Gajim - 2019-03-08

  1. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9615: < Messages sporadically overlapped in the chat window >
  2. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9615: < LMC Messages sporadically overlapped in the chat window >
  3. laxifeiji Im a newbie for XMPP clients. I noticed Gajim doesn't have a plugin that could upload or send image from clipboard. Is there some problem let plugin cannot do that,or just nobody made it ever? I wanna try made one plugin for that,may take a long time to done?
  4. lep with http-upload atleast you can simply drag'n'drop your files into the chat window
  5. ta while i support pasting from clipboard, such a feature should be implemented really carefully. A lot of passwords or private pics have been sent to public MUCs already.
  6. laxifeiji >lep‎ yes but if wanna share friend with screen area and must save to file will be a bit bulky I think
  7. laxifeiji >ta‎ I guess that is users' themselves usage if they sent private image to public I think plugin just support it,and user decide use it or not themselves
  8. ta laxifeiji, it does not exist at the moment anyway. Just my 2ct about some future development in gajim. Development in gajim is rather fast and politely asking for features can lead to fast implementation ;-)
  9. laxifeiji excuse me im not really got 2ct means.but you means that is in the plan? that sounds awesome
  10. lovetox yes there is a feature request open for it
  11. laxifeiji well I will look it,thanks guys
  12. bot cesarius2 created an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #398: < [urlimagepreview ]no preview in Gajim with urlimagepreviewplugin with or without Omemo Plugin >
  13. bot cesarius2 modified an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #398: < [urlimagepreview] no preview in Gajim with urlimagepreviewplugin with or without Omemo Plugin >
  14. mrDoctorWho lovetox: prosody devs suggested to kill one of Gajim instances and it fixed omemo key refresh floods
  15. mrDoctorWho I had two of them online in the same time
  16. mrDoctorWho interestingly enough, it doesn't affect conversations in any way
  17. lovetox did you save the stanzas?
  18. mrDoctorWho yes
  19. mrDoctorWho
  20. lovetox can you use
  21. lovetox this muc paste mod is broken
  22. mrDoctorWho dunno, works for me
  23. mrDoctorWho whats wrong with it?
  24. lovetox i use firefox
  25. lovetox shows nothing at all
  26. lovetox but i have it now
  27. lovetox extracted it from source code
  28. mrDoctorWho interesting
  29. mrDoctorWho KDE's kioexec handles it for me and opens in a text editor
  30. mrDoctorWho but yes, it's not working in firefox
  31. mrDoctorWho probably due to wrong mimetype
  32. lovetox yeah i see the bug
  33. lovetox but i came only to light because of your broken device 2097447248
  34. lovetox is this the device id from gajim?
  35. mrDoctorWho how do I tell?
  36. lovetox omemo config dialog
  37. mrDoctorWho do you mean the fingerprint?
  38. lovetox no the device id
  39. mrDoctorWho hmm, where is that config?
  40. mrDoctorWho oh sorry
  41. mrDoctorWho I didn't expect the gear icon to be there
  42. mrDoctorWho yes that the Gajim I took the stanza from
  43. mrDoctorWho that is*
  44. lovetox does this mean it shows that device id?
  45. mrDoctorWho yes 2097447248
  46. lovetox k thats a problem .. hm
  47. lovetox i will try to fix that asap
  48. mrDoctorWho that would be very nice of you
  49. lovetox mrDoctorWho, do you have 2 accounts setup in gajim?
  50. mrDoctorWho yes
  51. mrDoctorWho even 3
  52. lovetox hm no mrDoctorWho im pretty much in the dark what could potentially cause this
  53. lovetox could you log with -l .nbxmpp.m.omemo=gajim.plugin_system.omemo=DEBUG
  54. mrDoctorWho yes sure
  55. lovetox and look if you see those unacknowledged messages
  56. lovetox i have to improve the logging so it better filters the different accounts
  57. mrDoctorWho lovetox: do I need to run the other Gajim?
  58. lovetox if it triggers the bug yeah
  59. mrDoctorWho it triggers key update stanza flood
  60. mrDoctorWho device update*
  61. lovetox yes that would be nice
  62. lovetox if we could catch that
  63. mrDoctorWho ok
  64. lovetox and you are sure both have the latest omemo
  65. mrDoctorWho oh that's hard
  66. mrDoctorWho no I'm not sure
  67. lovetox both are master branch gajim?
  68. mrDoctorWho yes
  69. lovetox yeah then just download the newest plugin via downloader
  70. lovetox because otherwise its maybe a bug thats already fixed
  71. lovetox or
  72. mrDoctorWho I'm not really willing to connect via VNC to that machine
  73. mrDoctorWho yeah, ftp would be of use
  74. lovetox
  75. mrDoctorWho lovetox:
  76. lovetox what instance is this now
  77. mrDoctorWho the same
  78. lovetox the one where the deviceid is 2097447248
  79. mrDoctorWho yes, that one
  80. lovetox ah i think i get it
  81. lovetox i think i know whats happening here
  82. lovetox we ignore one device thats stale, then publish a new list without that device, but that device is online and publishes another devicelist again, and so on and so on
  83. mrDoctorWho I had that idea because of the warning "ignore device"
  84. mrDoctorWho asterix: hi, have you looked into the server logs? It's really sad that I can't report bugs in time because of not being able to join here from my main jid
  85. lovetox mrDoctorWho, but what does your server report when you try to join?
  86. mrDoctorWho lovetox: it says that stanza has been sent
  87. lovetox maybe tell a timestamp when you try to join so asterix can look up that exact time
  88. mrDoctorWho yeah sure
  89. mrDoctorWho Mar 08 16:59:59 s2sout3368bf0 debug Sending[s2sout]: <iq type='get' to='' from='' id='ec4933f1-27e4-4117-9b2d-02656625c6c1'>
  90. mrDoctorWho timezone is CET
  91. lovetox this could also be that prosody bug where a connection just hangs in nirvana
  92. lovetox maybe we should restart the gajim server
  93. mrDoctorWho didn't know of that bug, but s2s generally works fine
  94. mrDoctorWho with, but not with
  95. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *6e672c99* < > Add LogAdapter This adds the account to all log messages issues in module code
  96. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 4 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ < >:
  97. lovetox mrDoctorWho, new omemo version available
  98. lovetox but you also need to update Gajim
  99. Porkepix lovetox, Hey, little question, I think that's with you I someday talked about GitLab's spam, protections and so on?
  100. lovetox yes
  101. lovetox you mean the non existing spam protection :D
  102. Porkepix Is it an option from GitLab itself? I searched after some ways to blacklist IP blocks from within GitLab itself but couldn't find any. Which lead me to think you did it from the server itself (IPtables or equivalent)? (In that case, that's kinda a problem if there are many services on this server :| )
  103. lovetox yes we did it with ip tables
  104. Porkepix Okay, well I would already dislike having to block IP ranges for the service, but I think we just can't do that for everything hosted on this server, including the website. Maybe check this from the Web server itself. Thanks for confirming it's needless to search for surch option from GitLab.
  105. Porkepix s/needless/useless/
  106. asterix mrDoctorWho: yes I already lokked and answered here. I get connexion timeout.
  107. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #395: < Hamster Plugin not working >
  108. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #398: < [urlimagepreview] no preview in Gajim with urlimagepreviewplugin with or without Omemo Plugin >