Gajim - 2019-01-09

  1. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9518: < Keyboard key interpretation error with "^" >
  2. oli Did some slight changes and Opus is now selected as an audio codec without disabling speex completly
  3. oli I think a good default codec set would be: opus, speex/16000, g722, pcma (alaw), pcmu (ulaw), speex/8000
  4. oli all the other codecs are not really useful. XEP-0266 says "Jingle clients MUST implement G.711 (i.e., both PCMU and PCMA) and SHOULD implement Opus" and "Opus has effectively superseded Speex, and implementers are strongly encouraged to include support for Opus rather than Speex among the 'open' codecs."
  5. oli G722 is also quite common with SIP / PSTN.
  6. mrDoctorWho has gajim been removed from the official ubuntu repo?
  7. mrDoctorWho I couldn't find it in 18.04.1
  8. oli >
  9. oli you can add the gajim repo
  10. oli
  11. oli i think it should work with 18.04
  12. oli gajim in ubuntu is outdated even in 18.10
  13. oli mrDoctorWho:
  14. mrDoctorWho oli, yeah, I know that, thanks. I was just curious about why it was removed
  15. oli why do you think it has been removed?
  16. mrDoctorWho "can't find install candidate for gajim"
  17. oli what error message is that? i cannot remember that i ever had that problem.
  18. mrDoctorWho that's what apt tells me
  19. rom1dep > if you type ^ > it types ^^ instantly But seriously though. It's typically the kind of crap I've been going through under windows. These days ^ gets added as an accent over the letter *behind*. The basics, input handling. And it propagates backwards to as many letters as I continue entering it. Gtk is an embarrassment.
  20. bot Bernd Wurst created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9533: < Automatic bug report >
  21. lovetox oli we have only nightlys in our repo
  22. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9533: < Automatic bug report >
  23. oli lovetox: why not offer releases as deb package, if you already build nightlies? or is it possible to push updates to ubuntu 18.04 and 18.10?
  24. oli the versions in ubuntu have major problems iirc
  25. asterix We could provide releases in our repos, but : 1. It's not our "job" 2. Packagers (Debacle for debian) do a way better job that what I did for correct distro integration
  26. oli asterix: you're right it wouldn't help most of the users.
  27. oli lovetox, i'll send a diff for opus support later
  28. oli i still don't know how to set/negotiate bandwith or bitrate with jingle or farstream.
  29. debacle asterix, note, that I provide the packages for Debian, but derivatives (Ubuntu, Mint, etc.) might fall behind. Better coordination with the "downstream" distros is on my TODO list, though. It would be cool, if official developers from those distros would join the Debian XMPP packaging team.
  30. oli do you think a backport to ubuntu is possible. i don't know how the process works...
  31. oli as far as i can see the dependencies have not changed.
  32. debacle I don't know the Ubuntu processes neither, sorry.
  33. bot blipp created an issue in _website_ < >: #22: < Announcement of Gajim 1.1.1 links to changelog of 1.1.0 >
  34. bot blipp created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9534: < Starting Gajim without internet connection shows a vague dialog box >
  35. Zash Is Gajim expected to show headline messages these days?
  36. Zash I'm trying some pubsub stuff and I don't see the events at all, despite having a plain text message body
  37. debacle Zash, speaking of PubSub: Yesterday I tried to open a list of pubsub nodes(?) on a server and Gajim did hang for minutes. I assume that PubSub support is not as advanced as more common features of Gajim.
  38. Zash I distinctly remember enthusiasm about removing pubsub features
  39. debacle Zash, I would love to see PubSub well supported instead :)
  40. bot Yann Leboulanger closed an issue in _website_ < >: #22: < Announcement of Gajim 1.1.1 links to changelog of 1.1.0 >
  41. lovetox Zash there was some Atom stuff that i disabled
  42. lovetox because it was shown as popup
  43. lovetox i dont recall having any code that displays headline messages
  44. oli i have a small patch for how can i submit it? not sure how good the code is. may be someone can have a look at it. i can submit an issue a attach the patch. cannot fork on your gitlab.
  45. lovetox yes thx create a appropriate issue and attach the patch
  46. rom1dep lovetox: looks like resuming from suspended state resurrects gajim now, so, all good :)
  47. marcos Hi, i've just upgraded gajim-nightly in debian and it does not detect the correct version of nbxmpp. It complains about not finding >=0.9.1 although I just installed it. Any clues?
  48. marcos 0.6.9-1, sorry, typing in mobile...
  49. Eduard You need a nightly version of nbxmpp also.
  50. marcos Even if the version number seems to match?
  51. Eduard Yes.
  52. marcos Ok
  53. marcos Now it complains about "to make asynchronous calls... D-bus connection must be attached to a main loop"... Any other dep missing?
  54. marcos Sorry about not being able to paste the full traceback... Difficult to copy it all by hand 😅
  55. bot streaps created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9535: < patch: enables Opus audio between Gajim clients >
  56. bot streaps modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9535: < patch: enables Opus audio between Gajim clients >
  57. bot streaps modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9535: < patch: enables Opus audio between Gajim clients >
  58. oli i feel watched
  59. lovetox marcos no you can ignore that
  60. lovetox so oli and now audio works for you in acceptable quality?
  61. lovetox oli im no really sure what you do with this disable codec stuff
  62. lovetox is it that you cycle the codecs we dont want to the end?
  63. marcos lovetox: so there should be any other problem, because gajim doesnt start. Will be back later, time to put children to sleep
  64. lovetox what does the log say?
  65. marc0s_ lovetox: marcos here, run it with `--debug` and I see that it refuses to continue when I don't give the pinentry dialog the passphrase, but I never gave it to it before, never used it, is it now mandatory?
  66. lovetox no it does not refuse just cancel
  67. marc0s_ uhm..
  68. lovetox ah stop
  69. marc0s_ full log
  70. lovetox are you sure its pinentry?
  71. lovetox its your system keyring
  72. marc0s_ no, i just said pinentry because is the only dialog i know of 🙂
  73. marc0s_ it might be
  74. marc0s_ but have none configured, afaik
  75. lovetox the pass to your xmpp server is saved in the keyring
  76. lovetox if you dont open the keyring we cant connect
  77. marc0s_ i understand that
  78. marc0s_ sounds strange to me though, because i was completely unaware of such keyring being used, but... who knows
  79. lovetox where should we store the pass?
  80. lovetox im not sure on what gajim version you were before
  81. lovetox but we use the keyring since a long time
  82. lovetox just type in your pass and it should work
  83. marc0s_ ok, so it was just me using it without knowing about it
  84. marc0s_ the point is that i never gave it a pass to gajim to run (i sound silly to myself while typing it...)
  85. lovetox you added at one point your account to gajim
  86. marc0s_ i've been using nightly since months
  87. marc0s_ sure, and repeatedly some other test accounts
  88. lovetox yes, maybe your keyring was always automatically unlocked
  89. lovetox but now for some reason its locked
  90. marc0s_ something like that might be, yes
  91. marc0s_ at the end, it doesn't matter too much because i can just re-configure the account and move on, but i thought i've just hit some bug
  92. marc0s_ thanks for your time 🙂
  93. marc0s_ and appreciate your work on gajim!
  94. lovetox why reconfigure?
  95. lovetox did you lose something?
  96. marc0s_ if i cannot access my keyring...
  97. marc0s_ i was thinking on trashing the config and start over
  98. lovetox its the same password as your system pass
  99. marc0s_ lol
  100. marcos hi form gajim, lovetox x)
  101. lovetox welcome back
  102. marcos i feel ashamed :D
  103. marcos as easy as it was...
  104. lovetox no need, also windows has a keyring, and im sure 99% of windows users are not even aware, because it never asks for your password
  105. lovetox just with linux sometimes through a update or whatever, it just asked now
  106. marcos will have to lookup what this system keyring is and who is in charge of it... using i3 here, not a full desktop environment
  107. lovetox if this continues everyday, you should look into configuring the keyring
  108. porrier When a user enters or leaves a room, the full JID is shown. Can one configure Gajim to only display the userpart in such cases?
  109. oli lovetox: > so oli and now audio works for you in acceptable quality? i have tested it on the same network only, but the opus codec is full-bandwith and sounds fine.
  110. lovetox no porrier
  111. lovetox but you can disable showing left/joins all together
  112. porrier lovetox: sorry, but how would I do that?
  113. lovetox gajim version?
  114. porrier 0.16.7
  115. lovetox either per groupchat in the bookmarks window
  116. lovetox or in general in advanced config editor search for "print_muc..."
  117. lovetox and set a value you prefer
  118. porrier ok! I wonder why at users in this room only the username is shown when they join or leave.
  119. lovetox because this is a anonymous room
  120. porrier ah
  121. oli > oli im no really sure what you do with this disable codec stuff > is it that you cycle the codecs we dont want to the end? farstream has some default codec preferences and i'm not even sure if they are the same in every distribution.
  122. oli The idea is to specify the codecs we want and to disable all other codecs, whatever they are (they might change in the future and it also depends on the gstreamer plugins that are installed). As fs_codec_list_destroy is unavailabe in PyGObject, I have to disable every single codec.
  123. lovetox but i dont see you disabling a codec, you do quite the opposite, you pass it to a method that is called set_preference_codecs
  124. lovetox i understand the farstream method in the way that we tell the lib what is our preference
  125. lovetox if we pass only what we want to use, that should disable everything else automatically
  126. lovetox so im thinking just adding a updated list of preferrd codecs should be enough
  127. lovetox also i dont understand why you add "telephone-event"
  128. lovetox is this a codec?
  129. porrier lovetox: There is no print_muc in advanced config
  130. oli lovetox: no it just extends the list or pops the codec to the top
  131. lovetox porrier, sorry print_status..
  132. oli setting the ID to -2 (Farstream.CODEC_ID_DISABLE) disables the codec. It is a strange API, but I really tested it and it took me some time to figure that out.
  133. lovetox ah i missed the ID thing
  134. lovetox makes sense now
  135. oli Maybe it has to do with gstreamer
  136. lovetox but what does the telephone event?
  137. lovetox we should document this, this makes all not much sense if something reads that
  138. oli the telephone events are genrated automatically. that is DTMF signaling.
  139. oli I don't know if this is used in Gajim
  140. lovetox but you add "telephone-event" to allowed codecs
  141. oli So for every clock_rate farstream generates a telephone-event
  142. lovetox so there is a codec.encoding_name == telephone-event
  143. lovetox ?
  144. oli yes. I just thought that is used by Gajim and I didn't want to disable that
  145. oli there is some dtmf stuff in
  146. lovetox yes i think somewhere we have something like that in gajim
  147. oli see _start_dtmf()
  148. oli so i think it's better to keep the telephony-event codecs enabled.
  149. lovetox indeed i looked it up
  150. lovetox weird this whole stuff, im not getting warm with that audio/video stuff
  151. oli me neither
  152. lovetox although farstream seems to abstract the process pretty good
  153. lovetox i mean under the hood this uses gstreamer with 20 plugins probably
  154. oli probably
  155. asterix Have you tested video?
  156. oli i don't have a camera. i can try to connect with atalk from my mobile. video gives me a test screen
  157. asterix No need of a camera, you can use videotest as source
  158. asterix You use gajim 1.1?
  159. lovetox yes or master
  160. lovetox but there is no difference for audio
  161. oli yes gajim-nightly
  162. lovetox i wondered stun server are disabled by default in gajim
  163. lovetox should we not enable them per default?
  164. lovetox to make connecting easier
  165. asterix Ok nice. First time someone really test that and tell us it works
  166. asterix You know a public stun server?
  167. oli but you need to put a stun server there.
  168. lovetox no i mean if the server provides one asterix
  169. lovetox some servers do
  170. oli doesn't xmpp disco provide a stun server
  171. lovetox especially the ones that have some jitsi stuff installed
  172. asterix Not sure we can disco that
  173. lovetox yes oli but we dont use it by default
  174. lovetox no stun is usually in srv entrys
  175. oli the other option is srv records
  176. oli :)
  177. lovetox it doesnt matter where it is, because in gajim use_stun_server is off
  178. asterix And not sure we should enable that by default. It may be slower than direct connect and less safe
  179. lovetox i think i use your patch , and enable stun server for upcoming Gajim 1.1.2
  180. lovetox is it really a proxy?
  181. oli if stun server is not reachable it can delay the connection significantly
  182. asterix I think so, bot 100% sure
  183. oli but stun itself is not a proxy
  184. oli turn is a proxy
  185. asterix Ha ok
  186. oli stun is just for ...
  187. oli ... whats the word
  188. lovetox it figures out the public ip
  189. lovetox and adds it to the negotiation
  190. lovetox or something
  191. lovetox so the two clients can find each other behind a NAT
  192. asterix Ok then no hurt to enable it by default _if server provides one_
  193. lovetox yeah only srv records from server
  194. oli if the server provides not working srv records that kind of their problem
  195. oli so i'm all for using the stun server
  196. lovetox ok have to go to sleep, thanks for testing oli will add your patch tomorrow
  197. oli sleep well
  198. asterix GN all
  199. oli "hole punching" was the word
  200. oli night
  201. bot streaps modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9535: < patch: enables Opus audio between Gajim clients >