Gajim - 2019-01-27

  1. hagb Sometimes I can get an incomplete text when right-clicking on a message and quoting. (using the latest gajim in "master" branch) Is it a bug? Thanks Thanks.
  2. hagb Sorry... I just find that it is because of my operating, not a bug. 😅
  3. lovetox :)
  4. bot Andriy Kushnir created an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #385: < [chatstate] AttributeError: 'NetworkEvent' object has no attribute 'conn' >
  5. porrier When I upload somethin with conversations to an account that uses OMEMO, I can not view this upload with Gajim. I get a error "Forbidden". What can that be?
  6. lovetox and without omemo?
  7. porrier lovetox: I'll test this in a few minutes.
  8. porrier lovetox: When i disable OMEMO I can view the uploaded picture.
  9. lovetox forbidden is a http error
  10. lovetox what do you mean with view?
  11. lovetox you click the link and it opens in the browser?
  12. porrier If i disabled OMEMO, yes.
  13. lovetox if you click a omemo link, it should not open the browser, there should be a popup which asks you if you want to open it
  14. porrier That popup says "Error Forbidden".
  15. lovetox upload a picture without omemo here into the chat
  16. porrier
  17. lovetox this is weird it does not show in the browser
  18. lovetox instead it shows me a popup to open a picture...
  19. lovetox i guess the problem lies with how this file is served
  20. porrier same here.
  21. porrier Should a browser show it inline?
  22. lovetox you should serv a URL that links to the picture
  23. lovetox this does not look like it
  24. porrier hm, don't know where to start.
  25. lovetox but im not really knowledgabe on http server stuff
  26. lovetox maybe ask in on the server support chat
  27. lovetox you should start and try to find out why browsers dont show it inline
  28. lovetox that will lead you to the answer
  29. porrier ok, I'll ask on FF forum. But the problem with OMEMO persists.
  30. lovetox no its not a problem with omemo
  31. lovetox Gajim cant download the file
  32. lovetox because its served in the way it is
  33. lovetox also unencrypted one can not be downloaded
  34. lovetox for example with the url preview plugin
  35. lovetox i think this url redirects to some other url
  36. porrier I'll look for url preview plugin.
  37. porrier ah, url image preview is enabled. I wait for answer from FF Forum.
  38. porrier What means aesgcm as protocol for an URL?
  39. lovetox its replaced with https
  40. lovetox its just so we recognize that the url content is aes encrypted
  41. porrier thanks
  42. lovetox this not a standard and it also has nothing to do with the problem
  43. porrier I just posted the URL of the picture that opens a popup to FF Forum and wait for answer.
  44. porrier lovetox: I have two answers from FF Forum.
  45. porrier Mit, Beispiel der Erweiterung Display inline kannst du das Problem application/octet-stream beheben.
  46. porrier Hier die Begründung als Screenshot. Es ist eindeutig vom Webseitenbetreiber so festgelegt, dass die Datei vom Browser herunterzuladen ist.
  47. porrier
  48. porrier They said IE behaves the same way like FF because it is a downloadlink.
  49. lovetox hm yes this is why the url image plugin will not display it inline
  50. lovetox but im not sure this is the problem with omemo..
  51. lovetox upload some omemo encrypted picture to someone
  52. lovetox the copy the url into this chat
  53. porrier At the moment nothing is uploaded anymore. I'll restart.
  54. wurstsalat Isn't it just the mimetype for jpg you set wrongly on your server, porrier? I remember there once was something similar. And that was fixed by serving jpg with the correct mimetype
  55. lovetox this is only needed for the image preview
  56. lovetox for encrypted files no special mimetype is needed
  57. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #385: < [chatstate] AttributeError: 'NetworkEvent' object has no attribute 'conn' >
  58. porrier wurstsalat: I don't think so. The mimetypes for the webserver were not changed. At the moment, a upload does not receive the destination anymore.
  59. porrier aesgcm://
  60. lovetox yes does not work
  61. lovetox if we open this url the server responds with http error forbidden
  62. porrier I'll have a look in the webserver logs.
  63. lovetox maybe you ask on this forum whats the deal here, maybe its a redirect or something
  64. porrier [Sun Jan 27 20:45:42.405770 2019] [authz_core:error] [pid 8158] [client] AH01630: client denied by server configuration: /sr v/www/htdocs/share.php
  65. porrier rw-r--r-- 1 root root 4538 28. Jul 2018 share.php
  66. porrier It has something to do with the .htaccess file of the webserver. There are some bots denied. What could I grep for?
  67. lovetox no idea, have no clue about webservers sorry
  68. porrier lovetox: One thing I might to mention. If I upload an image with converstations I have no error and can view the image. Gajim shows this error.
  69. lovetox one thin i might to mention, you are the first person to have this problem, all other servers work fine
  70. lovetox it probably has to do with this php thing
  71. porrier lovetox: That was not meant offending.
  72. lovetox i know that software exists that can download the picture
  73. lovetox like a webbrowser
  74. lovetox or conversations
  75. lovetox all i can do is pass the url to the python method that opens that url
  76. lovetox and the result is the server returning forbidden
  77. lovetox there might be a bug here in python, or maybe your server does weird things, i really dont know
  78. porrier I'll find the reason and report.
  79. lovetox
  80. lovetox there simplest python programm to download the picture
  81. lovetox you can show that around and ask why it doesnt work with your server
  82. porrier Thank you for that picture! Problem solved. SetEnvIfNoCase User-Agent "Python-urllib" bad_bot blocked the request.
  83. lovetox great
  84. porrier 😋
  85. qrsBRWN I now have working kerberos authentication when using Gajim. There's one oddity though, is there someone here who has insight into how Gajim figures out which service principal to authenticate against?
  86. lovetox actually gajim has not much to do with this
  87. lovetox its all handled inside nbxmpp
  88. lovetox what is the service principal?
  89. lovetox is it the xmpp@hostname
  90. qrsBRWN Well when I'm connecting to the external hostname of my xmppserver Gajim uses xmpp/<external fqdn>@<REALM>
  91. qrsBRWN When I connect to the internal name Gajim uses xmpp/<internal fqdn>@<REALM>
  92. qrsBRWN I'll dig through nbxmpp to see what happens
  93. lovetox i think this is mostly done by the kerberos lib
  94. lovetox but the code we provide is really short
  95. lovetox like 10 lines
  96. lovetox so you should be able to figure it out
  97. lovetox and here the coresponding xep
  98. qrsBRWN Actually the xep explained it all I think. Brb testing
  99. lovetox qrsBRWN, if you think about communicating the hostname like in the xep element, i dont think nbxmpp supports that yet
  100. lovetox but would probably easy to add
  101. qrsBRWN Ah I see. I'll check so we know for sure :)
  102. qrsBRWN I can verify that nbxmpp does not seem to support it.
  103. lovetox i can take a look tomorrow and add it
  104. lovetox what version do you use?
  105. qrsBRWN I'm on 0.6.8
  106. lovetox yeah k :)
  107. qrsBRWN Thanks man. Easy fix usually means can be done in a month where I work :)
  108. lovetox in this case i think its worth 10 minutes of work
  109. lovetox if you want to test you could also hardcode the string that is passed to the kerberos lib in the xmpp code
  110. lovetox *nbxmpp
  111. lovetox its in the
  112. lovetox starts with xmpp@...
  113. qrsBRWN Nice. I'll have a look tomorrow. Now it's time to take out the trash before the baby wakes up again :)
  114. lovetox :)
  115. lovetox have a good night
  116. qrsBRWN You too