Gajim - 2019-02-23

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  4. wurstsalat lovetox, you moved #9201 to python-nbxmpp. Does this one describe the same?
  5. nico How could I fix a broken omemo session with Gajim? Keys are accepted and valid but messages are not coming through
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  10. Norst Hello. I have a question regarding httpupload. states the following: "When the upload is completed, a thumbnail will be sent to the recipients with XHTML-IM". But I have done test (between Gajim 1.1.2) and see no thumbnail, only URL
  11. lovetox this is old from the days where this was a plugin
  12. lovetox what are you after?
  13. lovetox image preview?
  14. Norst I guess no. Default configuration. So this behaviour is expected?
  15. Norst I am totally new to the gaijim
  16. lovetox yes its expected, the file is shared via link, if you want to see instead a image you can use the url_image_preview plugin
  17. lovetox it will download the link and show the image inline
  18. Norst thx, got it
  19. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/gajim_1.1_ of _gajim-plugins_ < >: *4b63c424* < > [omemo] Dont Fail on empty prekey table *5973af08* < > [omemo] Update manifest.ini & CHANGELOG
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  22. pep. Link Mauve, is there a way to have Arch packages follow the same versioning as gajim?
  23. pep. 1.0.0.beta1.r1107.ge3f8f050c-1 vs
  24. pep. lovetox, gajim-git doesn't work with nbxmpp-git? % pacman -Q gajim-git python-nbxmpp-git gajim-git 1.0.0.beta1.r1107.ge3f8f050c-1 python-nbxmpp-git 0.6.8.r131.ge83b5d4-1
  25. pep.
  26. pep. (I'm not using flatpak, just have it installed)
  27. Link Mauve pep., yes, by pushing tags whenever.
  28. lovetox hm there is no in the repo
  29. lovetox so this seems not current HEAD
  30. lovetox or maybe the installation of the package does not remove old files before installing
  31. lovetox which is a problem here
  32. Link Mauve No, it does.
  33. lovetox but something is weird, i deleted these files some days ago
  34. lovetox from the repo
  35. pep. I'm using this
  36. lovetox you should use
  37. lovetox not some hg. url
  38. lovetox ah thats only for description
  39. Link Mauve lovetox, url is just the project URL, it isn’t used to build the package.
  40. lovetox it does not load the package from there
  41. lovetox what does that mean?
  42. lovetox provides=('python-nbxmpp=0.6')
  43. lovetox ?
  44. pep. That could be `provides('python-nbxmpp')` even, do we need the version?
  45. pep. lovetox, I assume that the gajim package requires `python-nbxmpp>=0.6`
  46. Link Mauve That if another package depends on python-nbxmpp, or == 0.6, or > 0.5, or <= 0.6.99, this dependency will be satisfied by this -git package.
  47. pep. And this package provides it. (it's not named python-nbxmpp, it's named python-nbxmpp-git, hence why it's necessary)
  48. Link Mauve pep., better remove the =0.6 tbh.
  49. lovetox yeah but thats a problem, Link Mauve i think i forgot to notify you
  50. pep. Link Mauve, can you also add me as co-maintainer btw
  51. lovetox nbxmpp head is not now backwards compatible
  52. pep. I don't especially want to push anything, but maybe that can be useful someday
  53. lovetox if a Gajim 1.1 branch needs <0.7.0
  54. lovetox and master needs > 0.90
  55. Link Mauve pep., I’m not maintainer of this package, ask RavuAlHemio.
  56. pep. k
  57. pep. lovetox, that's fine? python-nbxmpp-git will always follow master, that's the goal
  58. lovetox to be correct
  59. pep. People using this package should know when not to use it
  60. lovetox but link mauve said if some other package like gajim 1.1 requires as deb python-nbxmpp < 0.7
  61. lovetox this package will match
  62. lovetox which will lead to a non working gajim
  63. pep. because it provides =0.6 atm
  64. Link Mauve Ask the maintainer.
  65. lovetox yes and thats wrong
  66. pep. And we should remove it yes
  67. pep. here, I commented on the package
  68. lovetox thanks
  69. pep. Though.. Link Mauve should be able to do it already, no?
  70. pep. In any case, I still get that error above
  71. lovetox so that does not solve your problem pep. it has nothing to do with nbxmpp
  72. lovetox remove gajim and reinstall the package
  73. lovetox it seems old files are in the sitepackage dir
  74. pep. hmm.
  75. lovetox or delete
  76. pep. Which is why I use a package manager, that shouldn't happen.
  77. pep. Let's see
  78. pep. hmm, that package is missing dependencies..
  79. pep. I see you're using precis now?
  80. pep. I wonder how many implementations are
  81. pep. Link Mauve, can you add python-gnupg as an optional dep for gajim-git
  82. Link Mauve Ok.
  83. Link Mauve pep., isn’t it a plugin?
  84. pep. it is
  85. pep. Ah
  86. pep. I see
  87. Link Mauve Add it to the plugin’s package then.
  88. pep. Is there a package for that?
  89. pep. gajim-plugin-foo
  90. pep. heh
  91. pep. I missed these
  92. pep. lovetox, seems to work indeed. I was probably doing something wrong.
  93. pep. unrelated Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/gajim/gtk/", line 63, in on_proxy_ready self._daemon_capabilities = proxy.GetCapabilities() File "/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/gi/overrides/", line 295, in __call__ None)
  94. pep. (connection to dbus failed, which is fine)
  95. pep. Any idea why the plugin menu is completely empty now? I only have the "Installed" tab and not the "Available" (I did clear every gajim folder, ~/.local/share/gajim and ~/.config/gajim), how do I tell it to sync up again
  96. pep. lovetox, getting close to release slixmpp-omemo, I'm testing against other implementations :)
  97. pep.
  98. lovetox pep. installing plugins is a own plugin
  99. lovetox
  100. lovetox pep. i did big refactorings in the current omemo master
  101. lovetox so if you find something weird please tell
  102. pep. Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/gajim/plugins/", line 114, in wrapper result = f(*args, **kwargs) File "/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/gajim/plugins/", line 189, in installed_plugins_toggled_cb app.plugin_manager.deactivate_plugin(plugin) File "/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/gajim/plugins/", line 466, in deactivate_plugin gui_extpoint_handlers) ValueError: list.remove(x): x not in list
  103. pep. This happens when unchecking "Plugin Installer"
  104. pep. Ah wait
  105. pep. That's not in master
  106. pep. hmm, the plugin installer should probably be packaged then
  107. lovetox it normally is, at least in link mauves package if i remember correctly
  108. lovetox but maybe not
  109. pep. It is in community/gajim, but I don't get it in aur/gajim-git apparently.
  110. lovetox but omemo has dependencys so it should be packaged aswell
  111. lovetox omemo is packaged
  112. lovetox but only in stable
  113. Link Mauve pep., please package the plugin installer, and I’ll make it an optdepends of gajim-git.
  114. pep. lovetox, gajim /usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/gajim/data/plugins/plugin_installer/DST_Root_CA_X3.pem do you have to package this?
  115. lovetox yes
  116. pep. Can you not use the system's?
  117. lovetox not with the current code
  118. pep. err, I don't like the gajim-plugin-* packages
  119. pep. They hardcode /usr/lib/python3.7
  120. lovetox and that means what?
  121. pep. That means when we move to python3.8 we'll have to update every single gajim-plugin- package
  122. pep. Instead of just rebuilding them
  123. lovetox you mean this is the install path?
  124. pep. yes
  125. lovetox there are 2 locations for plugins
  126. lovetox 1. is where gajim is installed
  127. lovetox 2. is in .local/share/gajim
  128. lovetox dont know whats the better place for a plugin installed via package manager
  129. pep. in /usr definitely
  130. pep. But hmm..
  131. pep. I wonder if there's a way to just have them as their own (python) packages, instead of having them _in_ the gajim dir
  132. pep. Link Mauve, ^
  133. pep. Poezio has a poezio_plugins right. That wouldn't help here though with lots of separate plugins
  134. pep. lovetox, as a packager, the best would be to run `python install --prefix=foo`
  135. pep. I don't have to worry about the python version etc.
  136. wurstsalat pep., nice to hear about progress in slixmpp's OMEMO plugin!
  137. pep. wurstsalat: if you want to hear more about it, you can join the poezio room, that's usually where stuff happens
  138. wurstsalat Thanks for the pointer!
  139. wurstsalat By the way: Are there any sprints planned after the end-or-march one? I wanted to attend to that one but now time is shorter than expected ;)
  140. pep. Planned yes, with a date not yet
  141. wurstsalat Any locations suggested yet?
  142. Link Mauve I’ve started asking around for a venue for one in Paris.
  143. pep. wurstsalat: where about are you?
  144. Link Mauve Nothing announced yet.
  145. wurstsalat Bremen, northern germany
  146. wurstsalat Thanks, I'm looking forward for the next one(s) then :)
  147. Link Mauve wurstsalat, do you want to organise one there?
  148. pep. Why is everybody German or living in Germany! Stop guys, we've got enough Germans already!
  149. Link Mauve :D
  150. wurstsalat Haha :D
  151. Link Mauve pep., but Germany is nice. ^^
  152. pep. I'm not saying the opposite
  153. wurstsalat I plan to check out what my hometown has to offer in terms of hackspaces and such (as soon as I'm back in april)
  154. pep. That'd be nice
  155. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 7 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ < >:
  156. wurstsalat ^ these are nice additions!