Gajim - 2019-02-21

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  3. bot villeneuve modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9590: < Recent Masters don't run on Windows >
  4. bot villeneuve modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9590: < Recent Masters don't run on Windows >
  5. bot villeneuve modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9590: < Recent Masters don't run on Windows >
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  7. Svais Good day. Help is needed. When I connect, Gajim doubles messages from history.
  8. Svais What could be the problem? Conversation pulls up the story normally.
  9. wurstsalat Svais, what version of Gajim are you using?
  10. Svais 1.1.2
  11. Svais
  12. lovetox Can you activate MAM in the room?
  13. lovetox Its a bug with some MUCs, as they provide a timestamp we ignore, and so our deduplication does not work
  14. Svais How to solve this problem?
  15. Svais And this message is not from the room, it is personal correspondence.
  16. Svais So is there any solution to this problem or not?
  17. lovetox As i said its a bug with some Rooms, you can use MAM on the room to avoid it
  18. lovetox Ah you mean this is single chat?
  19. lovetox then this should not happen
  20. lovetox Create a issue, and please provide logs at the point this happens
  21. lovetox you can get logs with starting Gajim with -v
  22. Svais yes< in single chat
  23. ta fm, syntax highlighting works like a charm. One thing, font size should be inherited from gajim but be overridable, i think. I usually dont set sizes in applications, but let them all inherit from system settings. So this chain should not be destroyed.
  24. ta me not good english before coffee ;-)
  25. fm ta, indeed, already discussed that with lovetox some days ago. Will do asap, but I'm drowning in work (the paid one ;) at the moment, will see when I'll find the time
  26. fm did you have the issue with leaking inline code spans again with the current version ? should be fixed now
  27. ta no, did not have any issues so far.
  28. ta paid work can distracting.
  29. ta My name shown in local chat log is written with capital first letter in 1:1 chats. I don't know since when, but it is strange, since i did not set any name in account settings. In MUCs my (nick)name is in small letters, as expected.
  30. lovetox ta, open the profile window, you can configure your nick there
  31. ta so this is expected default behaviour?
  32. ta by default i thought name-part of the jid lowercase would be used. But yeah, i can set a name seperately.
  33. ta now, i found the window you meant, sorry...
  34. ta Well, i never set that profile. Would be interesting which client did... tried some in the last weeks.
  35. oli
  36. oli fucking pastebin
  37. pep. I'm sorry you feel that way (not about the pastebin). Good luck
  38. pep. I don't think in yesterday's discussion Link Mauve told you to drop support for other technologies
  39. pep. His point was that you can actually negociate what features you want to use. If you want to do A/V with a browser, well then you don't have a choice but to support webrtc right?
  40. pep. And implementing webrtc support in farstream was also mentioned
  41. pep. But _somebody_ needs to do it
  42. pep. I have no opinion on any of that, I don't know much about it
  43. Link Mauve oli, where did I mention that we should drop compatibility with existing desktop clients which don’t mandate most of the WebRTC features?
  44. Link Mauve Disallowing unencrypted RTP sessions would do exactly that.
  45. Link Mauve oli, deprecating existing solutions can’t be done just by putting a deprecated tag on a XEP, we also can’t prevent implementations from experimenting.
  46. Link Mauve And imo that’s a good thing.
  47. Link Mauve Not every social problem can be fixed by standardisation.
  48. bot Oli closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9540: < Ideas / tasks for making Jingle audio calls great again >
  49. stp Guys what was done to the OMEMO plugin to break multi-device? Gajim can't decrypt messages sent from my Conversations device anymore and vice versa. Received OMEMO messages don't show up in Gajim at all.
  50. stp My Conversations states that my Gajim device is no longer in use. In Gajim in the plugin manager everything looks fine, however nothing happens when I click on the red shield button in a 1:1-chat.
  51. lovetox stp look at the log
  52. stp lovetox‎, yeah but what term to look for?
  53. lovetox errors, you dont need to specify -v
  54. lovetox just start gajim in the console
  55. lovetox But stp if Gajim does not show up as active device, there may be something wrong with the server
  56. lovetox if you dont find errors in the gajim console thats the next place i would look at
  57. lovetox that you dont receive messages if the device is inactive in conversations, is intended
  58. stp lovetox, I'm on Windows. So I did "gajim-debug.exe" -c ..\UserData . cmd.exe sucks for that, but I found this:
  59. stp lovetox‎ 21.02.2019 13:53:15 (W) gajim.plugin_system.omemo: No valid sessionsBad Mac!
  60. lovetox yeah a broken session but that does not have to do anything with the device showing up as inactive
  61. lovetox restart Gajim and conversations
  62. lovetox and look then again if its still inactive in Conversations
  63. lovetox Ah wait
  64. lovetox Conversations implements this for its own devices, that it sets them to inactive after a longer time not receiving anything
  65. lovetox go to the fingerprint window in Gajim, delete the fingerprint of conversations, restart Gajim and write a message
  66. lovetox to any of your contacts
  67. lovetox the conversations device should then be show up again
  68. stp lovetox‎, Restarting Gajim and Conversations didn't improve it. How to delete the Conversations fingerprint Gajim? Plugins -> OMEMO -> settings only offers "delete devices" but there it shows IDs. How I am supposed to now which ID is Conversations?
  69. stp lovetox‎, ok I could figure out which is which by figuring out on ID that was an old Gajim install on a laptop that wasn't used for a year or so. Why does Gajim use IDs which are just confusing?
  70. lovetox stp shield button in the chat window
  71. lovetox you dont need settings
  72. stp lovetox‎, yeah but that's broken as I wrote initially. I can click it but nothing comes up.
  73. lovetox then there must be an error in the console at the time of clicking
  74. stp lovetox‎, I should've know that :-) Here's the output:
  75. stp
  76. lovetox yes stp known bug, i push a new version in the evening
  77. stp lovetox‎, allright. I'll try that tomorrow then. Thanks!
  78. Mark Hello, i have a little problem with gajim. I'm using my jabber account on serveral devices. And in Gajim i have an extra chat with this devices, so my devices are shown like a contact. Can i change this?
  79. lovetox you mean the self contact at the top of the roster?
  80. Mark yes
  81. lovetox what gajim version?
  82. Mark 1.1.2
  83. lovetox no you cant hide it, are you aware that you can use it to send messages between your devices?
  84. Mark yes
  85. lovetox oh wait i think its still in 1.1.2
  86. lovetox look in the advanced config editor for "show_self_contact"
  87. lovetox deactivate it and restart gajim
  88. Mark where can i find the advanced config editor
  89. lovetox preferences -> advanced
  90. Mark thank you
  91. Mark problem is solved
  92. marc lovetox, how do you determine mobile clients? gajim shows a "mobile" icon
  93. Link Mauve marc, a mobile client advertise itself as being mobile.
  94. Link Mauve That’s a XEP-0030 identity.
  95. marc Link Mauve: ah thanks, didn't know that
  96. ta lovetox: is hiding self compact going to be removed in future Vversions?
  97. lovetox probably not, but i have to do it in another way then currently implemented and there is probably a preference setting needed instead of ACE
  98. lovetox and i removed it in master because of something else, and have to add it again
  99. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 10 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim-plugins_ < >:
  100. lovetox stp i pushed a update, hope that helps
  101. stp lovetox, thanks for informing me. I tried it. The OMEMO shield button is working again. When I clicked on it the first time Gajim's own fingerprint was shown as trust undecided. I found it strange that it ended up in a state not trusting itself. I then trusted Gajim own fingerprint. Multi-device OMEMO is still not working though.
  102. stp lovetox, I'll now try what you suggested last afternoon: deleting my Conversations fingerprint from Gajim and then restarting Gajim.
  103. stp lovetox, after restarting my Conversations fingerprint was still showing up, but labeld inactive. Then I tried to send an OMEMO message and now every fingerprint of myself is showing twice. I'll see what happens now
  104. stp lovetox, hm, situation unchanged, but fingerprints back to being just shown once now.
  105. stp lovetox, I now tried deleting the Conversations fingerprint three times, but after every restart of Gajim it's there again. Looks like deleting fingerprints doesn't work. Maybe you can try yourself to see if it's a general problem or just on my side.