Gajim - 2019-02-14

  1. fm wurstsalat: I will have a look at it later
  2. wurstsalat Thanks :)
  3. fm Is there a recommended way how to install third party Python dependencies on windows? Would like to add at least a short note to the readme
  4. wurstsalat Normally, all dependencies are shipped with the windows installer I think. So pygments for example was added recently
  5. fm Oh, it was?
  6. wurstsalat I think so, let me have a look
  7. fm Thanks!
  8. wurstsalat
  9. fm Wow, nice. What a service :)
  10. fm Do you maybe also know the timeline?
  11. fm I.e. would it make sense to work around it not being part of the installer for 1.1?
  12. fm Or will an update or 1.2 be out soon?
  13. wurstsalat Nightlies will use the newer installer with added dependencies. But before 1.1.3 there won't be an official version I guess. 1.2 is still a long way
  14. wurstsalat But 1.1.2 was released only recently, I think the next version will take a while
  15. fm Ok, in that case I will invest a few minutes to check how windows users could add pygments until then....
  16. fm I guess just putting pygments into the plugins folder and fixing the imports accordingly might be enough
  17. wurstsalat Maybe lovetox knows how to propperly deal with that
  18. wurstsalat *properly
  19. lovetox fm, no i wouldnt invest time into that
  20. lovetox Windows users that are interested in that feature can just install the nightly
  21. lovetox i will add that commit to the 1.1 branch soon
  22. ta is interested
  23. ta unfortunately i need to use windows to earn money.
  24. ta but i use chocolatey as package management, so i would rather not install a nightly here.
  25. lovetox and you install gajim with chocolatey?
  26. ta yes, it's no core package, but at least signed off by some moderator:
  27. ta works like a charm. Upgraded Gajim from 1.1 to 1.1.2 this way.
  28. bot Fred Nicolson created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9581: < Python error during file transfer >
  29. bot Fred Nicolson modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9581: < Python error during file transfer >
  30. bot Fred Nicolson modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9581: < Python error during file transfer >
  31. ta what is the expected behaviour in case of a nick change in a private, non anonymous muc? I am connected with 4 resources, just for fun wanted to change the nick, what gajim did not allow me to do ("nick already taken" which is not true). Anyways i could rejoin that muc with the new nickname. Seeing the other guys and my other three resources using the old nick.... Lets call that UX "interesting".
  32. Zash Probably the server that prevented you from changing nick. It's kinda complicated if there are many resources in the same nick.
  33. ta Actually its okay from the server to do so. The feedback was wrong. and no i am connected with two nicks...
  34. ta Zash, speaking of the server, it's prosody 😅
  35. Zash Prosody 0.11.x will let you change nick if you have multiple resources joined in the same nick
  36. Zash Earlier versions will not
  37. ta ok, the admin is rather conservative. Still on 0.10.2
  38. ta Zash, thanks for the explanation.
  39. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9581: < Python error during file transfer >
  40. lovetox_ ta MUCs treat every device of yours as its own joined user by default
  41. lovetox_ some servers offer the functionallity to merge your resources into one if they all have the same nick
  42. lovetox_ but there is nothing specified what should happen if one of these resources changes his nick
  43. lovetox_ so just dont do it :D
  44. bot zuglufttier created an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #388: < OMEMO fingerprints cannot be sorted >
  45. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #388: < OMEMO fingerprints cannot be sorted >
  46. ta lovetox_: > so just dont do it :D Thats what i figured. Thanks for clarification.
  47. fm lovetox, ta, wurstsalat: just got time to test it, plugin works without any code changes with the master branch
  48. fm as wurstsalat already guessed, fixing the version is sufficient
  49. fm is there a plan how to keep the branches in sync? manually?
  50. fm oh, lovetox_ has multiple personalities :D
  51. wurstsalat fm, it's done manually
  52. fm ok
  53. lovetox yes manually you would have to make for everything 2 merge requests
  54. lovetox thats why i would say if plan on bigger changes first do them and port later
  55. fm I do plan changes, but I don't know when I get the time to finish them...
  56. fm Question is, if there are people using master/nightly who want to use the plugin. If there are people interested, I guess it is not so much overhead, as long as the differences are not too large
  57. lovetox if so you gonna find them here, lets wait maybe someone is interested
  58. fm think so too^^
  59. fm isn't there an xep for polls? :D
  60. wurstsalat You could also do small steps for 1.1 branch and update master only after a while (with bundled changes)
  61. fm If there are going to be many changes, sure. don't know yet
  62. wurstsalat Either way, I'm excited :)
  63. lnostdal hi all, is there some way to hide all the "has joined, has left, has joined" spam? i'm using 1.1.2+14b4488b0
  64. lovetox yes in advanced config editor search for print_status_in_muc
  65. lnostdal got it; thanks! :)
  66. lovetox i think i bind a message for that answer in the acronym plugin :)
  67. lovetox wurstsalat, did you ever try out that plugin?
  68. wurstsalat lovetox, I think I did, can't really remember if I used it after you've rewritten it though..
  69. wurstsalat But yeah, excellent idea to bind common answers to shortcodes :D
  70. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9581: < Python error during file transfer >
  71. ta wurstsalat: i actually thought that acronym plugin was the other way around. I installed be cause i sometime think about letter-tuples longer than i want to ;-)