Gajim - 2019-03-06

  1. mrDoctorWho gajim's omemo fails after a couple of messages were received
  2. mrDoctorWho dear lovetox, could you pretty please contact asterix regarding s2s issues between and
  3. mrDoctorWho 03/06/2019 07:37:29 (W) gajim.plugin_system.omemo Ignore device because of 39299 unacknowledged messages: 2097447248 is this ok?
  4. spicewiesel lovetox: yes, it's the same with gajim -> % gajim Found default language: en
  5. bot mikee805 created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9613: < error when entering a chatroom hosted on openfire >
  6. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9613: < error when entering a chatroom hosted on openfire >
  7. lovetox spicewiesel are you running gajim from source without installing?
  8. lovetox mrDoctorWho not really
  9. lovetox can you send a message to gajim from that device and then look if it starts working again?
  10. lovetox would also interesting what device that actually is
  11. spicewiesel lovetox: no, gajim 1.1.2-1 from the arch repo
  12. lovetox spicewiesel, and is your system language english?
  13. spicewiesel yes
  14. lovetox ok and you dont get the No Translation found message
  15. lovetox so everything is alright if you start Gajim
  16. spicewiesel this message appeared some time ago, you told me it's a debug message you put in a while ago
  17. lovetox asterix, mrDoctorWho has still s2s problems with, could you take a look into the logs?
  18. spicewiesel from 01.02.2019 [11:49:33] lovetox: spicewiesel, its a print statement for debug, cant you just deal with it?
  19. mrDoctorWho lovetox: remote device is conversations. I'll check again when I arrive home
  20. spicewiesel it works fine if gajim/gajim-remote is called by the user as env vars are available there
  21. spicewiesel but if you call it from a systemd unit file there are no set env vars, if LANG is missing there is no translation found and then it fails
  22. asterix I thought the S2S issue was not a problem but a omemo missconfigured. I'll look logs
  23. lovetox spicewiesel, i have to look how i can supress that message but make it still available if i need it
  24. spicewiesel that would be fine, thank you!
  25. spicewiesel I will see if there is a good way to pass user env vars into to the systemd call
  26. spicewiesel I will check if there is a good way to pass user env vars into to the systemd call
  27. mrDoctorWho Traceback (most recent call last):
  28. Pablo Hi, I was wondering abount the Preferences -> Style -> Theme -> Manage opition. I seem to be able to import themes here, right? Where would I find such themes? I find the dark mode really hard to read and would like to change some colors
  29. lovetox you can configure your own just use the add buttons
  30. lovetox Pablo
  31. lovetox there is no import function and there are no themes publicly available
  32. Pablo Oh I see. Thanks!
  33. Pablo The default is kinda crappy though IMHO
  34. Norst lovetox‎, hi, do you wonder about issue with wrong 12 hour format?
  35. lovetox you mean if i looked into it?
  36. Norst nope, i mean my little digging
  37. Norst nope, i mean results of my own little digging
  38. lovetox are you saying you found something out, or are you talking about yesterday
  39. Norst seems like i found cause of the problem with wrong format on my system (yesterday question)
  40. lovetox great, whats it?
  41. Norst My Windows has "English (US)" MUI installed. So WinAPI GetUserDefaultUILanguage returns "en_US". In this case, on init, Gtk incorrectly sets LC_ALL locale to "English_United States". But only if LANG env variable exists and set to "en"
  42. Norst i.e. bug was triggered by this commit
  43. lovetox nice find
  44. lovetox i guess we dont want the default ui language
  45. lovetox we rather want the currently set one
  46. Norst only subtle amount of OS is affected, i guess. Because peoples usually don't install MUI
  47. Norst >i guess we dont want the default ui language i don't think so. You call get_default_lang to determine gajim UI lang, right?
  48. lovetox yes
  49. lovetox but read the docs
  50. lovetox
  51. lovetox this should work
  52. lovetox it says the install language is only returned if the user has not set a language
  53. lovetox so maybe you should investigate how to set a prefered language
  54. lovetox The user UI language determines the user interface language used for menus, dialog boxes, help files, and so forth. It can be set by the current user in the Language tab of the regional and language options portion of Control Panel.
  55. lovetox there is also GetUserPreferredUILanguages()
  56. lovetox maybe you could test if this also returns the wrong language, but other than that i dont think windows provides another way of determinig the language
  57. Norst i guess you misunderstood me. GetUserDefaultUILanguage returns right language. My prefered language sets in Control Panel as "English (United States)". And i see no issues on gajim-side.
  58. lovetox ah i guess you set english
  59. lovetox but have set the timeformat in windows to 24 hour
  60. lovetox but python nor gtk does not specially query windows timeformat options
  61. lovetox it just guesses from the language
  62. Norst yes, exactly!
  63. Norst that is why: "‎[21:34:33] ‎Norst‎: only subtle amount of OS is affected, i guess."
  64. debacle strange problem: Myself and two colleagues are all on the same internal prosody server. I HTTP upload a photo to one colleague and it works fine, with or without OMEMO, multiple times. I HTTP upload the same photo to another colleague and it does not work, neither with nor without OMEMO, again and again. In the latter case the file in /var/lib/prosody/http_upload/ has only nine bytes. Gajim 1.1.2 Debian stable backports.
  65. lovetox is there a locale env var like LC_... for the timeformat?
  66. lovetox one could try and get the correct one from windows and set it in the msys env
  67. lovetox but debacle you dont upload to a contact
  68. lovetox you always upload to the server, httpupload just returns a url which we send then to the contact
  69. lovetox so this cannot depend on the contact
  70. Norst only one correction: python obey windows regional (and thus, timeformats) options. Gtk sets wrong locale, on init.
  71. debacle lovetox, exactly! that's what is strange!
  72. debacle same server, same service etc.
  73. debacle I don't want to send even more photos to my poor colleagues, but I checked multiple times and this is the behaviour. It might be accidental, of course.
  74. Norst only one correction: python obey windows regional (and thus, timeformats) options. Gtk is overriding locale to wrong, on init.
  75. lovetox very strange, maybe ask in prosody chat if they have an idea
  76. lovetox its possible that gajim does not upload the full file, but this would happen often and not only with one contact
  77. debacle OK, I will give it another try with both contacts.
  78. debacle Ha, good, that I tested again. Now it failed with the other colleague, too. It was a strange accident then. Funny :)
  79. debacle Might be a prosody problem or Nginx, which is the frontend here.
  80. lovetox you could run into some file size / minute limit
  81. debacle I don't think so, because the last test was after a relatively long pause. The PUT path looks already strange for the "bad case".
  82. debacle Which means that prosody is the culprit. Nginx doesn't change PUT paths, I hope.
  83. debacle Thanks, lovetox, I move to
  84. debacle See you in Berlin?
  85. lovetox yes already booked the flight
  86. debacle OK, Friday night then! :-)
  87. Norst >lovetox‎: is there a locale env var like LC_... for the timeformat? LC_TIME, but that investigation was just for the curious. Maybe locale and i18n stuff is not a rocket science, but they are pretty annoying for me :)
  88. lovetox yeah me too
  89. Norst Btw, do you aware about this glitch:
  90. Norst
  91. Norst see 22:05:13 timestamp
  92. lovetox yeah i guess it goes away if you scroll a bit
  93. lovetox GTK stuff, nothing i can do about much
  94. Norst scrolling and resizing don't help. As i can understood, it appears only on LMC?
  95. lovetox hm weird not for me
  96. lovetox then this is a bug
  97. lovetox do you have any plugins activated that may alter the chatview?
  98. Norst yes, Url image preview
  99. Norst but as far as i remember, this bug was happened even without plugins.
  100. lovetox never saw this, very weird
  101. lovetox never saw this, very weird !
  102. Norst i have tried to find out pattern without success
  103. lovetox never saw this, very weird ! 2
  104. lovetox never saw this, very weird ! 3
  105. lovetox a
  106. lovetox .
  107. lovetox yeah cant reproduce it
  108. Norst it just happened on LMC from time to time
  109. Norst and it's not occurred instantly, usually after few following messages.
  110. Norst lovetox‎, so, you didn't see exactly this glitch before?
  111. Norst but saw similar "recoverable" visual bugs?
  112. lovetox yeah somtimes the textview just doesnt redraw on scrolling and everything gets jumbled u
  113. lovetox up, i didnt see the LMC
  114. lovetox this is definitly some LMC bug
  115. Norst it is worth to fill a bug-report? i can't provide step by step guide for reproduce
  116. Norst is it worth to fill a bug-report? i can't provide step by step guide for reproduce
  117. lovetox yeah file a bug report with the screenshot
  118. Norst ok
  119. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9612: < Two error windows come up when clicking to authorize a contact >
  120. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *872ee3d6* < > Fix presence subscription Fixes #9612
  121. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *5e97d805* < > HistoryManager: Display show value correctly
  122. lovetox thanks mrDoctorWho, traceback should be fixed
  123. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *b704e27a* < > Write correct show values to database Since the refactor we wrote accidentally string instead of int
  124. lovetox mrDoctorWho, seems i made an error i thin you have to run a sql query to clena up some wrong values in the database
  125. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _python-nbxmpp_ < >: *6d9d8f72* < > Dont allow setting invalid show values