Gajim - 2019-03-02

  1. wurstsalat Wow, that search feature looks neat! :)
  2. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9608: < vCard possibility in "Add a contact" box and "Send simple message" box >
  3. Moarc hello
  4. Moarc after a week or so of collecting debug logs, my config loss issue reoccurred
  5. Moarc when closing Gajim before
  6. Moarc
  7. Moarc "could not create an already existing file: [path]\.Config -> [path]\Config"
  8. Moarc
  9. Moarc and after that Gajim starts as if it were run for the first time
  10. lovetox thanks Moarc will look into it
  11. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *d61ca3ae* < > Fix typo
  12. Moarc ok; if there's anything else I could provide, feel free to contact me at or e-mail
  13. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *1f479e5b* < > Use pathlib replace() for saving config This makes it hopefully more resilient on Windows
  14. pep. What's the lowest supported python version again?
  15. pep. (I'm curious which features you can and cannot use)
  16. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/gajim_1.1_ of _gajim_ < >: *56e40954* < > Use a UUID4 as item id for pubsub posts *c5d2f8bd* < > Use pathlib replace() for saving config This makes it hopefully more resilient on Windows
  17. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gajim_1.1_ of _gajim_ < >: *c0178db7* < > Redirect some print statments to stderr Otherwise they errors will not show up if the console output is redirected to a file
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  20. lovetox pep., python 3.5
  21. pep. k
  22. lovetox pep., what does slix depend on?
  23. pep. 3.5 as well. I guess we're more or less following debian stable, even if I'd like to have more.
  24. lovetox yes i think its good that way
  25. lovetox and yes some python features are nice, but mostly gimmick, its not like you really need them
  26. pep. I don't think it's particularly good, but that's what users are using :p
  27. lovetox what particular feature do you want to use thats not in 3.5 pep.
  28. pep. lovetox, it's not really what feature I want or not, it's mostly maintenance overhead. I run 3.7 on my machine, so now I have to check against other version that it does what I expect.
  29. pep. We have CI that that helps, (it just runs the poor number of tests), it won't catch much tbh. And if it catches anything now I have to find/install python3.6 or 3.5, reproduce, and fix it for these versions and keep it compatible with mine
  30. lovetox just use only 3.5 stuff
  31. pep. Otherwise, feature wise, there's just too many. I was actually looking at python's changelog since 3.7 alpha 1, it's _huge_
  32. lovetox if you look up the documentation use the 3.5 documentation
  33. lovetox then you never have a problem
  34. pep. Well no I want to benefit from the 25% improvement on asyncio for example, even just that, it's already huge for us
  35. pep. And that's only from 3.6 to 3.7
  36. lovetox you really write code for different versions of python
  37. lovetox yeah i guess if you have the time :)
  38. lovetox but as you said that makes stuff complicated
  39. pep. Well yes, and I blame stable stuff for that. People could just update.
  40. pep. Lots of fixes in pathlib also for example, and integration with other modules of the std
  41. pep. Support for TLS 1.3
  42. pep. etc.
  43. lovetox dont depend on tls in python
  44. pep. I could go on and on. The crapton of bugfixes
  45. lovetox i use a package for that, that can be easily and fast updated when there are problems
  46. lovetox or new features
  47. lovetox but thats maybe just because of Windows
  48. lovetox python ships the ssl libs
  49. pep. (*tls 1.3 cipher suites, exactly)
  50. lovetox so if you have a 3 year old python installation, your ssl libs will be just as old
  51. pep. Anyway, it's not a specific feature I want
  52. pep. It's all the features I don't see and all the different behaviours, bugfixes and improvements, that's lots of things, and overhead for me if I have to maintain compatibility with older versions
  53. lovetox you have that because you want to use the new features
  54. lovetox if you just settle for 3.5 features you dont have that stress
  55. pep. nah, I won't settle to the lowest common denominator just because some distributions decided that was going to be the norm for N years
  56. pep. now reading the 3.6 changelog
  57. lovetox the only thing that i wish i have from all the new things is
  58. lovetox that dicts are ordereddicts in python 3.6+
  59. pep. Also typing support is getting better with time. For example type hints in variable declaration is 3.6 iirc (`foo: int = 42`). Before that it was `foo = 42 # type: int`. It's not much, but it's all the small things
  60. pep. f-strings is not in 3.5 either
  61. pep. f-strings are not in 3.5 either
  62. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *c58c7cc4* < > Make passwords module more resilient - Catch more exceptions - Add more log output