Gajim - 2019-03-05

  1. mrDoctorWho gajim starts burning the CPU after connection lost
  2. asterix Get a bigger fan 😉
  3. lovetox mrDoctorWho maybe some infinite loop
  4. lovetox but you would see this in the log
  5. wurstsalat asterix :D
  6. mrDoctorWho lovetox: nothing specific without -v, trying to catch it with -v
  7. lovetox there is nothing in the log, while it has high cpu?
  8. mrDoctorWho yes
  9. mrDoctorWho probably it's related to resume after sleep
  10. Holger How does Gajim determine which MUC chat tabs are auto-opened on startup?
  11. Holger I have bookmarks with auto-join enabled for several rooms, I manually open all of them, but only some are re-opened on Gajim restart.
  12. lovetox Holger, there is a minimize on join option in each groupchat menu
  13. lovetox ah depends on the Gajim version
  14. lovetox the option is in the bookmark menu
  15. lovetox set on each bookmark
  16. lovetox but this is a problem because other client overwrite it
  17. lovetox i moved that option away from bookmarks into the groupchat menu in current dev version
  18. lovetox dont know what you use
  19. Holger Ah! Yes I seemed to remember the bookmark knob, and now I see it in the groupchat menu, I have 1.1.2. Didn't notice, thanks.
  20. lovetox Holger, hmm beware
  21. lovetox the options are named similary
  22. lovetox minimize on close
  23. lovetox and minimize on join
  24. lovetox i cant look at it but i doubt the option is in 1.1.2 in the groupchat menu
  25. Holger Ah, it has "mimimize on close" in the groupchat menu and "minimize on join" in the bookmarks. So the latter, after all.
  26. Link Mauve debacle: I have a user who was using 0.16.6, told them to use backports instead because they wanted a newer feature, and apparently ran it with python2 somehow!
  27. debacle Link Mauve, that's strange, because:
  28. debacle $ apt list -a gajim Listing... Done gajim/stretch-backports,now 1.1.2-2~bpo9+1 all [installed] gajim/stable 0.16.6-1.1 all
  29. debacle $ head -1 /usr/bin/gajim #!/usr/bin/python3
  30. debacle Can you post the output of the commands on their machine?
  31. Link Mauve debacle, apparently they forgot to close (?) Gajim after updating, so it caused issues.
  32. Link Mauve They self-healed or something.
  33. debacle :-)
  34. debacle How many times something like this happened to me?
  35. spicewiesel lovetox: hey :)
  36. spicewiesel the working debug message for gajim-remote depends on LANG, right?
  37. spicewiesel a working debug message for gajim-remote depends on LANG, right?
  38. lovetox I dont know what you mean speicewiesel
  39. stp Hi, how to change the password for an account in Gajim? The "change password" button is greyed out here.
  40. Link Mauve stp, your server has to support XEP-0077.
  41. stp Link Mauve‎, I don't mean changing the password on the server but just the password stored in Gajim.
  42. Link Mauve stp, click on the “Identifier” button instead.
  43. Link Mauve That’s where you configure your password.
  44. Link Mauve You may have to be logged out, I don’t remember the details.
  45. stp Link Mauve‎, when I created a new account I stored the wrong password. Now I wanted to change it to the right password, but can't no matter if I set that account to enabled or disabled. I can type in the new password but there is no way to save. Maybe it's a bug. I'll wait for a comment from lovetox or so to see if I need to open an issue. Thanks Link Mauve‎ though!
  46. Link Mauve stp, just close it afterwards, it’ll be saved.
  47. lovetox yeah iif you close the dialog its saved
  48. lovetox the change password is for changing it on the server
  49. stp Link Mauve‎, ha, the funny thing is when you're successfully logged in you can indeed type in *and* save another password. So I guess that's a bug that it won't let you change it unless you're logged in.
  50. lovetox you see a password field, just type your password in there and close the dialog
  51. stp lovetox‎, oh ok, that explains it. That bad UI/UX IMO though
  52. stp It must be clear to the user if he changes the local password or the password on the server and he needs to be able to do both and the former even if he's currently not logged in.
  53. Link Mauve stp, I usually find the UIs cluttered with apply, cancel, save, ok buttons to be the bad ones. :p
  54. lovetox stp you can change your password if you are not logged in
  55. stp Link Mauve‎, Apply and ok is unneccessary yes, but the rest is very useful and proven.
  56. stp I'll further investige OMEMO problems now and only when those are solved I'll bother with testing the UI :-)
  57. stp investigate I meant
  58. lovetox maybe we can make it more clear that the change password button means changing the password on the server
  59. stp lovetox‎, of course you can :-)
  60. Link Mauve stp, most software I use modify their configuration as soon as the value is changed, so the change can be visible right away.
  61. stp Link Mauve‎, those UI solutions usually lack a way to cancel/undo the changes though which is bad.
  62. lovetox stp, it depends on the thing you want to do
  63. Link Mauve stp, you don’t want to revert to no password.
  64. lovetox I offer only cancel buttons if the things that you do would cause dataloss, for example if you have your bookmark list and delete all bookmarks, you can click cancel and close the dialog without commiting the changes
  65. lovetox but this makes not so much sense in a preference dialog with checkboxes
  66. stp Link Mauve‎, You want if you accidently stored it but prefer to type it in all the time.
  67. lovetox because you can undo the changes instantly without cancel button
  68. stp lovetox‎, yes, that makes sense.
  69. lovetox stp there is a switch that lets you unsave the password, meaning delete
  70. stp I don't say the UI should be universal for all dialogs.
  71. lovetox so you can go back to typing it in on every start
  72. stp I just tried that and it doesn't work as intended since once you stored the password it Gajim never deletes it. If you change the button to not store the password it will ask the user for the password when Gajim starts but when you go back to accounts settings it shows a row of stars matching the formerly stored password & all it takes to login again is switch the button for storing the password back to on and you can login again. That's a bug for sure.
  73. stp lovetox, ping me if I need to open an issue for that.
  74. lovetox which gajim version do you use?
  75. lovetox Its true that we never deleted the password from the keyring
  76. lovetox i just added this recently
  77. stp lovetox‎, I'm using the master from 27th Feb.
  78. Norst Hi, is there an option to set timestamp format?
  79. lovetox ok i check it out if i added the keyring deletion to the account dialog, thanks
  80. lovetox yes Norst, filter for "time" in ACE
  81. stp lovetox‎, 👍
  82. Norst lovetox, thx, I see. Btw, looks like there is a bug with auto 12/24
  83. Norst at least on Windows
  84. lovetox you mean it shows 12 hour format if your windows is 24?
  85. Norst exactly
  86. lovetox hm python pulls this info from somewhere
  87. lovetox i have to look up from where exactly
  88. bot villeneuve created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9612: < Two error windows come up when clicking to authorize a contact >
  89. Norst lovetox, is datetime.strftime('%X') using by default? I have done simple test and above method returns correct (as set in Windows) hour format.
  90. Norst test was done on python bundled with Gajim
  91. lovetox Norst could you test with time.strftime
  92. Norst also correct format
  93. lovetox then it has to do with how we ship gajim
  94. lovetox it runs in a msys env
  95. lovetox though i dont have that problem and also using windows
  96. lovetox do you use win10?
  97. Norst 8.1 and 10, same behavior
  98. lovetox and what is your region setting?
  99. lovetox what language do you use?
  100. lovetox try windows -> run
  101. lovetox and type intl.cpl
  102. lovetox that pulls up the region setting
  103. lovetox is there 24 hour format configured?
  104. Norst lang: English, format: 24-hour clock
  105. lovetox hm, this is probably very hard to track down why this fails on your machine
  106. Norst If this is machine-specific issue, I see no problem, ACE do the trick
  107. Norst test was run in the following way: C:\Gajim\bin\python3.exe -> interactive mode
  108. lovetox what did you exactly execute?
  109. Norst import time; time.strftime('%X')
  110. lovetox import time; time.strftime('%X', time.localtime())
  111. lovetox can you try this?
  112. Norst correct 24 format...
  113. lovetox a mystery lol
  114. Norst I have done yet another test, more than likely unnecessary. From the same interactive prompt: from gajim import gajim; gajim.main();
  115. Norst and got wrong 12 hour format
  116. Norst looks like while gajim init (gtk?), some locale-related variable is redefined
  117. lovetox yeah i hate those locale thigns, its a science
  118. spicewiesel > I dont know what you mean speicewiesel When calling gajim-remote from systemd user space I get "no translation found", this comes from the debug message you mentioned a while ago and you need to set LANG there as I found out today
  119. fiete spicewiesel: so with 'LANG=C gajim-remote foo' it works without printing that message?
  120. bot André closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #8923: < No menus with RDP >
  121. spicewiesel I had no more time today to find a pleasing solution, but yes, a simple export LANG works
  122. lovetox und if you start gajim normally it doesnt print that message?
  123. spicewiesel Got no notebook with me, will check tomorrow
  124. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9612: < Two error windows come up when clicking to authorize a contact >