Gajim - 2019-02-22

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  3. mrDoctorWho
  4. qrsBRWN .
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  16. lovetox stp i think you run into a database issue sadly
  17. lovetox i can instruct you in the evening what to do
  18. lovetox that our own fingerprint is shown in the window is a bug
  19. lovetox but it does not have any effect trusting or not trusting it
  20. dil hi everyone
  21. dil installed this on my mac
  22. dil just wondering about the plugins
  23. dil i don't get how i install the installer
  24. dil i just get the error "archive is malformed"
  25. lovetox did you follow the wiki
  26. lovetox
  27. dil yeah
  28. lovetox does the console throw any errors when you try to install the plugin?
  29. dil oh wow i have a lot of errors
  30. dil
  31. dil i'll try installing that theme
  32. dil hey that was it
  33. dil thanks for your help
  34. dil the app looks much better now
  35. lovetox 🙂
  36. dil allow me to just test one plugin:
  37. dil $$e^ix-1=0$$
  38. dil hmmm
  39. dil $e^ix-1=0$
  40. dil hahaha
  41. dil not working yet but lets see
  42. dil lovetox: I have a lot of errors like this:
  43. dil v
  44. dil Traceback (most recent call last): File "/Users/marc/Documents/Programs/gajim/gajim/", line 114, in cell_data_func avatar_cell_data_func(column, renderer, model, iter_, has_parent) File "/Users/marc/Documents/Programs/gajim/gajim/", line 128, in avatar_cell_data_func renderer.set_property('surface', surface) NotImplementedError: Setting properties of type 'void' is not implemented
  45. dil is that something I'm doing wrong or really just not implemented?
  46. dil $$e^ix-1=0$$
  47. dil $$e^{ix}-1=0$$
  48. dil latex plugin is working
  49. lovetox dil, hm no you are missing some library in the GTK installation
  50. lovetox hm
  51. lovetox or no thats not it
  52. lovetox surface is None, and it says thats a invalid value to set
  53. lovetox weird why this works on other systems but not mac, have to check that
  54. dil ok no worries
  55. lovetox could you check in help -> about what GObject version you have installed?
  56. dil GTK+ Version: 3.22.30 PyGObject Version: 3.28.3 python-nbxmpp Version: 0.6.10
  57. stp lovetox‎, ok, please just trigger me here when you've got time. I think I'm free this evening.
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  60. lovetox stp, please install the new version
  61. lovetox and also download and install
  62. ta Should be in fdroid
  63. stp lovetox‎, Give me five minutes. Install sqllitebrowser on PC or smartphone?
  64. ta Sorry!
  65. ta This is gajim, not conversations...
  66. lovetox yeah debugging gajim via smartphone :D
  67. ta My bad
  68. stp lovetox: Ok, I've got Gajim current master and newest OMEMO Plugin installed. SQLLite browser is ready too.
  69. lovetox are you on windows?
  70. stp lovetox‎, yes, Windows 7
  71. lovetox Ok, do you know where the omemo db is for your account?
  72. lovetox its in your userdata folder named after your jid
  73. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ < >: *75a4f19d* < > [omemo] Clean up old sessions Delete sessions when we dont have an identity saved for it
  74. stp lovetox‎, that should be "" then.
  75. lovetox yes
  76. lovetox go to the identities table
  77. lovetox and delete all rows that contain your own JID in receipient id
  78. lovetox but be careful never delete the first row in this table
  79. lovetox afterwards go to the sessions table and do the same, delete all rows that contain your jid
  80. lovetox then write the changes to the database (there is a button for it)
  81. lovetox close it and restart gajim
  82. lovetox try to write some contact a message, your devices should pop up
  83. stp lovetox: You mean not to delete the first overall row or the first row containing my JID?
  84. lovetox no the first overall
  85. lovetox it has a -1 in it
  86. lovetox thats your secret key, if you delete it you will get a new fingerprint
  87. stp lovetox: Deleting the first row with my JID worked fine, the second worked but also gave message: Error changing data: UNIQUE constraint failed: identities._id
  88. lovetox that makes no sense
  89. lovetox are you saying it doesnt let you delete the row?
  90. lovetox ah ok you said it work
  91. lovetox yeah whatever write the changes and close up if you did the same in the session table
  92. lovetox you use the "delete row" button correct?
  93. stp lovetox: No, since I don't see a special delete row button I pressed the delete key on keyboard which empties the rows so that I have two empty rows now. There is a "Delete Record" button though, do you mean that one?
  94. lovetox yes to the top right over the table
  95. stp lovetox: got it. My own JID doesn't exist in sessions. Is that possible/ok?
  96. lovetox yes
  97. lovetox the deletion from today worked then
  98. stp lovetox‎, ok, I wrote the changes to the database, fired up Gajim & sent a OMEMO message. No popup though! Message came through fine to the receipient, but it wasn't encrypted for my Conversations. When I click on the shield button my Conversations fingerprint shows up as undecided. What to do now, trust that fingerprint or dive into the database-file again?
  99. lovetox no trust it and you should be fine
  100. stp lovetox‎, ok I'll try, I didn't want to jump ahead
  101. stp lovetox‎, success! It's all working again! Can you draw any conclusions from that which you didn't know before?
  102. lovetox i think a series of bugs accumulated because you installed the last versions
  103. lovetox but should be fine now, i dont think this will happen again
  104. stp lovetox‎, Ok. I'm in the process of sending test messages to receipients with which I also had OMEMO troube recently. The first I tried was already successful, the second however gave me "( Encryption error )" in the message window. I'll post debug message.
  105. lovetox means we have no valid session going, do you see fingerprints for this contact?
  106. stp lovetox‎, Yes, I see all required fingerprints
  107. lovetox yeah this is probably also solveable if you delete the fingerprints of the contact and restart gajim
  108. lovetox but i would be interested in the log output first
  109. lovetox what the actual error is
  110. stp lovetox‎, ok, here's the actual error:
  111. stp
  112. lovetox hm ok
  113. lovetox do nothing
  114. stp I left the receipient JID in that log intentionally, since it's no problem
  115. lovetox this is a bug
  116. lovetox i fix it now
  117. stp lovetox‎, :-) ok, I'll wait
  118. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 3 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ < >:
  119. lovetox ok stp try now
  120. stp lovetox, ok, updated OMEMO plugin but the problem is still there. Output (less then before though):
  121. stp 22.02.2019 17:37:32 (W) gajim.plugin_system.omemo: No devices for encryption fou nd for:
  122. lovetox hm and you are sure there is a trusted ACTIVE fingerprint in the fingerprint window?
  123. stp
  124. lovetox yeah then lets check the logs
  125. lovetox -l .nbxmpp.m.omemo=gajim.plugin_system.omemo=DEBUG
  126. lovetox the debug.exe
  127. stp lovetox‎, ok I'll do that now. Btw situation as follows: can't sent OMEMO messages to that contact via Gajim but via Conversations, can't decrypt received OMEMO messages from that contact but OMEMO messages sent via Conversations appear fine in Gajim.
  128. lovetox stp i think if you delete the fingerprint from this contact and restart gajim, then try send a message
  129. lovetox should solve this
  130. stp lovetox‎, Should I try before collection more debug output?
  131. lovetox yes
  132. stp lovetox‎, ok. General question: does it need a restart of Gajim for removed fingerprints to take effect?
  133. lovetox no, but to query the fingerprints again from the server it could take a restart
  134. lovetox but try without
  135. lovetox just delete and send a message
  136. lovetox with log output you could see what that contact advertises
  137. lovetox how many devices
  138. stp
  139. stp lovetox‎, Btw last debug output from when Gajim brought up the fingerprint window was this:
  140. stp
  141. lovetox he just advertises 2 devices
  142. lovetox he has to clear his devicelist, so that there is only one anymore
  143. lovetox i dont know how to do that in conversations though
  144. lovetox just trust the one he uses, and distrust the other one
  145. lovetox writing messages should now work
  146. stp lovetox‎, ok, I'd say just moving the slider in Conversations to the disabled position will do. Do you have any clue how that situation could arise?
  147. lovetox no, maybe he used some other client once
  148. stp lovetox‎, no, that impossible, since that contact has no technical clue whatsoever :-)
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  150. stp lovetox‎, I'm continuing going through my contacts sending them test messages. A lot of contacts where the same situation exists, even contacts where only one fingerprint is listed in both Conversations and Gajim and that contact never changed his device or anything like that. Removing the fingerprint and sending an OMEMO message & then trusting that fingerprint again will make it work again. I wonder how it came to that situation.
  151. lovetox i think its the way how we store the session sqlite it seems to break it from time to time and corrupt the data
  152. stp lovetox‎, :-) I hope that can be cured!
  153. stp lovetox, With one contact I got the message in the chatwindow "Keine Geräte gefunden. Abfrage läuft...". The same after I removed his fingerprint. The contact is shown as being offline, which may very well be the case. However, I thought since a year or even longer initiating OMEMO session also works without both sides being online. Do you know a reason for that?
  154. lovetox restart gajim, write him a message and look at the logs while you are doing it
  155. lovetox it will tell you whats wrong
  156. stp lovetox‎, Ok, meanwhile the problem with that most problematic contact is back! I'll investigate!
  157. stp lovetox, so I'll first regarding the contact where it said "Kein Geräte gefunden. Abfrage läuft": That contact appeared in the log when launching Gajim with the following debug output:
  158. stp lovetox, 22.02.2019 19:08:43 (I) nbxmpp.m.omemo: item-not-found: item-not-found 22.02.2019 19:08:43 (I) gajim.plugin_system.omemo: => Devicelist reque st failed: item-not-found: item-not-found 22.02.2019 19:08:43 (I) gajim.plugin_system.omemo: => Received device list for [] 22.02.2019 19:08:43 (I) gajim.plugin_system.omemo: Saved devices for smilinbandi
  159. lovetox he has no devices published
  160. lovetox a failure on his client
  161. stp lovetox, hm, I successfully exchanged encrypted messages with that contact just 9 days ago though.
  162. lovetox yes, if you have a working session there is no need for the devicelist
  163. lovetox you need it only to build one
  164. lovetox as you deleted the broken one, we need now a devicelist
  165. lovetox his devicelist could have been broken since months, if your session was ok you would never notice
  166. stp lovetox‎, oh ok. I'll contact him unencrypted to see what's going on.
  167. lovetox maybe it helps if he restarts his client
  168. stp lovetox‎, Ok. Now back to that most complicated contact. Current problem: messages I write via my Conversations can't by decrypted by my Gajim. The old inactive fingerprints keep reappearing in Gajim!
  169. lovetox your conversations has a session with gajim
  170. lovetox it has nothing to do with the contact
  171. lovetox if it doesnt work it doesnt work while chatting to every contact
  172. lovetox again look at the logs while you receive the message
  173. lovetox and see if there are errors
  174. stp lovetox‎, providing logs is what I was gonna do, but it now works again 🤔
  175. stp lovetox‎, Is that one session between Conversations and Gajim per contact or just one overall?
  176. lovetox stp in preference -> advanced is a log swithc
  177. lovetox it writes then debug logs to your userdata dir
  178. lovetox so you can look later if you experience it again what the problem was
  179. lovetox no overall
  180. lovetox it has nothing to do with the contact
  181. stp lovetox‎, aaah, there is a switch for that. Since I begun launching Gajim today with the "-l .nbxmpp.m.omemo=gajim.plugin_system.omemo=DEBUG" I expected to see log files in /UserData/Debug but there were none. Is that switch new? I had just recently disabled writing log files to the harddrive since it wrote a big amount every day, but I thought I had disabled that just by changing the Windows shortcut.
  182. lovetox it exists only in master yes
  183. andrey.g wurstsalat, and are still with "need info".
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  187. lovetox but stp i think there are some more bugs in the plugin, i will try and fix them over the next days
  188. bot Andrey Gursky created an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #393: < [omemo] Allow mark non-anonymous MUC as public >
  189. bot Andrey Gursky modified an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #393: < [omemo] Allow mark non-anonymous MUC as public >
  190. stp lovetox‎, I'll keep it all up to date and test :-) Thanks for your help btw! .-)
  191. stp lovetox‎, I'll keep it all up to date and test :-) Thanks for your help btw! :-)
  192. stp Is the "Banner Tweaks" plugin considered unmaintained?
  193. bot Andrey Gursky modified an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #393: < [omemo] Allow mark non-anonymous MUC as public >
  194. lovetox yes
  195. lovetox its probably very broken
  196. lovetox stp i found that bug why it shows some devices inactive
  197. stp lovetox‎, yes, Banner Tweaks throws a lot of errors. So is it worth tracking and reporting those or will future GUI changes make that plugin obsolete anyway?
  198. lovetox what does it that you would like to see in Gajim?
  199. stp lovetox‎, I installed it way back when I installed Gajim the very first time years ago. I need to investigate why I thought I needed it. Il'll come back to you.
  200. stp lovetox‎, ok, I had a look. I think all four options of Banner Tweak are really worth it.
  201. _moep_ Hello! Im using Gajim-nightly. " have a "Layer 8" problem: how/where can I delete muc which are related to my account?
  202. _moep_ +I
  203. lovetox Gajim -> Bookmarks
  204. _moep_ loidt, is that this service side feature?
  205. _moep_ "As ejabberd now supports XEP-0411, you must perform some actions before starting the service. If your users are NOT USING bookmarks, you can dismiss this."
  206. lovetox sorry i dont know what you are talking about
  207. _moep_ lovetox, about bookmarks or wasnt your answer ~15 minutes ago not related to me?
  208. lovetox what about it?
  209. lovetox what actions much who perform ?
  210. lovetox what actions must who perform ?
  211. lovetox what is Layer 8
  212. lovetox questions over questions
  213. _moep_ lovetox, layer 8 is the user
  214. lovetox I guess everyone wants to use bookmarks
  215. lovetox so please perform whatever action is necessary :)
  216. _moep_ right I just want to delete some old mucs which are not online anymore :D
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