Gajim - 2019-02-08

  1. lovetox oli, farstreamer only does the connection and negotiation stuff
  2. lovetox you can use all audio features gstreamer offers with adjusting the pipe the audio goes through
  3. lovetox we could route it through all kinds of filters
  4. oli lovetox: if it's easy to do, we should add that. I haven't had the time to look into the code...
  5. asterix It'san option in ace. You can adjust pipe there
  6. Marzanna Hello. Why does it happen every time I start Gajim?
  7. lovetox Marzanna seems someone in your roster has some invalid avatar metdata node
  8. lovetox we should silently log that but i did not account for that
  9. lovetox i fix it in the evening
  10. lovetox the exact stanza would be interesting though
  11. lovetox maybe you can log with -v
  12. lovetox and check the stanza right before the exception
  13. Marzanna lovetox, I don't get this exception anymore :(
  14. lovetox weird
  15. Marzanna oh no I have it actually
  16. Marzanna lovetox, I tried but it prints traceback right after all stanzas
  17. lovetox the traceback should be printed at the moment it occurs
  18. lovetox are you looking at terminal or xml console?
  19. lovetox just look for a avatar metadata node
  20. lovetox that does not contain metadata
  21. Marzanna lovetox, I redirected all output to a log file
  22. lovetox i think thats problematic for some reason
  23. lovetox in console it prints it when it happens
  24. Marzanna lovetox, there is too much data.
  25. Marzanna I can't scroll back to the very beginning
  26. lovetox are you on windows?
  27. Marzanna Linux
  28. lovetox Oo
  29. lovetox my terminal buffer is like endless
  30. lovetox then open xml console
  31. Marzanna Oh, I have this option too. I'll try then
  32. lovetox and filter only for incoming messages
  33. Marzanna lovetox,
  34. lovetox yes wrong stanza, the namespace is missing from the metadata node
  35. lovetox can you find out what client this user uses?
  36. lovetox so we can make a bug report
  37. lovetox Marzanna
  38. Marzanna lovetox, telepathy-gabble
  39. lovetox i dont think this is a client
  40. lovetox is telepathy not a lib
  41. Link Mauve Yes, most likely something like Empathy.
  42. Link Mauve But telepathy-gabble would be where they implement XEPs support.
  43. Link Mauve The client having no knowledge of XMPP at all.
  44. Marzanna lovetox, it's a built it client in SailfishOS which uses telepathy-gabble
  45. lovetox but gabble does not support avatar 0084 upload
  46. lovetox next question would be what server sofware does he use?
  47. lovetox maybe the avatar conversion mod is at fault
  48. Marzanna lovetox, sorry I was afk. let me check
  49. Marzanna Yes. mod_avatar is used
  50. lovetox and server is prosody?
  51. Marzanna lovetox, ejabberd
  52. lovetox version?
  53. Marzanna 18.12
  54. Marzanna 18.12.1
  55. lovetox thanks
  56. bot Florian Münchbach updated a merge request for _gajim-plugins/gajim_1.1_ < >: WIP: Syntax Highlighting Plugin - Ported
  57. bot Florian Münchbach updated a merge request for _gajim-plugins/gajim_1.1_ < >: Syntax Highlighting Plugin - Ported
  58. Neustradamus