Gajim - 2018-12-31

  1. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 3 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >:
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  4. skydns hey philipp are you german?
  5. asterix He is, yes
  6. skydns he best way is to write in english here,yes?
  7. lovetox yes, or you can pm me
  8. skydns i wrote yesterday to philipp that the macOS wiki is not good enough today. i think a mayor problem nbxmpp for mac users. you should complete the wiki about that problem. it would help if there is a notice to the git with a newer nbxmpp.
  9. lovetox i already revised the wiki
  10. lovetox and no you should not get nbxmpp from git
  11. lovetox as its a development version and unstable
  12. skydns i would add this to the wiki, otherwise you search a lot to continue:
  13. lovetox but this makes no sense
  14. lovetox why would you install nbxmpp then uninstall it again?
  15. skydns this works, because you install version 0.6 with brew
  16. skydns get the new version with git
  17. lovetox yes we need version 0.6
  18. lovetox it works the way it is now in the wiki
  19. skydns you are not able to start gjim wih version 0.6
  20. lovetox what was missing is the "git checkout gajim_1.1"
  21. lovetox you are able if you checkout the correct gajim branch which depends on nbxmpp 06
  22. lovetox that line was indeed missing, but its now added
  23. skydns hm tried it on two macbooks
  24. lovetox you did not checkout the gajim_1.1 branch obviously
  25. lovetox because i just added that line yesterday to the wiki
  26. skydns that i've seen
  27. skydns and i removed gajim from my mac and installed again with that wiki and get the same error
  28. skydns how did you test it?
  29. lovetox and what is the error?
  30. lovetox the problem maybe caused by you installing with `python3` nbxmpp
  31. lovetox if you install it in that way you cant easily remove it
  32. skydns the error is: Gajim needs python-nbxmpp >= tu run.
  33. lovetox then you didnt checkout the gajim 1.1 branch
  34. lovetox go to the cloned gajim folder
  35. lovetox and type git checkout gajim_1.1
  36. skydns ok i've to go shopping now. i'll try when i'll back
  37. lovetox haha me too, my girlfriend calls :D
  38. lovetox later
  39. skydns i remove gajim now and try the wiki again
  40. lovetox you have to remove nbxmpp also
  41. lovetox im also not quite understand what there is to remove
  42. lovetox gajim is never installed
  43. lovetox git clone
  44. lovetox just creates a folder and clones the repo
  45. lovetox you can execute this a million times it will always end up the same
  46. skydns yes i removed nbnbxmpp, and the gajim folder
  47. skydns and you're right it works now with nbxmpp 0.6
  48. skydns the wiki is fine
  49. skydns thumbs up! good job
  50. lovetox k nice
  51. skydns there is a problem with the plugins now
  52. skydns 31.12.2018 13:27:10 (W) gajim.plugin_system Plugin omemo not loaded, newer version ofgajim required: 1.1.1 <
  53. skydns did you know a solution for that?
  54. lovetox yes
  55. lovetox delete all plugins
  56. lovetox and download them from here
  57. lovetox
  58. skydns ok thx
  59. lovetox with switching to the 1.1 branch you need other plugins
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