Gajim - 2019-02-27

  1. Svais Good day. I have a problem. In Gajim the latest version of the bookmark on the room after 10-15 minutes disappears.
  2. Svais On older versions everything was fine.
  3. Svais The Vacuum program is also added normally. Openfire 4.3.2 server
  4. lovetox Do you use another client?
  5. Maranda lovetox, ‎[12:15:46] ‎Error: recipient-unavailable recipient-unavailable
  6. Maranda any idea?
  7. Maranda I got that twice
  8. Link Mauve Maranda, looks like your recipient is unavailable.
  9. Maranda Link Mauve, oh really...?
  10. Maranda thinks that's not the problem.
  11. Maranda Beside that the error itself looks formatted in a strange way (the condition twice?)
  12. Maranda ...but more that the error itself looks formatted in a strange way (the condition twice?)
  13. Link Mauve asterix, lovetox, is Gajim able to establish a proper Jingle session with another resource of the same account?
  14. lovetox No idea, but i dont think you can choose the resource
  15. Link Mauve Meh.
  16. Link Mauve Ok.
  17. Link Mauve I’ll use another account.
  18. asterix Hmm i don't see why we couldn't.
  19. asterix With the self contact in the roster you can choose with which ressource you talk
  20. Link Mauve Uh, Gajim segfaults when I toggle an audio session.
  21. Link Mauve
  22. Link Mauve The Z lines are printed by apulse, the libpulse implementation I use.
  23. Link Mauve Yay! ‎[14:31:38] ‎État Audio : error, raison : text (No handler defined for this kind of iq.)
  24. bot Karsten Vieth created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9604: < Windows - credentials gone when started 2 times >
  25. Link Mauve Hmm, Gajim doesn’t include my external IPv4 when sending its list of ICE-UDP candidates.
  26. Link Mauve This may be an issue if I want to talk with a contact who still doesn’t have an IPv6.
  27. Link Mauve Do you use IGD to attempt to open ports and obtain our own IP address?
  28. lovetox no idea Link Mauve sorry
  29. asterix Yes we're supposed to. I implemented that a long time ago.
  30. asterix If it has not been removed
  31. bot wess nichols created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9605: < gajim error...just reporting the bug >
  32. edhelas one little issue related to Gajim in Movim
  33. lovetox didnt even know this functionality existed
  34. lovetox edhelas, what is the right thing to do?
  35. lovetox UUID?
  36. lovetox do i have to set a itemid, can i not just post without and the server choses one?
  37. edhelas no you have to
  38. edhelas just generate a uuid
  39. edhelas I'm quite sure you have a function for that already in gajim
  40. lovetox of course :)