Gajim - 2018-12-29

  1. pep. lovetox, you implemented OX again right?
  2. lovetox yes, if you want to use it do it on the stable Gajim 1.1 release
  3. lovetox there is a plugin for it
  4. lovetox pep.,
  5. lovetox but secret key sharig is not implemented, it generates a key for you if you switch openpgp on in a chat
  6. pep. thanks
  7. raute Somebody here told me that there will be an OMEMO plugin for Slixmpp. I forgot who it was... Does anybody know about it?
  8. lovetox yes me
  9. Link Mauve lovetox, on latest master, I can’t connect my Local account.
  10. Link Mauve Same on 1.1.0.
  11. lovetox any traceback?
  12. Link Mauve None.
  13. Link Mauve Even -v doesn’t say anything at all.
  14. Link Mauve
  15. lovetox maybe no avahi deamon
  16. Link Mauve Oh.
  17. Link Mauve It’s not trying to launch it?
  18. lovetox of course not
  19. lovetox why would we launch other applications
  20. Link Mauve Great, now it works.
  21. Link Mauve lovetox, I thought something like systemd socket or dbus activation.
  22. Link Mauve Or, at least do a popup error that the user should start this daemon.
  23. lovetox if thats possible over dbus, but then the daemon has to run already or?
  24. lovetox stay on 1.1
  25. lovetox master is a bit unstable right now :)
  26. Link Mauve See /usr/lib/systemd/system/avahi-daemon.socket
  27. Link Mauve 29/12/18 15:54:45 (E) gajim.c.z.client_zeroconf Connection failure to 2001:stuffthere NoneType: None