Gajim - 2019-01-29

  1. hagb > hagb maybe its about reconnecting when there was no internet emmm... I think there was internet, because I could send and receive other messages normally at that time. I don't know how to reproduce the problem.
  2. Link Mauve So uh, for how long was I away from this room? :/
  3. Link Mauve Also asterix, 15:28:47 Warning> Could not get the software version from remote-server-not-found: Server-to-server connection failed: DNS resolution failed
  4. hagb The problem happens again: There are tens (or more then 100) of messages in a single chat, which should be synced , but without restarting or reconnecting, I have got only 11 of them. Sorry for my bad English 😅 log:
  5. lovetox hagb, but your log shows that you received more than 11 messages
  6. lovetox actually quite a lot
  7. lovetox Are you aware of the History window?
  8. lovetox are you aware that a chatwindow does only show X messages
  9. lovetox and not all of your history
  10. hagb lovetox‎, emmm…… Maybe log includes something about others messages... In that single chat , there are only 11 messages synced indeed.
  11. hagb others -> other
  12. lovetox yeah and if you click CTRL + H
  13. lovetox and look at the history window?
  14. hagb yes
  15. lovetox yes what?
  16. hagb 12
  17. lovetox but you said after a restart you got all messages ...
  18. lovetox so how can it still be only 12
  19. hagb >12 including one message corrected and showed as two messages
  20. lovetox maybe you should switch to stable branch and see if you still have problems
  21. hagb >but you said after a restart you got all messages ... I haven't restart this time
  22. hagb restart -> restarted …… sorry
  23. lovetox Then restart now with logs 🙂
  24. hagb I get other 18 messages. There are still many messages that have not been synced.
  25. hagb I get other 18 messages. There are still many messages that have not been synced.
  26. hagb sorry… it stucked…
  27. hagb and then I got other 15 messages, which are still not all.
  28. lovetox yeah maybe you have to wait
  29. lovetox the mam catchup is not finished in your logs
  30. lovetox but if it does never finish, there is a problem with the server
  31. lovetox is free to register?
  32. lovetox then i could make my own test
  33. hagb free
  34. hagb But I don't know how to reproduce
  35. lovetox it is reproduced in all your logs
  36. lovetox it starts with 2019年01月29日 23:27:19 (I) gajim.c.m.archiving MAM query after: 1548735109669710
  37. lovetox but there should also be a finish log message
  38. lovetox which is not shown in any of your logs
  39. lovetox so i suspect for some reason the server never sends us everything, i have to test this myself
  40. lovetox but not much time today, maybe tomorrow
  41. hagb It is after it struck that I get 18 messages, and then more logs printed
  42. hagb 18 -> 15
  43. lovetox just wait and look if you ever receive a END mam query message
  44. hagb >It is after it struck that I get 18 messages, and then more logs printed It is after it stucked that I get 15 messages, and then more logs are printed. The logs pasted is before it stucked. Sorry for my bad English.
  45. hagb What will be printed if it finishes?
  46. asterix Link Mauve: hmmn strange. Cert should be ok, and tls module reloaded ...
  47. asterix If cert was wrong i could not even log in.
  48. Ge0rG Awesome cycling game
  49. hagb lovetox: After trying for hours, now I am confused because of my lack of knowledge about it. Thank you very much.
  50. gutigen Gajim constantly eats few % of CPU doing nothing
  51. gutigen any ideas? Fedora KDE with only 4 rooms active
  52. gutigen Gajim 1.1.1
  53. lovetox no gutigen
  54. lovetox you could try to profile gajim
  55. lovetox
  56. qrsBRWN Also when it does nothing it processes data. Start it with the -v flag and you will see the stanzas whip past.
  57. lovetox yes or just look at the xml console
  58. lovetox maybe you think it does nothing but it is spammed by some stanzas
  59. MattJ Does Gajim implement CSI?
  60. wurstsalat I don't think so. There is an open issue aboit this
  61. wurstsalat