anything related to infinite %s messages other than in the end the result of xkill:ing it to get out. CC: Half-Shot in case it contains anything useful towards
  32. lovetox uplink start gajim with -v
  33. lovetox and post the output
  34. lovetox Mikaela-, so one error beeing of
  35. lovetox server seems down, maybe disable autojoin?
  36. Mikaela- yes, just one, I will
  37. lovetox and while this log was recorded you got a error loop?
  38. Mikaela- yes
  39. Mikaela- or I am not sure, it's probably possible that it opened dozens of errors before the end of the log or xkill
  40. lovetox i dont think the xkill can cause dialogs
  41. lovetox but i think i discovered something
  42. lovetox but its a matrix bridge bug
  43. lovetox it sends a invalid iq error
  44. lovetox thats why we cant parse the error message
  45. lovetox and it shows %s
  46. lovetox i opened a bug report at bitfrost
  47. lovetox but this does not really solve the infinite error dialog problem
  48. Mikaela- > <> i dont think the xkill can cause dialogs I use xkill to end the dialogs
  49. Mikaela- > <> i opened a bug report at bitfrost Thanks :)
  50. Mikaela- Could Gajim tell what MUC causes the error? Like in case of server-not-found in terminal I see that the problem is with, but I don't think the pop-up said that I am attempting to join or whatever it was. And offer to not tell me again or hint that I could manage bookmarks and possibly have a link to open it quickly?
  51. Mikaela-
  52. topyli oh btw and ot and all that mikaela, does kapsi have an irc transport?
  53. topyli i would guess not but might as well ask
  54. topyli i used to be a member but it's been a while, i don't think we had jabber back then
  55. mikaela topyli: olmari at is my only contact to them. And Matrix probably ate my previous message
  56. topyli the last message i see from you is that url you posted
  57. mikaela
  58. topyli yeah i also quit a while back. with a sad heart of course
  59. topyli i was going to get the domain myself but gladly changed my mind when "an organization" stepped up to care for it
  60. topyli oh well
  61. topyli not that i would have been any better
  62. topyli forgot kapsi was handling it in the real world
  63. bot waveletlet created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9620: < Error during account creation breaks display of all other accounts on that server configured in client >
  64. lovetox yes mikaela the dialog should show the jid that would be useful
  65. mikaela Ia there an issue about it or should I open one?
  66. lovetox no you can open one
  67. wurstsalat Yes, please open an issue for that, mikaela
  68. Mikaela- is typing the issue
  69. bot Mikaela Suomalainen created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9621: < Gajim doesn't tell which MUC is the cause of an error dialog >
  70. Mikaela- I hope that makes any sense, it's past my bedtime, good night
  71. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9621: < Gajim doesn't tell which MUC is the cause of an error dialog >
  72. wurstsalat Thanks for taking the time!