Gajim - 2019-01-08

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  3. Chunk Hey are ppl alive in here?
  4. Chunk Client certificates in XMPP. Are they SSL certificates? Can I create a self signed one for my LAN host (no static IP nor domain name) and use it for another level of encryption on my XMPP connection? How do they work??
  5. rom1dep lovetox: ehh, it appears not to crash anymore, GG ;)
  6. lovetox Chunk its not another level of encryption
  7. lovetox its exactly the same, just that your server only accepts connections that provide the client certificate
  8. lovetox i dont you have any benefit from that on a LAN
  9. Chunk Oh okay so i keeps the same SSL except it just requires two ways to have a crt
  10. Chunk i imagine I would have to configure that on the server side, then always require the client cert or else it wouldn't connect. Sound correct lovetox ? thn
  11. Chunk *thnx
  12. lovetox yes
  13. lovetox i think this is mostly used in companys for some reason
  14. Chunk ahh okay. thanks. I also have PGP keys with this client. that just double checks authentication right?
  15. lovetox i guess it has a higher security because both sides need a valid cert
  16. lovetox but you have the hassle to install the certs on the clients
  17. Chunk so I need two way configuration.. otherwise it's bogus.
  18. Chunk I don't want to have to require that in case I have other clients like on my android.
  19. lovetox yes the first presence of a contact is signed by his pgp key and gajim checks that
  20. lovetox as is every pgp message
  21. Chunk does that get verified on the server side? (PGP key)?
  22. Chunk or just the client? sorry for noob Qs
  23. lovetox just the client
  24. lovetox pgp is end to end encryption
  25. Chunk ok. Hmmmm..
  26. mrDoctorWho gajim doesn't show the number of participants in the room
  27. Chunk How does the end recipient unencrypt it or is it just for PMs and requires to be accepted both sides?? It's essentially just for private messages, just like OMEMO?
  28. asterix Yes, tou encrypt with your contact's public key so he (and only him) can decrypt yhe msg
  29. asterix Arg, no lmc on conversation ...
  30. Chunk crud, so it has no other encryption uses eh.
  31. Chunk Oh well. I have somebody to try it with I'll do it up :D
  32. nicoco hey everybody. In Gajim, I cannot see the avatars my buddies set up using Conversations. I'm running my own prosody instance and activated the vcard, vcard4 and vcard_legacy modules. Is this fixable?
  33. Chunk does anybody know what this is supposed to say: "dnf copr enable philfry/gajim" ??
  34. Chunk in the OMEMO page for gajim ??
  35. renandstimpy Hey!
  36. renandstimpy Hello?
  37. lovetox yes probably, first nicoco please ask in prosody support channel, if this are the correct modules for your prosody version
  38. lovetox and if they work together without problems
  39. renandstimpy I am wondering if anyone can link me to some Themes and how can I change the FONT color and size in the messages?
  40. Link Mauve nicoco, you shouldn’t have both vcard_legacy and vcard enabled.
  41. Link Mauve They provide the same service, but only vcard_legacy is synchronised.
  42. renandstimpy Can anyone message me and let me know how to change the font color and size in messages. PLEASE.
  43. renandstimpy ..Can anyone message me and let me know how to change the font color and size in messages. PLEASE.
  44. renandstimpy Link Mauve?
  45. Link Mauve renandstimpy, I have no idea, I don’t even use Gajim.
  46. renandstimpy LOL
  47. Link Mauve ?
  48. renandstimpy Can you help me please
  49. Chunk Who needs that anyways?
  50. Chunk what you need that for eh?
  51. renandstimpy The font is too small for me and its hard to see.
  52. Link Mauve Do you have another question that I can answer?
  53. renandstimpy In the dark verision its impossible to see
  54. lovetox perference -> style -> themes
  55. renandstimpy Yes.
  56. lovetox add a new theme and search for conversation font
  57. renandstimpy Okay.
  58. lovetox there are all style options in Gajim, there is not more, so assume everything you cant change there, you simply cant change
  59. renandstimpy Thank you LoveTox
  60. nicoco Link Mauve, lovetox: thank for the advice. I tried unloading vcard_legacy and restarted gajim, I still don't see my contacts or my avatar. I should ask on prosody's room, sorry for the useless disturbance!
  61. Link Mauve nicoco, the opposite.
  62. Link Mauve Also yes, this is only for contacts on your server, if they are on other servers their admin has to do things.
  63. Link Mauve Also note that modern avatars are subject to access control, so they can choose to make it public, viewable only to their contacts (so not in public rooms for instance) or private.
  64. nicoco oh, so only vcard_legacy, and no vcard and vcard4? almost all my contacts are use my server. I'm trying to get my friends to get rid of whatsapp… probably won't work but I'm learning things in the process ☺
  65. renandstimpy Hey LoveTox can you message me I am also wondering if it is posible to change the font color.
  66. Link Mauve nicoco, both vcard4 and vcard_legacy.
  67. Link Mauve And no vcard.
  68. Link Mauve Also have a look at the access model their client has set for avatars.
  69. renandstimpy How can I change the font color in messages.
  70. nicoco I now have another extremely important question: my facebook spectrum2 transport uses a facebook icon, I can see it when "discovering services" on my server. I also (sometimes) see this icon on the transport "contact" when launching gajim. But despite the "use transport's icon" option being checked in gajim it only uses the facebook icon for offline contacts, and then the regular "green man" icon for online contacts. Also, once the contact goes offline, it then has a "grey man" icon.
  71. nicoco so the question is: is there a fix for that?
  72. nicoco
  73. renandstimpy Nincoco do you know how to change the font color in Gajim?
  74. nicoco renandstimpy: nope, sorry. I am not sure this works between different clients but I don't know much TBH
  75. renandstimpy ahh alright TY
  76. Chunk how do i install the omemo plugin in gajim on CENTOS 7 please? i'm a little new to rpm based package management and i'm about to rage out.
  77. nicoco chunk: can't you use gajim's plugin installer?
  78. Chunk no there's dependencies involved. it's all good though i'm doing something else now
  79. qrsBRWN Chunk you will need to pull python-axolotl from some copr repo I believe.
  80. qrsBRWN Since Gajim OMEMO plugin needs that and it isn't packaged for CentOS 7 afaik
  81. oli is there an option to configure audio codecs?
  82. lovetox renandstimpy, there are multiple color options in the theme dialog
  83. lovetox just scroll the options and look at everything that has color in it
  84. renandstimpy Yea I noticed that, but I didn't see any for the message font
  85. lovetox for what oli? audio chat?
  86. oli yes, jingle call
  87. lovetox prefence, audio tab
  88. lovetox no i think codec is part of negotiation
  89. lovetox and im not sure what gajim supports
  90. lovetox audio/video is not maintained
  91. oli :(
  92. renandstimpy TY
  93. renandstimpy ty
  94. lovetox renandstimpy
  95. lovetox Incoming Message Text Font
  96. lovetox Outgoing Message Text Font
  97. lovetox its there
  98. oli i called myself from one account to another within the same gajim. did work fine :)
  99. renandstimpy sdf
  100. lovetox but sound quality was terrible?
  101. lovetox i also experienced this
  102. oli could be better. it didn't sound like opus codec. but not terrible
  103. lovetox if im home i could look how we determine the codec
  104. oli i think xmpp should ditch every codec besides opus (and maybe g711 for compatibility reasons)
  105. lovetox im not aware that there is any limitation on the codec
  106. lovetox its negotiated
  107. oli lovetox: the more codecs are negotiated the likelier it is that some crappy codec is used. opus gives you the best quality with any bitrate. there is really no need to use any other codec if both parties support it.
  108. lovetox and how do you know what the other party supports?
  109. lovetox i think you dont know how a negotiation works
  110. lovetox one party offers what it supports, the other party chooses what it wants to use
  111. lovetox i dont see why an application should choose a bad codec if a good one is offered, the count of offered codecs has no influence on that
  112. oli lovetox: in sip this is not an unusal problem, it happens all the time. because xmpp clients have to be compatible to every telephony system on the planet, i think all other codecs besides opus are mostly useless bloat
  113. oli *don't have to be compatible
  114. Link Mauve oli, why does it happen? Also why close the door to every phone on the planet, while interop is mostly a done thing?
  115. oli interop to what?
  116. Chunk what's the point of a PGP key for my whole account in Gajim?
  117. Chunk there's a little key symbol, does it do anything?? probably not eh
  118. Link Mauve oli, Jingle and SIP.
  119. oli Link Mauve: real world examples
  120. Link Mauve Uh, me calling my friends’ phones from Gajim around the time of 0.14, thanks to Asterisk.
  121. Link Mauve I’m sure you’ll find a lot of more relevant deployments.
  122. oli what does not work when the client offers only opus and g711
  123. oli Link Mauve: asterisk does support opus
  124. Link Mauve Dunno, I haven’t looked at the codecs being negociated.
  125. Link Mauve You can have a look in the XML console while establishing a call, if you are interested.
  126. Link Mauve Opus didn’t exist back then.
  127. oli i will look in the xml console, when i'm back at the computer.
  128. oli what i wanted to do is to disable all other codecs and set the prefered bitrates for the opus codec (if gajim supports opus). i think codec settings are much to complicated in most voip clients (combinations of codec, samplerate and bitrate). it would be nice if the user could just set a prefered bitrate (default 40kbps) and maybe a max bitrate.
  129. oli i have asterisk running and very much would like to use xmpp for phone calls too.
  130. oli these are just my thoughts not feature request.
  131. Link Mauve oli, what prevents you?
  132. oli Link Mauve: missing mobile client and when i tried it a couple of month ago gajim was always crashing with this one library.
  133. oli forgot the name
  134. Link Mauve Ok.
  135. wurstsalat oli, feel free to dig in the code! Working audio (with good quality on top) is highly anticipated
  136. oli wurstsalat: i can make some python wurstsalat out of gajim
  137. oli not sure my coding skills are sufficient. you should really ask every user to get involved in development out of the blue.
  138. wurstsalat Oh noes
  139. oli not ask
  140. oli it's kind of don't complain just do it yourself
  141. wurstsalat Why not? A MR can't hurt, you probably learn something in the process if it's getting reviewed. I learned a lot from this community!
  142. oli nur konstruktive kritk bitte, machs doch besser
  143. oli MR?
  144. wurstsalat Merge request
  145. wurstsalat It sounded a bit like you would like to have a look at the code ;)
  146. oli is that different than a pull request?
  147. wurstsalat No, same but github/gitlab
  148. oli wurstsalat: maybe i give the false impression. i have to act more clueless
  149. oli i will look at the code later. just for fun.
  150. rom1dep damn, Gtk2 is better on windows than Gtk3
  151. rom1dep just updated meld
  152. rom1dep sigh
  153. rom1dep shouldn't have
  154. oli I wonder if it's possible to login on a self hosted gitlab with a account.
  155. oli I think it's funny that you can login with google and ms-github, but not with an account
  156. oli about audio codecs. in are two audio codecs set. does this mean only the Speex codec it used. See:
  157. oli about audio codecs. in are two audio codecs set. does this mean only the Speex codec it used.
  158. aliabdullah hello
  159. aliabdullah A sticker has been sent using Movim
  160. lovetox yeah not supported yet aliabdullah
  161. lovetox yes oli maybe its enough to define more current ones
  162. lovetox you probably need the correct gstreamer plugins installed probably
  163. oli lovetox: according to the xml console opus is offered as third choice. and then a lot of weird codecs
  164. lovetox can you show me the stanza
  165. oli regarding interop: more important than sip is maybe webrtc. and that only supports opus
  166. oli i'm getting internal server errors now. i have to figure out whats wrong
  167. lovetox ah i see
  168. lovetox Gajim accepts all codecs but it sets as preference SPEEX
  169. lovetox so even if opus is offered it always choses speex
  170. lovetox so i guess its just about changing that preference you linked
  171. oli yes, if you comment out the speex settings it will offer opus as first choice.
  172. oli if any actibe developer familiar with this stuff? if not i'll try to find some good settings.
  173. wurstsalat Trying to find some good defaults seems like a good idea to me
  174. oli internal server error had nothing to do with gaim. problem with the sip jingle gateway in mongooseim.
  175. oli or the lack of a proper config by me
  176. lovetox oli the line you quoted is the preference when we choose
  177. lovetox not when we offer
  178. lovetox you cant modify what we offer, its determined by what farstream has codecs installed
  179. lovetox so it seems on your system opus is installed so its offered
  180. lovetox but gajim always choses speex
  181. lovetox so instead add a line at the top with the OPUS codec
  182. lovetox as first pref
  183. oli lovetox: are you sure? if the part is commented out speex is not offered
  184. lovetox hm maybe the preferences count for offering too
  185. oli there has to be a way to override the codec preferences completly
  186. lovetox and does it chose now opus?
  187. lovetox i dont understand, the list is there to specify the codecs
  188. lovetox what more do you need to override?
  189. oli lovetox: how do i know?
  190. rom1dep lovetox: so, for the record, on a crappy, unreliable, overproxified connexion, where the first few SRV options are IP banned gajim master manages to establish and to resume a connexion. I think few things were done right there, including SM (while, for instance, Dino can't even connect). 👍 OTOH it doesn't seem to resume automatically after I suspend to RAM.
  191. oli what codec is choosen. quality is better
  192. lovetox rom1dep, that good to hear, are you talking about a windows machine?
  193. rom1dep not this time, this one is a linux/KDE
  194. lovetox then its weird that it doesnt connect after standby, maybe start from console and check what it says after standby
  195. rom1dep a lot of noise due to ClientsIconsPlugin, let me try to find things through that
  196. rom1dep lovetox: maybe the second or third is related
  197. lovetox rom1dep, there must be a log message before that
  198. lovetox'Successfully bound %s', jid)
  199. lovetox wait what nbxmpp version do you use
  200. lovetox the line numbers suggest you dont use latest master
  201. lovetox hm oh wait it seems fine
  202. lovetox but yeah what does that log message say
  203. rom1dep
  204. lovetox ah you dont log with -v?
  205. lovetox and this happens only if you come from stanby?
  206. rom1dep not currently: ./ -l gajim.c.m.archiving=DEBUG -l gajim.c.connection=DEBUG -l gajim.c.resolver=DEBUG
  207. rom1dep I /think/ so
  208. lovetox hm yeah this is not enough, i need -v
  209. lovetox i think there is a bigger bug here somewhere
  210. lovetox but just from the traceback its not clear how we got to that point
  211. lovetox would be interesting if you can catch it with full debug log
  212. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 0 commits to branch _refs/heads/nbxmpp_0.6_ of _python-nbxmpp_ < >:
  213. rom1dep lovetox: so restarting with -v would do?
  214. lovetox yeah
  215. lovetox and then waiting :D
  216. rom1dep ^^
  217. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 3 commits to branch _refs/heads/nbxmpp_0.6_ of _python-nbxmpp_ < >:
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  219. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/nbxmpp_0.6_ of _python-nbxmpp_ < >: *318406e6* < > Raise version to 0.6.9
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  224. lovetox is anyone on Linux and has Gtk 3.24.2 installed?
  225. gutigen why that specific version?
  226. gutigen aren't we on 3.30 on most up to date distros?
  227. lovetox because i want to reproduce a bug
  228. gutigen what bug?
  229. lovetox no
  230. lovetox there is no 3.30
  231. lovetox 3.24.2 is themost uptodate
  232. gutigen oh wait, I was thinking about gnome
  233. gutigen what bug is that? I'm on KDE, but I most likely have latest GTK, cause Fedoora
  234. lovetox you can check it in the Gajim Help -> About window
  235. gutigen `GTK+ Version: 3.24.1`
  236. gutigen sorta latest :)
  237. lovetox yeah problem is with 3.24.1 it works, but it doesnt on 3.24.2 :)
  238. gutigen well shit
  239. lovetox if you type ^
  240. lovetox it types ^^ instantly
  241. gutigen ^
  242. gutigen ^^
  243. gutigen hmmm
  244. gutigen ok
  245. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9518: < Keyboard key interpretation error with "^" >
  246. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9522: < Switching keyboard layout makes Gajim crash >