Gajim - 2019-03-10

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  7. marmistrz I'd like to add a "paste as quotation" to the gajim message composition context menu. It would just prepend a '>' to every line of the pasted text. Where can I find the code defining the context menu?
  8. marmistrz Grepping 'insert emoji' or 'paste' gives no clue.
  9. mrDoctorWho Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/mrdoctorwho/gajim/lib/python3.7/site-packages/nbxmpp-0.9.91-py3.7.egg/nbxmpp/", line 623, in dispatch File "/home/mrdoctorwho/gajim/gajim/common/modules/", line 51, in func_wrapper return func(self, *args, **kwargs) TypeError: _presence_received() missing 1 required positional argument: '_properties'
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  12. lovetox mrDoctorWho please try with updated nbxmpp
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  14. erik hi. I have an ejabberd server running with 2 accounts: my own and one for my daughter. My own account has 2 devices: Conversations on my Android phone and Gajim on my Linux laptop. My daughter has ChatSecure on her iPhone
  15. erik I'm running into the problem that Conversations and ChatSecure do seem to be chatting, but messages sent from Gajim (v1.0.1) don't appear on my daughter's phone (they do appear on my own phone in the conversation)
  16. erik any idea what I might be doing wrong?
  17. erik oh. btw, this is all using OMEMO encryption.
  18. lovetox did you trust her chatsecure fingerprint?
  19. lovetox did she trust your gajim fingerprint?
  20. erik yes, on her device, both show "green" (what does TOFU mean?)
  21. lovetox trust on first use
  22. lovetox means it was autotrusted
  23. lovetox and in gajim?
  24. lovetox fingerprint window, should show also the device
  25. erik also, I trusted hers both on my conversations and gajim
  26. erik however, I'm not seeing a device on Gajim (neither on my secondary key, nor on hers)
  27. erik but maybe that wasn't there on 1.0.1?
  28. lovetox no i dont meant search for the term "device"
  29. lovetox a fingerprint is from a device
  30. lovetox i meant look if the fingerprint of her device is trusted
  31. erik yes, her fingerprint from the phone is trusted.
  32. erik it's in my list of trusted finger prints
  33. erik I explicitly set her ChatSecure to OMEMO for end-to-end encryption (for some reason it was initially set to "best available" and tried to use OTR
  34. erik now it is using omemo, it says
  35. lovetox you can try to delete her fingerprint from the omemo config dialog
  36. lovetox then restart gajim, then send her a message
  37. erik ok. will do. back in a bit.
  38. lovetox this should trigger a new pull of the fingerprint, and you should see it again int he fingerprint window
  39. lovetox then trust the fingerprint, and send another message
  40. erik back.
  41. erik nope. nothing. I mean, I needed to re-trust her fingerprint. but messages don't appear.
  42. erik I already upgraded to OMEMO plugin 2.6.2
  43. erik so, it's not that the plugin is too old.
  44. erik (but gajim is still 1.0.1)
  45. erik I've tried installing the nighly Ubuntu package, but that didn't work out.
  46. erik (as in: was marked as incompatible with my system -- Linux Mint)
  47. lovetox does not seem like a issue on gajims end to be honest
  48. erik ok.
  49. erik any better recommendations than ChatSecure for the iPhone?
  50. erik (or maybe "other")
  51. lovetox not really iOS does not have really good clients
  52. lovetox you can report the problem to chatsecure and maybe get help there
  53. erik do you know if they have a groupchat?
  54. erik and the name of that chat, of course..
  55. lovetox
  56. erik perfect! thanks!
  57. wurstsalat lovetox, could you have a look at to see what's in need of an update?
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  59. rom1dep hi there, what's the status of jingle ac/vc on windows? Apparently it says feature unavailable on 1.1.2
  60. erik lovetox, it seems like it's a gajim issue after all: ChatSecure seems to be using 2 OMEMO fingerprints for 1 chat (and for the same device)
  61. erik Conversations is lenient and accepts both, Gajim uses the last one, which isn't the one ChatSecure seems to be using.
  62. erik lovetox, I've just deleted the second OMEMO key, but Gajim doesn't seem to be syncing.
  63. lovetox wustsalat, seems up to date
  64. lovetox rom1dep, i have ac working on Windows
  65. lovetox but the required deps are missing in the stable release
  66. lovetox have to add them for the next
  67. lovetox erik, sorry what you say makes not a lot of sense
  68. erik lovetox, hmm. ok.
  69. lovetox you never mentioned a second key
  70. lovetox every device has only one fingerprint
  71. lovetox so chat secure *cant* use 2
  72. erik lovetox, well, I just found out due to discussion in the chatsecure channel.
  73. lovetox ok i will read the backlog
  74. erik fact is that I see more keys in Conversations than I see in Gajim
  75. erik and I see more keys in ChatSecure (which suggest to be keys from my daughter) than I see in Gajim (but I see more overlap in Conversations)
  76. wurstsalat lovetox, the #Coding box as well? Reading your last commits I thought we use the new logging call for future commits?
  77. erik lovetox, one thing that I find somewhat unexpected in Gajim is that I'm seeing the message that I have to accept the key first, but Gajim isn't offering a key from the other side.
  78. erik (after I delete the key, hoping to re-start the authentication process)
  79. ak2085 Hi, when I start gajim many MUCs appear and I close some that I don't need anymore. When I start again they appear again. I want to close them permanentely. Can you please tell me how?
  80. lovetox yeah wustsalat i can update the coding box
  81. lovetox ak2085, Gajim -> Bookmarks
  82. lovetox delete the chats or disable autojoin
  83. erik (note that chatting without OMEMO seems to work without problems)
  84. ak2085 lovetox, thank you.
  85. lovetox 1. erik never delete the omemo database, that will never help you in any way and makes everything just more complicated because now you lost all your sessions with people
  86. erik lovetox, :-) yes, I knew I'd loose all sessions.
  87. erik lovetox, fortunately for me, I didn't have any important ones.
  88. erik (none newer than a year old)
  89. erik lovetox, but I'll stick to the advice regardless: I'll no longer delete the omemo database.
  90. lovetox you should now go to the omemo config dialog and select clear device list
  91. lovetox to remove your old key from the server
  92. erik ok. done that.
  93. lovetox so at how many fingerprints are we now that you see in the fingerprint window?
  94. erik in Gajim I see 2 fingerprints in the fingerprint window (both in the plugin as well as in the chat with my daughter): both are mine
  95. lovetox how can both be yours if you have only one other device
  96. lovetox is one grey?
  97. erik nope.
  98. erik both are grean
  99. erik green
  100. erik and the "name" part isn't greyed out.
  101. lovetox but you only have one other device
  102. lovetox so from what device is the other fingerprint?
  103. erik no idea.
  104. erik conversations lists 2 "other" keys too.
  105. lovetox maybe its the one from your daughter?
  106. lovetox maybe gather logs, start gajim with -l gajim.plugins_system.omemo=DEBUG
  107. erik well, at least not as far as ChatSecure is showing me.
  108. lovetox and send me the output
  109. erik ok. back in a bit.
  110. erik lovetox, hmm. there may be something interesting there.
  111. erik see PM
  112. lag I am looking to translate Gajim however I do not quite understand the difference between Gajim 1.1 and just Gajim in Pootle
  113. lag What is the difference? Various strings seems to be repeated.
  114. lovetox 1.1 is the stable branch
  115. lovetox Gajim is the current developing branc
  116. lag So I guess I should translate both, however I should translate just Gajim first?
  117. lovetox no translate only Gajim 1.1
  118. lovetox when we do a bugfix release we will pull in the new translations
  119. lovetox in the developing branch strings can change daily
  120. lovetox its not worth to invest the time
  121. lovetox we call fro translating once it reaches beta stage and strings are freezed
  122. lag Ok, thanks :)
  123. lovetox did you register today?
  124. lag Just registered to translate to pt_BR.
  125. lovetox im asking because we had report that activation emails did not arrive for users that registered
  126. lag It arrived for me correctly at 21:03Z
  127. lag Did not even go to my Gmail SPAM folder.
  128. lovetox k thx for the info
  129. erik lovetox, from what I can see, all applications have been synched and "understand" the same OMEMO fingerprints now.
  130. erik thanks for the help!
  131. lovetox great
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