Gajim - 2018-12-26

  1. bot Daniel Brötzmann closed an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9517: < How to view XML Console on MAC OS ? >
  2. bob.dig >‎[18:53:42] ‎lovetox‎: there you have to frist add a new theme, then set the font size Thanks for this
  3. bob.dig Also there is a bug in the windows version of 1.1.1 with the behavior of the tray symbol if you got a new message
  4. Maranda lovetox, getting a lot of these tracebacks on latest master when resuming from hibernation, and by a lot I mean a lot.
  5. Maranda
  6. lovetox yeah Maranda 3 people report this, but i cant reproduce it, i will try on your server, can you provide the full log?
  7. Maranda No unfortunately 😐
  8. bot KMSG created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9518: < Keyboard key interpretation error with "^" >
  9. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/gajim_1.1_ of _gajim_ < >: *b2cc2147* < > Fix status tray notification Clicking on a new message notification in the status tray didnt open the chat
  10. Neustradamus SCRAM-SHA-256 and SCRAM-SHA-256-PLUS in Gajim?
  11. Neustradamus
  12. lovetox yes
  13. Neustradamus Already done lovetox? :)
  14. lovetox in master yes
  15. Neustradamus Nice :)
  16. pep. Neustradamus: I'm curious why the pubsub thing is not a XEP
  17. Neustradamus ?
  18. Neustradamus Idk
  19. CatMan hi all.. about new 1.1.1 release for win64. it can't work normally. when i start typing of text - it freeze and show me "app not answer and will be closed"
  20. CatMan at 1.1.0 all is ok
  21. CatMan
  22. CatMan if only use settings, menu, tabs or etc - all is ok. but when i start typing, Gajim will close.
  23. CatMan night build from 2018-12-24 have same problem
  24. CatMan also. i have 2 LCD and all notifications not at display with Gajim. always at last LCD.
  25. CatMan i think all notifications must be showed at screen with main window of Gajim.
  26. CatMan so.. problen not when typing. problem after change language. by ctrl+shift, or from tray
  27. CatMan now i use english without changing and all is ok at 1.1.1
  28. CatMan but if i will change lang - app will be closed
  29. CatMan any idea?
  30. lovetox where do you change language?
  31. CatMan you mean tab? or system?
  32. lovetox what language do you change where
  33. lovetox ctrl + shift does not change any language in my windows
  34. CatMan eng/rus by ctrl+shift or over system tray click on lang and swith to rus
  35. lovetox you mean keyboard layout ok
  36. lovetox have to try that
  37. CatMan ctrl+shift = custom setting for switching
  38. lovetox notifications are shown on whatever screen is set to main screen i thinkl
  39. CatMan i not like alt+shift
  40. lovetox i dont think we changed anything there since 1.1.0
  41. CatMan about notify - yes. is old story
  42. CatMan byt layout - is bug of 1.1.1
  43. lovetox Gajim can have many windows, Gajim can be minimized, its too much work to have algo that determines for X situations a monitor
  44. CatMan at 1.1.0 all is ok
  45. lovetox yes i will checkout the layout bug
  46. CatMan if you need any logs - you are welcome
  47. CatMan windows 8.1 x 64
  48. CatMan also.. font too small. can i change size of all fonts?
  49. lovetox you can change some font settings in the Gajim theme manager
  50. lovetox about the keyboard layout, looks like a GTK bug, i opened an issue on their tracker
  51. lovetox
  52. lovetox seems like you have to go back to Gajim 1.1.0 for the time
  53. lovetox CatMan
  54. CatMan ok
  55. CatMan thanks
  56. lovetox Windows builds have sadly always cutting edge Gtk versions
  57. lovetox so often new bugs introduced
  58. lovetox CatMan do you have 1.1.0 running? can you tell me what the Gtk version is in about -> help?
  59. CatMan GTK+ Version: 3.24.1
  60. lovetox thanks
  61. CatMan ;-)
  62. lovetox but good that we fixed coping text form the chatwindow if you have russian layout, just that you cant use russian layout anymore now :D
  63. CatMan =)))
  64. rom1dep > Windows builds have sadly always cutting edge Gtk versions What's the reason for that?
  65. lovetox because it uses msys2 packages and they have always the newest
  66. rom1dep There's no way to pin a version?
  67. lovetox not build in in a easy way, i could look on the ftp sometimes they have older versions on there, then i have to use wget, download, install
  68. lovetox yes possible, but i wouldnt do that for minor versions
  69. lovetox they introduced the bug from 3.24.1 -> 3.24.2
  70. lovetox but maybe i try downgrading that, we have a notification bug also, so it might need soon a release anyway
  71. CatMan so.. and i have old problem with http uplad at 1.1.0 with names like Безымянный-1.jpg. It can't be uploaded because some of characters is unknown =)
  72. lovetox
  73. lovetox works fine for me
  74. lovetox probably a server problem, report it to your admin
  75. CatMan i'm admin and use openfire as earlier
  76. lovetox yeah i remember openfire having problems with filenames like that
  77. lovetox maybe ask in the support channel
  78. lovetox did you try some other client?
  79. CatMan
  80. lovetox yes they probably dont encode the filename
  81. CatMan i used Conversations, but never try to send files with rus letters
  82. lovetox you can open xml console and show me the output if you upload
  83. CatMan sec
  84. CatMan hmm... it show nothing
  85. lovetox impossible :)
  86. lovetox
  87. CatMan i mean error popup, but nothing at log
  88. lovetox i reported this, should be in version 1.1.4
  89. lovetox are you sure you looking at the xml console of the correct account
  90. lovetox no try v v1.2.0
  91. CatMan was enabled log at settings
  92. CatMan
  93. lovetox please check the version of your httpupload module
  94. CatMan 1.1.0 = Guus der Kinderen
  95. CatMan 1.1.0 -- February 19, 2018 Updated to HttpFileUploadComponent v1.1.3, which resolves: Issue #5: Maximum allowable file size should be configurable. Issue #6: Fix for NPE when client uses XEP v0.3 or higher. Issue #7: Responses to slot requests should use syntax of the request. Issue #8: Add maximum file size to service discovery responses.
  96. lovetox yeah its too old
  97. lovetox please update to at least 1.2.0
  98. lovetox or something > 1.1.3
  99. CatMan it last. no online new versions
  100. CatMan are you sure that it must be?
  101. lovetox yes
  102. lovetox
  103. lovetox Addresses these issues: #9: URLs should not contain non-ASCII characters. #12: Add permanent, file-system-based, storage. #13: Increase default max file size.
  104. CatMan something strange. can't see this release at webface
  105. CatMan ok, will search.. thanks
  106. CatMan lovetox‎,
  107. CatMan there are no 2.0 plugin
  108. CatMan i mean 1.2
  109. lovetox yeah and what should i do about it now?
  110. lovetox please contact openfire support
  111. lovetox its not a Gajim problem
  112. CatMan lovetox‎, earlier all was ok with same plugin
  113. lovetox yes on openfire, but it didnt work on any other server
  114. lovetox because Gajim did the encoding of the filename
  115. lovetox but this is wrong, so we removed it, and opened a issue with openfire
  116. lovetox so they can fix their bug
  117. lovetox and they did as you can see in the link i posted you, if they dont publish their software nothing i can do about it
  118. CatMan lovetox‎, understand you. helpfull info
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