Gajim - 2019-01-30

  1. wurstsalat MattJ ^
  2. wurstsalat asterix, the 'room logs' link in this room's topic has a slash missing at the end again. It's displayed but not inside the link
  3. asterix The slash is here. Maybe lovetox added it since you posted
  4. wurstsalat Yes, works again.. Thanks for having a look?
  5. wurstsalat !
  6. Link Mauve Err, % echo $LANGUAGE fr:ja % gajim Found default language: en
  7. Link Mauve Why does Gajim not just continue to obey my OS language preferences like in the past?
  8. Link Mauve Also, Traceback (most recent call last):
  9. Link Mauve The second time I opened Gajim in dbus-launch, and it opened kwallet instead of gnome-keyring and then:
  10. lovetox Link Mauve what does locale.getdefaultlocale() return for you?
  11. lovetox and for keyring, Gajim does not decide about which keyring to use, we use the python keyring package and just issue a get_password command
  12. lovetox i didnt look into it what it uses as default
  13. Link Mauve >>> locale.getdefaultlocale() ('en_GB', 'UTF-8')
  14. Link Mauve That’s the content of my LANG variable.
  15. Link Mauve But LANGUAGE takes precedence.
  16. Link Mauve lovetox, but shouldn’t Gajim start even if I cancel the password form, instead of crashing with a traceback?
  17. lovetox Link Mauve, we use that method
  18. lovetox and precedent is whatever this method does
  19. lovetox i dont write my own getdefaultlanguage method that checks all kind of ENV vars
  20. Link Mauve Are you saying the issue is in Python?
  21. Link Mauve lovetox, this API can’t really do it properly.
  22. Link Mauve LANGUAGE is a list of fallbacks to use.
  23. lovetox Link Mauve on Windows and MACOS i call a dedicated method that gives me the user preference language
  24. Link Mauve In the case of LANGUAGE=fr:ja LANG=en_GB.UTF-8, any given string will be first tried with fr, then if it isn’t part of the fr translation, ja, then if it isn’t part of the ja translation, en_GB.
  25. lovetox its sad if linux doesnt have this
  26. Link Mauve lovetox, on LINUX, you already have the environment.
  27. Link Mauve And you can just let gettext do the correct thing.
  28. lovetox The GNU gettext search path contains 'LC_ALL', 'LC_CTYPE', 'LANG' and 'LANGUAGE', in that order.
  29. lovetox this is the order python uses
  30. lovetox so LANG is before LANGUAGE
  31. lovetox so i dont know where you get the info that LANGUAGE takes precedence
  32. Link Mauve lovetox, both are used.
  33. Link Mauve It works exactly like I told you.
  34. lovetox oh you think we tell gettext what translation to use, but we dont
  35. lovetox but i have to set a xml:lang on the stream
  36. lovetox and gettext will not help me with that
  37. lovetox this must be evident for you as the UI is not in english
  38. lovetox ..
  39. Link Mauve lovetox, the UI doesn’t start anymore, since the keyring code stops Gajim from starting.
  40. lovetox k i fix that
  41. lovetox Link Mauve, are you talking about master?
  42. lovetox because that seems weird, in master we request the password on auth
  43. lovetox so Gajim must be long started to get to auth
  44. lovetox ah thats not master
  45. Link Mauve lovetox, indeed, on master that’s fixed.
  46. Link Mauve Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/gajim/gtk/", line 62, in on_proxy_ready proxy = Gio.DBusProxy.new_finish(res) gi.repository.GLib.Error: g-io-error-quark: Erreur lors de l’appel de StartServiceByName pour org.freedesktop.Notifications : Le délai d’attente est dépassé (24)
  47. Link Mauve Sorry I wasn’t up to date.
  48. lovetox hm yeah we dont catch that exception, fix this later
  49. lovetox is your dbus somehow down, or not activated?
  50. lovetox because also the keyring module reports some dbus errors
  51. Link Mauve Probably yeah.
  52. Link Mauve I don’t have brain cycles to debug that right now.
  53. Link Mauve We are at the UX Sprint in Brussels, fyi.
  54. lovetox ah yeah have fun
  55. lovetox i will try and join the berlin one
  56. Link Mauve I’ll meet you there then. :)
  57. fm Hi lovetox, about the syntax_highlight plugin: I wanted to be able to let gajim properly format non-code text around code blocks. So I had a look at the conversation_textview code. From what I've seen there when skipping through the code, it should be totally fine if i call the detect_and_print_special_text method from my print_real_text extension point callback. Is that true?
  58. fm I am simply splitting the real_text in code block and non-code block elements. The non-code text parts I pass on to the detect_and_print_special_text method, the code blocks I insert into the buffer myself and format them.
  59. fm works pretty well so far
  60. fm the only downside I currently see is that gtk will emit more insert-text events...
  61. lovetox hm
  62. lovetox yes sounds good at first look
  63. debacle lovetox, yes, please come to Berlin!
  64. sol Hello. Why shouldn't gajim-nightly be used alongside gajim-omemo?
  65. sol Installing gajim-omemo removes gajim-nightly and installs gajim instead.
  66. sol (And that also leads to issues like this: )
  67. debacle lovetox, Link Mauve, please put your names in the list:
  68. lovetox sol from where do you install gajim-omemo?
  69. sol lovetox: From the Ubuntu bionic repo.
  70. sol Does this chatroom auto-truncate/pastebin long messages?
  71. lovetox yes
  72. sol
  73. lovetox you have to ask the package maintainer why it uninstalls another gajim version
  74. lovetox no idea, but you can use this omemo plugin anyway for nightly
  75. lovetox gajim nightly is 1.1 branch
  76. lovetox and ubuntu gajim is 1.0
  77. lovetox if you are on nightly you have to install plugins manually from here
  78. lovetox
  79. sol The maintainer isn't in this chatroom?
  80. lovetox or you use debian backports repo
  81. lovetox sol, no im not aware, i think they just copy whatever is in debian at some point no idea
  82. sol Thanks. I just reinstalled gajim-nightly, and now OMEMO seems to work.
  83. sol (Earlier it gave an error that I had not installed or had an outdate version of python-axolotl )
  84. lovetox what version of omemo is shown in the plugin window
  85. lovetox ?
  86. sol Quite pleased with Gajim! It seems to have improved a whole lot since I last tried it on Ubuntu 16.04 (with Unity). At least, it seems to be fully compatible with Unity on 18.04 :-)
  87. sol lovetox, 2.6.26
  88. lovetox yeah ok thats fine :)
  89. lovetox sol, good to hear
  90. sol
  91. lovetox hm if you install a plugin via plugin manager it cant install dependencys
  92. lovetox as this is not a package manager
  93. lovetox so you have to deal with that yourself
  94. lovetox when you installed gajim-omemo via apt, it installed all dependencys with it
  95. lovetox so afterwards the dependencys were satisified so the other plugin did start to work
  96. debacle It would be nice, if I had more contact to both Ubuntu and to Mint developers. I do the Debian packages of Gajim etc. which are taken by Ubuntu, Mint, and many others, but sometimes I'm not sure about their specifics.
  97. sol It'd be great if OMEMO and it's dependencies could be seen as a core part of Gajim and packaged with it.
  98. sol How does one enable suppression of part/join messages?
  99. Eduard > It'd be great if OMEMO and it's dependencies could be seen as a core part of Gajim and packaged with it. But probably it never happen.
  100. sol Eduard, why is that? Practical impediments?
  101. Eduard Because it's a plugin only for encryption, it doesn't limit in any way the software usage.
  102. Eduard Core dependencies are only packages that are strictly needed by gajim
  103. Eduard I'm developer of Linux distros and that's the mind, simplicity.
  104. sol Given that most modern mobile XMPP apps bundle/are in the process of bundling OMEMO as a core part of their app, I think that's the way to go if we are to push for end-to-end encryption in XMPP.
  105. sol "core part", meaning there is no need for the user to install a separate plugin, even if OMEMO is developed as a separate pluggable module.
  106. Eduard Yes, I understand, but as I say, Gajim can work without OMEMO, then OMEMO can't be part of core packages.
  107. sol Gajim can work without message carbons. The question isn't whether it can work without it, but what makes sense for the default to contain.
  108. iiro Hello, i am using conversation on mobile and gajim on desktop. When i resume my desktop from hibernation, gajim re-notifies of messages i already have read with conversations. Is there any way to fix this?
  109. sol Modular development is fine, but the question is which modules are part of the default installation.
  110. Eduard Im only saying the reasons because Linux devs probably never package Gajim with OMEMO by default .
  111. Eduard But the plugin is available in major distros number, or easily available using the plugin installer.
  112. Eduard > Hello, i am using conversation on mobile and gajim on desktop. When i resume my desktop from hibernation, gajim re-notifies of messages i already have read with conversations. Is there any way to fix this? Only disabling notifications in Gajim.
  113. Eduard Gajim can't know what messages are read in the speed that it's synced.
  114. iiro Would it be this?
  115. Eduard Yes.
  116. iiro Ok
  117. Eduard Gajim can *assume* that you read a message when you reply later of it.
  118. Eduard For example, you can read a message here but it's still not read for Gajim, if you write after of that message then Gajim show it as read.
  119. Eduard *Note*: with _here_ I mean in another XMPP client.
  120. lovetox sol, it probably will happen that we move the omemo code into gajim and dont have plugin anymore for it at one point
  121. lovetox but for now its fine for me like it is, the problems you experienced are not because of plugin architecture
  122. lovetox its because you installed software not provided by your distro
  123. lovetox in that case its hard to make it "easy"
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  125. Eduard > sol, it probably will happen that we move the omemo code into gajim and dont have plugin anymore for it at one point You are right, in that case we are only packaging Gajim.
  126. sol Eduard, that would be *wonderful*.
  127. sol Sorry, meant to tag lovetox on ^^^
  128. sol lovetox, The problem isn't so much the issues that I faced, but for non-technical users on Mac and Windows who shouldn't really have to install a plugin.
  129. wurstsalat Hm strange, room's subject initially shows the room logs link without / at the end. When viewing it again, / is included in the link! Maybe its a bug in Conversations after all?
  130. lovetox in Gajim it shows for me
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