Gajim - 2018-12-30

  1. bot Marcin Mielniczuk updated a merge request for _gajim/master_ < >: Add a minimal encrypt-by-default implementation.
  2. marmistrz lovetox, about !366 - where exactly should handling of the default encryption policy happen so that the plugin recognizes it?
  3. marmistrz Is it `def change_encryption(self, action, param):`?
  4. marmistrz (please mention me when replying)
  5. bot Marcin Mielniczuk closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9460: < MAM history not fetched until application restart >
  6. lovetox marmistrz, does it not work the way you did it?
  7. lovetox the plugin doesnt need to recognize it
  8. lovetox if you send a message Gajim will hand it to the plugin that is registered for the encryption name
  9. lovetox at least for omemo thats true
  10. lovetox and i would advise against doing the default thing in a groupchat
  11. lovetox but for other plugins like the new opepgp one thats problematic, because i used the change encryption to initiate a wizard that creates the key
  12. lovetox but i guess i have to solve that differently, its not really good that a plugin action is triggered on changing the encryption in gajim anyway
  13. marmistrz lovetox, no it doesn't. The GUI shows that the encryption is enabled but the plugin sends the message unencrypted
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  19. porrier Where can i read about configuering services under jid->personal events->configure services? I just found there are a lot possibilities there, incredible.
  20. lovetox em you dont really need that
  21. lovetox and i would advise against plaining with these options there
  22. lovetox it shows you the pubsub nodes used by your account, and you can configure the nodes
  23. lovetox but they are configured so they work, so if you change something there you might break stuff
  24. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 5 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _python-nbxmpp_ < >:
  25. jolt question regarding sock5 proxy file transfers in case anyone knows - would a gajim 1.1.1 to gajim 1.1.1 file transfer using a sock5 proxy transfer the file over TLS? i was reading here: about XTLS and it sounds like it would encrypt the file transfer, but i am not sure
  26. lovetox yes it uses client to client tls
  27. lovetox BUT, code is not used in a long time so chances of this working are slim
  28. jolt sweet! thanks
  29. jolt ahh - damn
  30. lovetox do you need p2p?
  31. jolt so basically its best to assume that any sock5 file transfer is not secure
  32. lovetox Gajim can also encrypt files before uploading it to a http server
  33. lovetox also no other client even theoreticall supports XTLS is kind of dead
  34. lovetox and yes that is correct any p2p transfer with Gajim can be assumed as totally unencrypted
  35. lovetox but usally you dont want p2p anyway
  36. lovetox most file transfers are small files, pictures documents
  37. jolt so i guess http upload is the way to go in prosody config then - that is most reliable and secure?
  38. lovetox and for p2p the contact has to be online at the same time
  39. jolt i can just disable sock5 proxy
  40. lovetox httpupload is always tls encrypted client to server, and server to client for download
  41. lovetox and if you even dont trust the server, you can use something like omemo
  42. lovetox and the file is AES encrypted before it goes to the server
  43. jolt ok - https upload it is then - thanks!
  44. lovetox np, ask if you have problems, sometimes httpupload setup with certs etc can be a problem :)
  45. jolt will do
  46. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 5 commits to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >:
  47. bot Philipp Hörist closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9521: < Unable to remove account >
  48. lovetox everyone that uses Gajim Master, i did a big refactor of the muc module, so please report all weirdness that you find regarding MUCs
  49. lovetox and there are now options for showing join/lefts and status in the group chat menu
  50. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *d203d36f* < > Remove debug code
  51. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *e1c17d75* < > Fix tests
  52. porrier
  53. lovetox
  54. lovetox user can set a mood and thats how its broadcasted to other users
  55. lovetox and you should not deactivate pep/pubusb
  56. lovetox many features of clients need it
  57. porrier I found out that I cannot store bookmarks if I disable pep. I don't like the idea that such data are transfered over servers I don't know. Such data should be served by the server users are using.
  58. lovetox thats what it does
  59. lovetox pubsub runs on your server or not?
  60. porrier pep runs on the server. Nervertheless there are these services defined and obvisiously used in the personal preferences. I want to disable that.
  61. lovetox I think you misunderstanding what this does
  62. lovetox If a user wants to share his mood with other contacts, he uploads that data to HIS server
  63. lovetox and other people can request this info from his server
  64. lovetox so where do you see a problem here?
  65. lovetox If the user doesnt want to share this info he simple doesnt set a mood in his status
  66. lovetox Also if he wants to share his nickname or his activity he is currently doing, or his status message he needs a mechanism for that
  67. lovetox if you disable htis, half of xmpp features will not work anymore
  68. porrier Would make encrypted c2s and s2s connections that stuff a bit secure?
  69. lovetox didnt you ask yourself that question for normal messages that are sent over your server?
  70. lovetox why do you think pubsub is any different to a normal message being set by one of your users
  71. lovetox and why do you think its unsecure?
  72. porrier I was thinking about man in the mitm attacks, that's what was worrying me. If my girlfriend sends me a picture or other sensible data, I am the only one you should see that.
  73. lovetox thats why our server uses TLS
  74. porrier You are calming me down. Thank you!
  75. porrier I gajim there are two proxies for file_transfer defined which are not connectable. May this be the reason I can not send a file to another user?
  76. lovetox you should define the one that your server offers
  77. lovetox also install the httpupload plugin if its available for your version
  78. lovetox and setup your server for httupload
  79. porrier lovetox: The user that should get the file resides on another server. I have httpupload active.
  80. lovetox then use httpupload to upload the file
  81. lovetox instead of p2p
  82. porrier ok
  83. Name Are you aware that Gajim 1.1.1.exe has an "unknown publisher"?
  84. lovetox where do you see that?
  85. lovetox you mean the installer, or the installed exe?
  86. Name When I try to run the installer. "The publisher could not be verified" warning. 1.1.0 does not have this
  87. lovetox yeah i see the publisher field is not set
  88. lovetox but it was the same in 1.1.0
  89. lovetox i can write some name like Gajim there
  90. lovetox but it will not lead to anything that is "verifyed"
  91. Name Strange. Perhaps it doesn't show because I unknowingly unticked "always ask before opening this file" on 1.1.0
  92. lovetox yeah thats more likely
  93. Name Do you have the MD5 hash of gajim-portable-1.1.1-64bits-1?
  94. Name Or any checksum I can check it against
  95. lovetox for what? security purposes?
  96. lovetox all these signing things have a problem
  97. lovetox where should we publish the MD5 hash or the public key of the signature?
  98. lovetox on thats the same site you download the exe from, so if the server is compromised so is this information
  99. Name That's true
  100. Name Thanks for that. I also have another question; I have a friend that I cannot see the avatar of in the chat window or in the roster. I can see it when I choose 'Information'. Subscription is 'Both' and Ask is 'Subscribe'. I have tried having us both quit, and to resubmit the avatar, and even make a new account, but the avatar does not display
  101. lovetox hm, what client does he use?
  102. Name We are both using Gajim 1.1.0. It worked for a few days only
  103. lovetox btw on 1.1.1 is a notification bug, you cant open new messages from the tray
  104. lovetox so you might want to wait with the upgrade a few days
  105. lovetox until we push 1.1.2
  106. Name I also cannot send or recieve offline messages with them, I recieve an error. And often when I sign out they do not see this, and only when I sign back in do they see "replaced by new connection"
  107. Name Ah ok, thanks for letting me know that
  108. lovetox do you host your own server?
  109. Name I do not
  110. Name Is this an issue with the server?
  111. Name I've noted that in the 'Information' window Ask is 'Subscribe', but for all other friends it is 'None'. I have removed and readded this friend many times but cannot fix whatever the issue is
  112. lovetox yeah thats a problem
  113. lovetox hm i could register an acc on the server and you can add me then we could try if we suffer the same probelm
  114. marmistrz lovetox, and did something change in the OMEMO handling code that only changing get_encryption_state will do the trick?
  115. Name Sure
  116. marmistrz I remember that when I implemented that, only the GUI recognized it, and the plugin kept sending the messages unencrypted but maybe something has changed
  117. lovetox marmistrz, i have to look into what problem you experience, i currently write a update for omemo that has priority because muc does not work on master currently
  118. lovetox afterwards i can look into it
  119. marmistrz lovetox, ok. Please ping me when you're done
  120. lovetox Name, my jid is
  121. Name Added
  122. vrc_cs is admin of is here? I can not access <> or ping <> since 1-2 months ago on my ISP #1. I can access it and ping it on my ISP #2. I think block my ISP #1 ip address. I don't know why. Please help. Thanks
  123. lovetox vrc_cs, which country?
  124. vrc_cs Indonesia
  125. lovetox because of much spam we have to block most ip ranges from indonesia and vietnam
  126. vrc_cs i think not because country. because my isp #2 is indonesia too
  127. vrc_cs ohhh i see
  128. lovetox sorry about that, but we dont know what to do else
  129. lovetox otherwise we have to spend so much time on deleting stuff every day
  130. vrc_cs can you just unblock me (1 ip only)?
  131. vrc_cs i already use gajim for 2 years
  132. lovetox do you have a fixed ip?
  133. vrc_cs yes i have fixed ip
  134. lovetox yes probably, send me your ip as pm
  135. vrc_cs how to pm? sorry still newbie. haha
  136. lovetox just double click my name in the roster
  137. lovetox a chat should open
  138. vrc_cs ok understand