Gajim - 2019-01-10

  1. bot streaps modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9535: < patch: enables Opus audio between Gajim clients >
  2. mrDoctorWho I'm having troubles with reading messages by clicking the tray icon
  3. lovetox yeah how?
  4. mrDoctorWho I click the tray icon and nothing happens (or happens, if I received a message from a contact that I have an open tab for)
  5. mrDoctorWho if there's no open tab for the contact I received message from, nothing happens
  6. mrDoctorWho I'm using Awesome WM and recent master. I don't have such problems in KDE
  7. mrDoctorWho "receive next pending event" doesn't work as well
  8. mrDoctorWho "show all pending events", if to be exact
  9. oli > i wondered stun server are disabled by default in gajim I would suggest to change "enable stun" to "disable stun". and maybe add some short explanation why you shouldn't.
  10. oli to make clear that stun/ice is essentially needed for voip
  11. oli i'll open an issue later
  12. rom1dep mrDoctorWho: seems to be flaky here as well, sometimes I feel that clicking the tray icon does nothing, sometimes it does after a while, KDE.
  13. bot Felix created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9536: < Removal from MUC at server restart caused gajim "programming error" in GLib >
  14. bot Felix modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9536: < Removal from MUC at server restart caused gajim "programming error" in GLib >
  15. bot Felix modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9536: < Removal from MUC at server restart caused gajim "programming error" in GLib >
  16. hayopai hey there ^^ does anyone by chance where gajim is storing the nicknames of the jids?
  17. hayopai *know
  18. oli hayopai: not sure how gajim does it, but normally they are stored on the server
  19. hayopai ah, i see. yeah. that makes sense
  20. debacle asterix, lovetox, and everybody who helps "making Gajim great again" (MaGaGA): would you join the Berlin XMPP sprint end of March?
  21. hayopai another question: is there a way to get a notification via dbus if a new message was received or something like that?
  22. hayopai found a possible direction
  23. Link Mauve oli, is it really useful to disable all other codecs than those? If someday a better codec than Opus is supported by Gstreamer, you’d be disabling it.
  24. oli Link Mauve: first its very unlikely
  25. Link Mauve It sounded unlikely too back when Speex got designed.
  26. oli that something better than opus will appear in the next 10 years
  27. oli second, we can enable it then in the source
  28. Link Mauve Speex was 2002 IIRC, so give it fifteen years? ^^
  29. Link Mauve oli, yes, but everyone using an old Gajim for various reasons will continue to use older codecs.
  30. oli opus will be good enough
  31. Link Mauve For the same reason it’s good to disable forcing Speex now, it’s imo not a good reason to continue to force only a specific set right now.
  32. Link Mauve Also, some other clients might only support a subset of codecs you just disabled.
  33. Link Mauve Think old mobile clients.
  34. oli everyone using an old gajim will most likely use an old gstreamer.
  35. oli farstream
  36. Link Mauve That’s very much not true, and also not accounting for other Gstreamer plugins they may have installed, or local configuration they could have.
  37. oli which codecs are you thinking about?
  38. Link Mauve Plus, I trust Gstreamer maintainers way more wrt choosing video and audio codecs than Gajim maintainers.
  39. Link Mauve oli, nothing specific in mind.
  40. oli than it's just some maybe maybe maybe
  41. Link Mauve For video that’d be H.263 for instance, which was still popular ten years ago in cheaper devices.
  42. Link Mauve But I’m not very knowledgeable in audio.
  43. oli i'm working with codecs before mp3 appeared
  44. oli so i believe that the choice of codecs are not random
  45. oli farstream just preferences are completely arbitrary besides opus as the default codec
  46. oli even speex is not enabled by default
  47. Link Mauve oli, maybe it’d be better to fix it in Farstream directly then?
  48. oli how should they know what are the right choices for alle voip clients
  49. oli impossible. it differs
  50. Link Mauve At least good defaults, which specific ones can then override.
  51. oli but this doesn't change the fact that we would like to override them most likely
  52. oli would we like to have opus and speex support with the next release or hope that farstream changes the default configuration dome time in the future?
  53. Link Mauve oli, both, and s/hope/make it so/
  54. oli then we have to override the codec preferences
  55. Link Mauve Isn’t it enough to make Opus the preferred one, and Speex the second preferred one, and leave the rest of the list alone?
  56. oli i don't think so. first it realky makes no sense to announce codecs that will not work reliably or there is nobody is using second g722 and pcma are also important codecs. we want to have them in the top if the list
  57. Link Mauve Then have a list with these four codecs at the top, then the rest.
  58. oli my user experience that there is too much choice in most voip clients. most users really don't know what to do with it
  59. Link Mauve You don’t need to expose these preferences to the user.
  60. oli but it is exposed in other clients
  61. oli and if you want put everything in there you have to give users the avillity to disable codecs in case the wrongs one is chosen at negitiation
  62. oli i would really like to hear real world examples. which codecs are missing in the list
  63. oli damn, my laptop power adapter dies
  64. oli died
  65. Link Mauve oli, as I said I don’t have much knowledge in that field, but I doubt these four codecs will work absolutely everywhere, including gateways and such.
  66. Steven Roose somehow it looks like gajim MUC nicknames have stopped recognizing cases
  67. Steven Roose I can't get myself to show up as uppercase anymore
  68. Steven Roose the bookmarks dialog refuses to save uppercase nicknames too
  69. hayopai asd
  70. hayopai sorry ^^ wrong chat
  71. asterix Steven Roose: i think it's known and fixed.
  72. hayopai asd
  73. oli Link Mauve: the patch configures Opus and Speex. Every software client, SIP or XMPP should support one of these. Even Asterisk and FreePBX do support these codecs nowadays. g711 (pcmu/pcma) is *the* international standard. If some device does not support g711 or speex or opus than there is really not much hope. g722 is wideband equivalent to g711. SIP telephony providers only allow g711 and g722 normally. Opus is also becoming a thing for SIP desktop phones.
  74. oli I think XEP-0266 (Codecs for Jingle Audio) is spot on. You really don't need more codecs tha Opus and G711
  75. Link Mauve oli, what is pcma? Is it PCM audio or something more?
  76. oli g711 = pcma / pcmu, normally called ulaw / alaw
  77. oli it's what was used with ISDN and what is still used for anlogue phones / landline phone. It's 64 kbps, 8bit, 8khz.
  78. oli the 8 bit are somehow expanded to 13 or 14 bit dynamic. some logarithmic thing, i have to look that up.
  79. oli some DECT cordless phones use G722 which is 16khz "wideband" also 64kbps
  80. oli Does my patch fuck up the video codecs preferences
  81. oli ?
  82. oli or is this somewhere else configured
  83. hayopai been playing around with dbus-monitor to make some sense about gajims signals. was hoping to get the signal "NewMessage" for incoming messages, but sadly nothing fires up. don't want to waste anymore time, if that's a feature that's totally missing ^^
  84. hayopai anyone an idea?
  85. asterix haypopai: Wait for lovetox
  86. hayopai okay, thank you asterix
  87. oli gajim nightly does not install on ubuntu
  88. oli or gajim-nightly installs nbxmpp from ubuntu and doesn't use nbxmpp-nightly
  89. oli OMG, the video codec payloads.
  90. oli first codec: <payload-type name="RAW" id="96" channels="0" clockrate="90000" />
  91. lovetox no oli you patch does not fuck it up
  92. lovetox preferences are set specifically in AudioRTP
  93. lovetox we have non for VideoRTP
  94. lovetox ich you want to setup some, then do it like in the AudioRTP
  95. lovetox overwrite setup_stream()
  96. oli I'm getting errors with video
  97. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9535: < patch: enables Opus audio between Gajim clients >
  98. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9534: < Starting Gajim without internet connection shows a vague dialog box >
  99. bot Daniel Brötzmann closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9536: < Removal from MUC at server restart caused gajim "programming error" in GLib >
  100. lovetox who has gtk 3.24.1 installed on linux?
  101. lovetox or any other version but not 3.24.2
  102. Link Mauve lovetox, according to you can ask anyone using Debian stable or older.
  103. lovetox so also you :)?
  104. Link Mauve says cosmic or older.
  105. Link Mauve lovetox, I’m not using Debian, my distribution is up to date.
  106. lovetox hm could you still test something for me please
  107. lovetox
  108. lovetox execute this and press in the textview a few times
  109. lovetox a deadkey like ^ or `
  110. lovetox and post me the debug output please
  111. Link Mauve lovetox, I wrote aâ (three keypresses), and it said: % python Textview event triggered Textview event triggered Textview event triggered
  112. Link Mauve Whenever I press dead ^ again, it prints it once more, and outputs ^ once every two presses (as expected).
  113. lovetox thanks
  114. lovetox you use wayland or?
  115. Link Mauve Yes.
  116. Link Mauve Want me to test using the x11 GDK_BACKEND?
  117. lovetox hm if you have the time
  118. Link Mauve Same behaviour, exactly.
  119. lovetox ok nice
  120. Link Mauve Err, it takes longer to type that than to test again. :p
  121. lovetox but on which version are you?
  122. lovetox Link Mauve,
  123. Link Mauve 3.24.2 + a few patches.
  124. Link Mauve The one from ArchLinux.
  125. andrey.g I get this on 3.24.1 / x11: Textview event triggered Textview event triggered
  126. andrey.g (for '`' followed by 'a')
  127. lovetox hayopai, what version of Gajim do you use?
  128. hayopai 1.1.1 from arch repos
  129. hayopai @lovetox
  130. lovetox you have to activate dbus in preferences -> advanced -> config editor
  131. hayopai i did
  132. lovetox and you see no dbus event at all?
  133. lovetox or just not the one you wanted
  134. hayopai using dbus-monitor i see for instance "MessageSent" events
  135. hayopai but i can't receive any "NewMessage" signals
  136. lovetox hm yes i think i can see why
  137. hayopai yeah?
  138. lovetox yes i try to fix it
  139. hayopai :>
  140. lovetox hard to test for me on windows but here it goes
  141. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *b84054b5* < > DBus: Correctly raise NewMessage signal
  142. lovetox i will backport this to the 1.1 branch, and you should see it in 1.1.2 hayopai
  143. hayopai wonderful
  144. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 4 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >:
  145. lovetox rom1dep, mrDoctorWho forgot to apply a patch, should work now on master with the notifications
  146. marmistrz I'm getting such warnings in the logs
  147. marmistrz
  148. lovetox yeah i think its normal, because we do a trial and error here
  149. lovetox we first test if its a prekey and if it fails then we try something else
  150. lovetox not pretty, but should not be a problem
  151. bot Philipp Hörist modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9535: < Jingle Audio: Update codecs (Patch) >
  152. bot streaps closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9535: < Jingle Audio: Update codecs (Patch) >
  153. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *88439091* < > Jingle Audio: Update codecs Fixes #9535
  154. lovetox thanks oli, also you should now be able to fork the repo
  155. lovetox if you think about contributing more please do so with a MR
  156. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 3 commits to branch _refs/heads/gajim_1.1_ of _gajim_ < >:
  157. lovetox rom1dep, because you complained about the keyboard issues with gtk
  158. lovetox it seems this is contained to windows
  159. lovetox seems one developer made some patches around IME which introduced some regressions
  160. lovetox but i think to be honest, GTK probably can be happy that they have a Windows maintainer at all
  161. rom1dep lovetox: oh, wowh, tomorrow's nightly, then?
  162. lovetox hm are you now on master or 1.1.1
  163. lovetox ?
  164. rom1dep better to stay away from Gtk for targetting anything which isn't Gnome, but this isn't a popular opinion.
  165. lovetox both nightlys should have beend downgraded to 3.24.1 and should now work fine
  166. rom1dep no
  167. rom1dep there are two bugs
  168. rom1dep one that used to crash gajim, solved by the downgrade
  169. rom1dep but since Gtk3, all the accents entries have been messed-up
  170. lovetox i think thats also solved with the downgrade, but you maybe discovered a new bug
  171. rom1dep on windows I run the first nightly that came after the downgrade, so it no longer crashes there
  172. lovetox can you test the deadkey stuff with english keyboard layout
  173. rom1dep huh, sounds scary. Where do I start?
  174. rom1dep also, it's not only gajim, anything Gtk3 is broken. Mentioned meld here the other day
  175. lovetox just hit a deadkey, like ^ or `
  176. lovetox and after that "a"
  177. rom1dep I'll try
  178. rom1dep probably tomorrow
  179. rom1dep with english layouts it's too difficult to type anything non-english so I end-up using that very rarely
  180. lovetox â á
  181. lovetox works fine now for me with german layout on 1.1.1 nightly
  182. lovetox i try now russian
  183. gutigen evening, are there any UI/UX changes planned? for example following GNOME HID
  184. lovetox damn dont know where the deadkeys are on russian layout
  185. lovetox gutigen, only if the HIG recommendation is useful cross platform
  186. lovetox gajim is not a gnome application only
  187. gutigen sure, but it's GTK app and could work on future GNU/Linux based phones like Pine and Librem if it followed GNOME HID
  188. gutigen meanwhile Librem is making their own app for XMPP and Matrix, cause there is nothing that fits
  189. lovetox yeah phone is a total different story and personally i hate apps that try to fit on a phone and desktop
  190. gutigen those app change depending on the window size though
  191. lovetox yeah but in a shitty way
  192. lovetox mostly they look shit on desktop
  193. gutigen do they though?
  194. lovetox and ok on phone
  195. lovetox yes they do, see windows 10 and its "Apps"
  196. gutigen Windows is prime example on how to not do this
  197. gutigen GNOME and Plasma do it pretty well
  198. lovetox its not done with window size, its a totally different approach, one is touch the other one is keyboard mouse
  199. gutigen they change into touch friendly on window resize
  200. lovetox im not saying its not doable, its just not done with just following HIG
  201. gutigen otherwise those apps fit desktop just fine
  202. Link Mauve gutigen, try Dino for another XMPP client which adheres to the GNOME guidelines.
  203. lovetox yeah good idea :)
  204. Link Mauve I think the main reason Librem did that was because they wanted a SMS application.
  205. gutigen Dino is wip and it's omemo support is not done
  206. lovetox its also a one window application
  207. lovetox which probably is a MUST for a phone
  208. Link Mauve Imo it was a super bad idea to do so with libpurple, but they didn’t contact us until way too late.
  209. gutigen also I'm ok with gajim for myself, I have problem with recommending it to average joe
  210. lovetox i agree with you gutigen, im not saying Gajim does not need a ton of UX improvements, just there is 1 1/2 maintainers on this project
  211. gutigen I see
  212. lovetox stretching it to a device/OS nobody did anything on, does nobody any good
  213. lovetox believe me
  214. gutigen I admit I'm totally new to Gajim, last time I used xmpp in first place was when Google Talk was a thing
  215. lovetox Gajim is 15 years old, and has still a ton of really old code, so we are in the progress of cleaning that up a bit, and i plan for the next major realse some UI updates that will make it look more modern
  216. gutigen just recently me and some buddies realized that we never needed matrix and riot, cause there is xmpp... so we moved ;)
  217. gutigen yea, I remember using it for a moment years ago, but at the time Pidgin was most popular I think
  218. lovetox on android there is a pretty good xmpp client, but true i hear about librem the first time
  219. oli lovetox: UI updates! maybe for jingle calls too? :)
  220. lovetox of course :)
  221. gutigen Conversations is nice and does the job, but I prefer chating on laptop than phones
  222. oli with some cool icons 🖀
  223. oli 📞
  224. bot Igor created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9537: < Error while bookmarking the chat room >
  225. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 2 commits to branch _refs/heads/gajim_1.1_ of _gajim_ < >: *c6d0dd3d* < > DiscoveryWindow: Fix bookmarking a group chat Fixes #9537 *de088564* < > Update ChangeLog
  226. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9537: < Error while bookmarking the chat room >
  227. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *4f2f2195* < > DiscoveryWindow: Fix bookmarking a group chat Fixes #9537
  228. oli
  229. oli *voip not voil
  230. Link Mauve Interesting, thanks.
  231. Link Mauve You should write that in a comment close to the place where you set the codecs.
  232. oli amr-wb would be a useful codec, if telephone providers would proxy it without recoding, but they never do
  233. oli before incliding them i would lile to test if they really work. anyone know what bad codecs mean in gstreamer?
  234. lovetox if you find that out please tell me
  235. lovetox i wondered about that for years
  236. lovetox but i would say the audio thing is now good, we offer 4-5 codecs. if you want to work on something maybe try fixing video
  237. Link Mauve oli, lovetox, it means the license doesn’t allow redistribution everywhere.
  238. Link Mauve lovetox, you should have asked me, I’ve known that for years. ^^'
  239. lovetox its not like i was constantly thinking about it for years, the question has poped into my head for 1-2 seconds everytime i read gst-plugin-bad :D
  240. Link Mauve :D
  241. oli rtp plugins are all good
  242. lovetox it doesnt matter, Gajim does not distribute it anyway :)
  243. lovetox hm maybe on the windows build it could matter
  244. oli but i'm sure i had to install some bad plugin stuff yesterday to get some codec. maybe they moved some from bad to good
  245. Link Mauve lovetox, yes, very much so, but it’s probably fine as you won’t be a wealthy target for patent trolls anyway.
  246. oli i'm more interested to figure out how to set the bitrate of the opus codec. at the moment it's around 60 to 70. i think including the rtp overhead.
  247. oli opus has options to set it much lower or higher. and it can do ambisonics surround.
  248. oli mhh, i just wrote that for fun, but thinking about it ... ambisonics might be useful for conferences at some point.
  249. lovetox haha i thought, wtf is that :D
  250. lovetox sounds fancy
  251. oli it's full 3d and it's very old technology
  252. oli like pre digital audio
  253. wurstsalat Wow, make that configurable and you could move your voice around someones head? :D
  254. oli above and below
  255. bot Daniel Brötzmann created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9538: < Gajim 1.1.2 Release - Overview >
  256. wurstsalat I just read a bit about it, pretty advanced :)