Gajim - 2019-02-03

  1. wurstsalat fm, happy to see your contribution! I'll integrate the plugin in the plugins list as soon as your MR got merged. About the page. I saw we have a wiki page plus the of your MR. I'd prefer to only have one of both to avoid having to update both.
  2. Arsen sorry lovetox, I'll just leave the conference since I don't really have a reason to be here right now.
  3. fm wurstsalat: happy to finally find the time to do so ;)
  4. fm About the readme/wiki: any preference?
  5. fm Guess, wiki is what most users will read, if any
  6. fm lovetox, wurstsalat: I just realized that conversations recognizes the markdown-style backtick syntax. At least it uses it for monospaced fonts. I will adapt the code today or tomorrow evening, so please consider the MR wip until then
  7. wurstsalat Yeah, having a bit of compatibility for that markdown between clients would be nice indeed! :)
  8. wurstsalat Concerning the wiki I don't really know. All plugins have a wiki page but it's often forgotten to be updated. Updating a when proposing a MR is just one step compared to updating the wiki as well (and having the necessary rights to do so)
  9. lovetox but monospace is not equal code blocks or :)
  10. lovetox
  11. lovetox this also speaks about ```
  12. lovetox as preformatted text
  13. lovetox so maybe this is exactly what we are trying to do
  14. fm > but monospace is not equal code blocks or :) True, but it's not too far from that either....
  15. fm Haven't seen the xep so far, but I think this is where we are heading.... Plain preformatted monospace text could also be implemented that way
  16. fm
  17. subzero hey folx, I've gotta prob with the current portable installer on WIN. My AV always blocks it with pop up "not signed". Is there any hash or PGP Signature?
  18. ta fm: i appreciate your work. ```language print("some code") ``` Would be pretty nice to read on Conversations. I dont care that much for inline. `language print("inline")` can lead to copy paste confusion, i think
  19. lovetox subzero, i dont see the problem
  20. lovetox that just means the application was not signed by microsoft
  21. lovetox dont know why a AV would check that, you have to ask the AV developer
  22. subzero app wants to have unrestricted access to the computer. Not sure about trusting without hashes or pgp
  23. subzero didn't have probs like that with former versions
  24. hannibal subzero: if an attacker can modify the installer she can do the same with an hash value published on the website
  25. lovetox subzero, the prob is your AV not Gajim
  26. fm ta: i think I will stick with the "normal" markdown way, inline code is simply formatted with whatever language one defines as default. Setting a language there is too confusing, and it needs a lot of work to reliably distinguish the first word from actual code...
  27. lovetox does it?
  28. lovetox seems simple to me
  29. lovetox ````python
  30. lovetox then whitespace
  31. lovetox everything after ``` until the first whitespace
  32. lovetox parse it check if that language exsit else treat it as code
  33. fm Sure. For multi könne
  34. fm Line
  35. fm Not for inline
  36. lovetox inline means `bla` ?
  37. fm Yes
  38. lovetox yes no language for that, seems fine to me
  39. lovetox you could even say this is not covered by your plugin
  40. lovetox or format it only as monospace
  41. lovetox like conversations
  42. ta fm: i didn't know about default inline. Sounds good.
  43. fm I would have to check with the lexer if it is code. The lexer that is to be initialised with said language....
  44. fm Chicken & egg...
  45. lovetox i think going the simple way here is good enough
  46. lovetox if someone uses a code highlight plugin, i guess its 99% for multiline
  47. fm I would stick with the default language from the settings. If people only want monospace, its possible, too
  48. lovetox nah stick with default, is good enough for now
  49. fm Guess so
  50. lovetox please tell me when you are finished and want to merge
  51. fm With multi line I will be less strict than markdown, I will match '\n*```\S\n+'. Note the * instead of + for the first new line. Rational: it does not provide any additional information for parsing and for the looks of it, there are config options to insertin newlines...
  52. fm lovetox: will do.
  53. bot Florian Münchbach updated a merge request for _gajim-plugins/gajim_1.1_ < >: WIP: Syntax Highlighting Plugin - Ported
  54. Eduard Hello, what's the directory that Gajim uses to get GPG keys?
  55. Eduard I'm seting up firejail for Gajim but it never recognize the GPG passphrase.
  56. Eduard I though that I need to whitelist the PATH that Gajim uses for that purpose but whitelisting ${HOME}/.gnupg doesn't work.
  57. lovetox if it asks you for a passphrase that means it has found your keyring
  58. lovetox do you have non ascii chars in your password?
  59. lovetox what gajim version are you using?
  60. lovetox what python-gnupg version
  61. Eduard Yes, it ask for the passphrase and I don't have non ascii characters there.
  62. Eduard Im using gajim 1.1.2
  63. Eduard Python-gnupg 0.4.4
  64. lovetox and it says your passphrase is wrong?
  65. lovetox maybe get logs
  66. lovetox start gajim from console with -v
  67. Eduard Yes, it says. I though that I need to whitelist $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/gnupg/S.*
  68. Eduard Because since gpg 2.x it never accesses to private keys directly and everything goes through the agent.
  69. Eduard I whitelisted S.gpg-agent but still doesn't works.
  70. Eduard When I remove the firejail profile it works again.
  71. lovetox does firejail not have logs where you can see what the application trys to access?
  72. Eduard I found the issue, now I need to fix it.
  73. lovetox good !
  74. Eduard When Gajim tries to use /usr/bin/gpg-agent it say 'not found'
  75. Eduard Because it's blacklisted.
  76. Eduard Theoretically whitelisting it should work.
  77. mimi89999 Hello
  78. mimi89999 Does Gajim set access control for OMEMO nodes to public?
  79. lovetox no
  80. mimi89999 Why?
  81. lovetox no time to add it
  82. wurstsalat mimi89999: you could add an issue as a friendly reminder :)