Gajim - 2019-01-16

  1. Eduard Gajim is a *lot* most fast and stable compared with the 1.1.0 release in ArchLinux, thanks a lot guys.
  2. savant Hello everybody.
  3. savant :)
  4. savant Is it possible to disable Friend requests in Gajim?
  5. debacle Question about "security labels": If a server supports them, but I don't like to use them - how can I hide the UI for them in Gajim? (And send everything as "unclassified"?)
  6. oli is it okay for everyone that all your conacts have access to your IP address?
  7. oli can know your address via jingle
  8. gutigen > is it okay for everyone that all your conacts have access to your IP address? but they don't unless you engage in p2p activity like file transfer
  9. gutigen expecting free xmpp servers to handle your voice and bigger file transfers is not realistic
  10. gutigen but you could alwaya self host 🙃
  11. asterix Is it ok that all the website you go to (and ads and si on) get your IP?
  12. oli i'm just asking. because you cannot prevent it.
  13. oli it might concern people
  14. gutigen I think people should understand what p2p is in first place
  15. oli xmpp is used over a server. so i expect that other contacts are unable to see my ip
  16. gutigen yes unless you utilize p2p
  17. gutigen which if I recall you are warned about
  18. oli no, thats not my point
  19. oli i have to check that further...
  20. gutigen what is it then?
  21. oli maybe i'm wrong...
  22. gutigen you are not wrong about some stuff being p2p
  23. gutigen but a) xmpp was never promised to be anonymous b) you will usuallybe warned in your free server faq
  24. oli i'll explain later when i'm back at my laptop.
  25. gutigen secure and anonymous are not always same thing
  26. gutigen and gajim lets you use proxies anyway
  27. gutigen btw, your IP is not that important, worst someone can do is ddos you unless something you got runs as public server
  28. gutigen most people are behind nat, so your ip location will be your isp too
  29. oli let people decide how important IP is
  30. zuglufttier Use tor to connect to your xmpp server and create seperate accounts if you need anonymity.
  31. gutigen which you can do
  32. gutigen it's up to you if you hide your ip
  33. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9541: < Crash Report Unable to run gpg, FileNotFoundError: [WinError 2] The system cannot find the file specified >
  34. debacle oli, gutigen, note that HTTP upload also allows getting the IP of the recipient as soon as they download the file (which in case of images is done automatically by many clients). zuglufttier, yes, Tor prevents this.
  35. oli I'm not interested to discuss all the other stuff and get into it doesn't matter anyway land
  36. oli I'm talking about this:
  37. gutigen use tor
  38. gutigen or vpn
  39. oli i'm ignoring you
  40. oli sory
  41. gutigen why
  42. oli because you haven't even read the stuff
  43. gutigen I did, it doesn't matter
  44. oli so i'm ignoring you
  45. gutigen very mature of you
  46. oli but, false alarm, gajim does not send candidates until I answer the call.
  47. oli gajim does not follow the recommendations, which I think is a good decission.
  48. gutigen fun fact, unless you use tor in recommend way, you won't be anonymous on internet
  49. oli funny, one of my tabs in gajim has lost all info, like the name and the close (X)
  50. oli now it's there again
  51. oli I wonder which codecs we should use for video and which priority
  52. oli XEP-0299 is outdated, not much help:
  53. Orbit gajim 1.1.2 windows - portable version: The translation to german doesn't work
  54. oli that's funny
  55. Sofi Hi, i have some trouble related to figuring out how the history works on Gajim. It claims to have XEP-0313 for Message Archive management.
  56. Sofi It does work, but on relauch of the application it removes all backlog, with is annoying.
  57. oli this seems to be a big topic
  58. Sofi Its like one of the only things that keep me away from Gajim full time really. Its so annoying not beeing able to see the whole history.
  59. oli I agree. I use gajim for writing and Conversations for the history.
  60. asterix Sofi: we have the history. Open the history window to see it
  61. Sofi Im blind, and that works well asterix.
  62. Sofi Thanks
  63. oli asterix: still it's a reported problem over and over again. I'm not sure what the reason is to have history hidden in the menu?
  64. zuglufttier The problem is not the history but no chat log in the current window by default.
  65. gutigen you get the log from stuff you didn't read yet, after it's read it goes to history
  66. zuglufttier It's 'restore lines' in the advanced config and is 10 by default.
  67. gutigen there is also threshold setting to sync data with server back X days
  68. gutigen hmmm
  69. zuglufttier The average user wants to see older messages, especially in 1:1 chats.
  70. zuglufttier And wants to get older messages by scrolling up.
  71. zuglufttier At least that's how many other chat solutions have it implemented.
  72. zuglufttier But setting 'restore lines' to a more sane 100 lines or so can make up for that.
  73. bot Oli modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9540: < Ideas / tasks for making Jingle audio calls great again >
  74. sisterandmother how to get voice chat working
  75. sisterandmother anyone know?
  76. gutigen start talking, it will pick up voice and enable chat
  77. sisterandmother the button is unclickable for me
  78. sisterandmother must i configure a stun server
  79. oli sisterandmother: if you leave, we cannot talk
  80. oli "Hey Gajim, call sisterandmother, put video on big screen"
  81. lovetox sisterandmother, depends on your system and if dependencys are available
  82. lovetox look at the Help - Featrues window
  83. lovetox if thats green, it depends if your contact supports voice chat
  84. werdan >Gajim 1.1.2 is ready for Debian unstable. Is it possible to use your Debian package on Mint 19.1 which has 1.0.1 in its own repostory, debacle?
  85. wurstsalat zuglufttier, gutigen, there is an open issue for dynamically loading history in the chat window. It's just not so easy to implement!
  86. wurstsalat See
  87. debacle werdan No idea. It's probably safe to just try and go back to the old version, if it fails. You need a current python3-nbxmpp, too.
  88. Andrew Hello :) Trying to get friends onto xmpp, so far have managed to convince one, and we're giving gajim a go (I'm also dual-wielding with Conversations on Android).
  89. Andrew I'm looking up what I can online, but is it OK for us to come here and ask tech support questions as we try to get comfortable with the software? We are having some issues.
  90. Andrew Aha, should have thoroughly read the op text. Will be back at some point with questions. Thank you!