Gajim - 2019-02-24

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  3. Eduard If anyone is interested in a systemd service to start a random VPN from /etc/openvpn/client It's the randomvpn script to put in /usr/bin/
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  7. Moarc hello
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  10. Moarc I've had Gajim settings disappear (reset to default) several times
  11. Moarc the OS is Windows 8.1
  12. Moarc OMEMO keys were retained, as well as chat logs and other files kept in the same directory as the config
  13. lovetox maybe the config file came corrupt for some reason
  14. lovetox hard to debug, what Gajim version are you using?
  15. Moarc 1.0.2
  16. lovetox then first try to upgrade to the newest Gajim version
  17. lovetox see if it persists
  18. lovetox in the newest Gajim version there is a debug switch in preferences -> advanced, this writes debug logs to the harddisk, so if it happens you could look up maybe there are errors in the log
  19. Moarc what makes troubleshooting even harder is that I'm not the one using Gajim, and that person is away from me most of the time
  20. Moarc I updated Gajim, turned on the debug logs, and I'll investigate further when the problem occurs again
  21. Moarc thanks for telling me about this option
  22. lovetox just turn it off again someday, cause depending on your gajim usage, if gajim runs a full day the log of that day can have 80MB
  23. ilac Wtf?
  24. Link Mauve ilac, that’s a French law which Apple is enforcing on their store.
  25. Link Mauve Each client has to fill the paperwork.
  26. ilac Yeah, so it's Apple's own decision to do that.
  27. Link Mauve ilac, to enforce it for software they sell, of course.
  28. Link Mauve But other clients should do that too, in order to comply with the law.
  29. Link Mauve (If they want to of course.)
  30. ilac Is it possible to run programs without going through the Apple Store on a non-jailbroke iOS?
  31. Link Mauve AFAIK no, but I’ll let people who have had to deal with iOS answer, as I never have.
  32. lovetox probably better to ask that in the monal channel
  33. stp lovetox‎, Hi, I could log a situation where an OMEMO message I sent via Conversations to a contact coudn't be decrypted by Gajim. Here' the log:
  34. stp
  35. lovetox are you sure you copied the right thing?
  36. lovetox this does not look like a log message
  37. stp
  38. Link Mauve Ugh, this file is served as both text/html and text/plain.
  39. Link Mauve I thought we fixed this issue.
  40. Link Mauve Also Firefox still hasn’t.
  41. lovetox why are there no new lines in this paste..
  42. Link Mauve lovetox, because of the issue I just told you about.
  43. Link Mauve There are two different Content-Type headers.
  44. stp Should I upload a txt-file instead?
  45. Link Mauve No, this is fine.
  46. Link Mauve It’s a web server configuration issue.
  47. stp ok
  48. lovetox stp, gajim.plugin_system.omemo: Received message not for our device
  49. lovetox it simply was not to us encrypted
  50. stp lovetox‎, yeah but why does that happen sometime?
  51. stp lovetox‎, yeah but why does that happen sometimes?
  52. lovetox what client does he use?
  53. stp lovetox‎, in this case I sent from Conversations to Conversations and the copy of my sent message couldn't be decrypted by my Gajim
  54. lovetox it would help to see the stanza involved
  55. lovetox your log shows only jibberish
  56. lovetox as Data received, that cant be the real data
  57. stp lovetox‎, Sorry, I didn't understand that. Tell me what I need to search for in the log
  58. lovetox in your log :::::DATA RECEIVED::::
  59. lovetox you posted some jibberish under that
  60. lovetox normally there is a stanza displayed
  61. lovetox and did you make really sure you miss the message?
  62. lovetox or do you just assume because you saw the fallback text
  63. stp lovetox‎, I can't explain where why the jibberish got in there? Wtf? Next try:
  64. lovetox use
  65. lovetox instead of pasting it into the channel
  66. stp lovetox‎, ok:
  67. stp lovetox‎, what did you mean with if I made sure I missed the message? In that 1:1 chat it clearly said "Diese Nachricht wurde mit OMEMO verschlüsselt und konnte nicht entschlüsselt werden." and that made me search through the log file.
  68. lovetox yeah but there are some protocol messages who dont carry real text, the could maybe also trigger that message
  69. lovetox so i wanted that you look in gajim history and make sure that there is a missing message
  70. lovetox compared to your conversations history
  71. lovetox with that contact
  72. lovetox also a duplicate would show this message
  73. stp lovetox‎, Yes, the last message I wrote to that contact can't be read in Gajim
  74. lovetox yeah but weird this message is not a duplicate its simply not encrypted to our device
  75. stp lovetox‎, same in the history view
  76. lovetox then look in conversations if it shows your fingerprint of gajim as active
  77. stp lovetox‎, Yeah it is and it all works even. Just sometimes that error occurs. Gajim wasn't running though when that message was sent from Conversations.
  78. lovetox i would consider this in any case a conversations bug, something triggers that it does not consider your gajim device when sending the message under certain circumstances
  79. lovetox did you update or restart conversations lately?
  80. lovetox you could do the following test
  81. lovetox go with gajim offline
  82. lovetox kill conversations, and restart it while gajim is offline
  83. lovetox then send a message to a contact
  84. lovetox then come online with gajim and see if you can read the message
  85. stp lovetox‎, no, last restart of Conversations was friday I think
  86. stp ok I'll test
  87. stp lovetox‎, I ran into the old UX-issue that I can't find how to go offline in Gajim.
  88. lovetox the status combobox in the bottom of the roster
  89. lovetox or right click on the account row
  90. stp lovetox: Hm something went wrong now, open chats were not re-opened when setting Gajim back online and I also can't type in MUCs anymore.
  91. lovetox if you close a chat it does in no cirumstance reopen
  92. lovetox why would it?
  93. stp lovetox: I don't know what happened, I'll restart Gajim and try it all again.
  94. stp lovetox, so in this second try all messages sent via Conversations while Gajim was offline could not be decrypted while answers could. In the first try no messages could be decrypted, not even incoming ones.
  95. stp lovetox, I tried with two different contacts, however both are on like myself (if the server has a role in this problem).
  96. lovetox i dont think so
  97. lovetox but still weird
  98. lovetox i will test with my own conversations
  99. lovetox i mean yes the server plays a role indirectly
  100. stp lovetox‎, meanwhile I think you need to edit the debug logging-feature so that the log files will get split when reacing a certain size. my Notepad++ has serious performance issues searching through the log which is currently 90 Mb in filesize.
  101. lovetox hm it splits every day
  102. lovetox assuming shut it down in the night
  103. stp lovetox‎, yeah, but here it ended with 190 Mb on saturday.
  104. lovetox have to look into if we can do this easily
  105. stp lovetox‎, splitting for times a day would be good IMO.
  106. stp lovetox‎, So I just thanked one of the contacts for answering to my test message and that message could also not be decrypted by Gajim! But this time Gajim and Conversations stayed online!
  107. lovetox again not encrypted for our device?
  108. stp lovetox‎, Wow I think I got blind, what term to search for?
  109. lovetox the same as before
  110. lovetox gajim.plugin_system.omemo: Received message not for our device
  111. stp lovetox‎, ah yes found it. So answer is yes
  112. stp lovetox‎, I just had an idea! Sent a message to that contact via Conversations, then via Gajim and then via Conversations again. AND THAT MADE IT WORK AGAIN! So the first message via Conversations did not decrypt, but then, after I had sent one via Gajim, the next sent via Conversations was decrypted fine.
  113. stp lovetox‎, BTW that process made it work again for all contacts, not just the one. Let me know if you need any more info.
  114. stp lovetox‎, All contacts involved in these tests are on including myself.
  115. lovetox it has nothting to do with your contacts, when your own device does not encrypt for your other own device
  116. lovetox its the same session between these 2 devices for all contacts
  117. lovetox omemo does not care about contacts or JIDs
  118. lovetox there is only sessions between specific devices
  119. stp lovetox‎, ok, I need to memorize that. Do you already have an explanation for the described behaviour?
  120. lovetox not from Gajims end
  121. lovetox can not much do if conversations does not encrypt for Gajim for some reason
  122. lovetox hm maybe
  123. lovetox you are on master branch right?
  124. stp lovetox‎, yes
  125. lovetox yeah maybe i found something, i will push a update later
  126. stp lovetox‎, Cool, I'm really looking forward to try it.
  127. lovetox thanks for all the testing :)
  128. stp lovetox‎, no problem, it's for a good purpose after all :-)
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  138. Nothing4You was there a recent-ish change that affects omemo?
  139. Nothing4You i'm suddenly getting (E) gajim.plugin_system.omemo Encrypted keys empty
  140. lovetox depends on your version
  141. Nothing4You i'm on the master branch
  142. lovetox and what plugin version?
  143. Nothing4You 2.6.49
  144. lovetox do you see fingerprints for that contact?
  145. Nothing4You yes
  146. Nothing4You it's sending to myself, not sure if that's relevant
  147. lovetox then there must be more in the log than that
  148. Nothing4You there isn't though
  149. Nothing4You ‎[22:22:30] ‎error while sending test ( Encryption error )
  150. lovetox sending to myself does not work
  151. Nothing4You that's in the chat window
  152. lovetox i just tested
  153. lovetox have to look into why
  154. Nothing4You ok
  155. lovetox do you do this often?
  156. Nothing4You yes
  157. Nothing4You well, often is relative
  158. Nothing4You probably like 5 times a month
  159. lovetox ah i see the problem
  160. lovetox yeah its a bug, i probably fix it tomorrow
  161. Nothing4You thanks
  162. Nothing4You btw while at it, i see fingerprints twice
  163. Nothing4You but that's been like that for a long time
  164. lovetox and deleting one does not help?
  165. Nothing4You entire list twice in a row, like abcabc
  166. lovetox `sqlite seems to really badly handle how we store the keys
  167. Nothing4You i just deleted one and both instances disappeared
  168. lovetox im about to tackle that soon
  169. Nothing4You cool
  170. lovetox it only happens to some people sadly
  171. Nothing4You probably like my random segfaults on osx
  172. Nothing4You can't get a debugger working to attach to it
  173. lovetox did you try running gajim in gdb?
  174. nadir omemo use Aes 128 bits or 256 bits ?
  175. lovetox whatever AES GCM uses
  176. nadir ok ! Thanks :)
  177. lovetox but its 128
  178. lovetox AES-GCM with a 16 byte key
  179. lovetox which makes it 128 bit
  180. nadir Thank you very much lovetox !! 😀
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