Gajim - 2019-01-22

  1. wurstsalat lovetox, yeah the popup idea sounds nice. That way one can test if the code works (or adjust it a bit) before sending
  2. wurstsalat How's the SVG support in XMPP clients? :)
  3. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9553: < Python errors starting on Windows 7 x64 >
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  6. Link Mauve wurstsalat, can you see my avatar? If so, your client does support SVG.
  7. pep. I think there were mentions of using references for this instead of it just being a random (non standardized) client feature
  8. lovetox Im not sure what you mean, and i dont know what the Issue Reporter means as no one says what this should trigger
  9. pep. Usually this is a highlight. As if you were mentioned by name
  10. pep. I don't like the feature, I think it's just spammy and I disable it everywhere, but users like that
  11. pep. On mattermost there's also @here (active people on the chan), that's different from @all, which will notify even offline users (we don't have that yet on xmpp)
  12. lovetox I wonder where and why this is used
  13. lovetox because on small private MUCs, every message causes a notification like a mention would
  14. pep. Ugh really?
  15. lovetox and on Big MUCs i think there is almost never a case where you want to use @all
  16. lovetox Why not pep.? should your mother always mention your name if she posts into the family chat ^^
  17. pep. OK well, that's configurable right?
  18. pep. What if for a day I want to ignore mom (bad son I know)
  19. lovetox either you mute the chat for X hours (not implemented in gajim yet)
  20. lovetox or you disable notifications on normal messages (available in gajim)
  21. pep. That's not a "normal" message is it? It's directed to me
  22. pep. Just like saying every single much message is equivalent to 1:1 chat message
  23. pep. Muc*
  24. lovetox you cant disable "mentions" in gajim right now
  25. pep. OK, so we agree there's a difference at leasr
  26. pep. Least
  27. lovetox yes of course
  28. lovetox but the difference only matters in bigger MUCs most of the time
  29. lovetox if there are 2000 people, someone wants to direct a message at you, thats what "mention" is for
  30. pep. I don't think it's the size no
  31. lovetox and not for a chat where you and your 2 friends are...
  32. pep. I'd say banquet/barbecue to use the fancy words
  33. pep. I have 5 participants rooms that wouldn't qualify as barbecues
  34. lovetox yeah but they are not noisy so there is no need to hide new messages and only show mentions as notifications
  35. lovetox but coming back to the topic, what does @all imply
  36. lovetox it implys no one gets notifications on normal messages
  37. lovetox which is highly client dependent
  38. lovetox it maybe makes sense in a non-federated env, where you know every client behaves the same
  39. pep. lovetox, in my world, you don't especially get notified on normal messages yes, it's just crazy
  40. pep. I hate Mattermost for that
  41. pep. Because I can't disable it
  42. lovetox Whatsapp does that on every groupchat
  43. pep. :/
  44. lovetox But i agree it should be configurable
  45. dezant whatsapp have an option to disable it
  46. pep. poezio has a "beep_on" setting, that can have different values (set of): highlight, private, invite, message
  47. lovetox but im hesitant to add yet another way to get a notification
  48. pep. So I can choose to not be highlighted on messages
  49. pep. I just have the tab number that says "active", just like irssi or weechat, but it's not of the "You got mentioned" color
  50. bot laszlovl created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9557: < Gajim nightly wont install on Ubuntu 18.* anymore >
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  55. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim-plugins_ < >: #383: < OMEMO crash >
  56. wurstsalat lovetox, for me an @all feature to just mention everyone in a chat is just another way to annoy people. I'd like to decide wheather to be annoyed by people or not. But being able to disable this would render the feature useless I think. Why do people like it?
  57. oli it can be useful in a small group. but then you can just type every name.
  58. oli and it wouldn't work anyway accross clients
  59. ta "/me" is interpreted client side as well. If there is a standard it can work on every client.
  60. oli hacked pseudo markup
  61. ta I would only want @all in a disciplined (schtrudel: diszipliniert) environment, like workgroups in a company. Friends, family especially sports team mates would prabably abuse this feature.
  62. MattJ Regarding @all, it needs to rely on some extra XML payload, not just <body> parsing
  63. MattJ For one, it would be nice to be able to include @all in a literal message without accidentally notifying people (I think it might be a valid media selector in CSS?)
  64. MattJ But also if it's an XML payload, it can be filtered (or not) by the MUC
  65. MattJ So you can disable it in large rooms for example
  66. MattJ (afaik Slack allows this)
  67. pep. Yeah that's why I mentioned references at the beginning
  68. nekoashi Hi Omemo-plugin Team, i have a question and hope you can help me.. I had a buddy with 7 omemo-keys due to device changing. I wanted to clear the OMEMO fingerprints menu, deleted all keys and thought with the next conversation the question for re-trusting would appear again - but it didn't. I don't have any options to write encrypted with him anymore. Also, I cannot re-get or re-trust the deleted keys from the menus. I run Gajim on Windows with the OMEMO plug in. Any way I can fix that problem?
  69. lovetox pep., there is a xep called Attention
  70. lovetox which i think fits better than references
  71. pep. Yeah it's not the same thing is it
  72. pep. Attention is like the old time "wizz"
  73. lovetox it is, it calls the message receiver for attention
  74. pep. That makes your client shake or whatever
  75. lovetox in a muc thats everyone
  76. pep. anyway I'm not bikeshedding on this kind of details yet
  77. pep. I agree with MattJ that it should not be in body though
  78. lovetox neboashi, restart gajim
  79. lovetox and write a message encrypted to the contact
  80. lovetox nekoashi
  81. lovetox I understand your concern pep. given your name 😃
  82. pep. Nah, I'm slowly doing peace with this
  83. MattJ 'Attention' doesn't really mean shaking windows
  84. MattJ Just that's how some clients implemented it
  85. MattJ That's their choice, and their users'
  86. pep. Yeah ok it was what most implementations did :p
  87. MattJ if that's the kind of thing they like :)
  88. pep. But as I said, the non-body spec we use for this is not yet my concern
  89. nekoashi > neboashi, restart gajim > and write a message encrypted to the contact > nekoashi Thanks for your tip :) Sadly, it doensn't work. The key does not appear, not am I requested to trust it again. The buddy is using 2 devices, for one the encryption works, the key reappeared, for the second it didn't. If I'm writing to him, the second device only gets an error message instead of a decrypted copy. Same when he answers me from that device (Mac/Monal)
  90. nekoashi "I sent you an OMEMO encrypted message but your client doens't support that. Find more information on" is the message which appears instead of the message that was sent. On the first devices (Android/Conversations) it's displayed without problems. I think it's just the key missing in my OMEMO "keychain" for Gajim, but I don't how to get it re-implemented..
  91. nekoashi I do have the hex-type omemo key of him through my Conversations.. is there any easy way to convert it to the "serialized" format and then insert it into the database, so the plugin thinks the key is back there again?
  92. nekoashi Sorry for crushing in😅
  93. lovetox no, if the key does not reappear it means its not published on the server
  94. lovetox not much you can do in this circumstance, maybe a monal bug
  95. lovetox maybe restarting monal or something could solve the problem and publish the fingerprint again
  96. lovetox you could also gett debug logs from Gajim
  97. lovetox start gajim with -l gajim.plugin_system.omemo=DEBUG if you are on linux
  98. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *b0742377* < > Roster: remove asserts *1a7d930f* < > Add blocking list dialog
  99. asterix I found something strange in debian packaging. when depends list was in, when building the debian package, the depends list (AND it's versions) were automaticaly built. now that depends list is in setup.cfg, the depends list is ocrrectly build, but NOT it's version
  100. asterix debacle, any idea?
  101. asterix I mean, actually, the setup.cfg has: nbxmpp>=0.6.9,<0.7.0
  102. asterix and it's converted in control file to python3-nbxmpp, while it should become python3-nbxmpp (<=0.6.9,<0.7.0)
  103. asterix I can of course patch setup.cfg to remove the dependancies and put them manually in control file ... but that's not very nice
  104. debacle hm, this is really not nice
  105. debacle asterix, it seems, that dh_python3 (which works behind the scenes) works best with requirements.txt
  106. debacle I'm only now reading its manpage...
  107. asterix Gajim uses setup.cfg, not only for requirements, so it's better to keep it
  108. debacle sure
  109. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *dad99f85* < > Accounts: Update proxy combobox correctly
  110. fireglow hi
  111. fireglow just noticed the windows download works again, thank you webmaster :)
  112. asterix you're welcome
  113. asterix thanks wurstsalat for notification
  114. pep. When I ^Q, gajim doesn't gracefully terminate the connection?
  115. andrey.g pep., just tested with recent master on Debian. Gajim sends presence "unavailable", then "</stream>". Looks good.
  116. pep. k, thanks