Gajim - 2018-12-18

  1. bot Yao Mitachi created an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9499: < '<3' is not 😍 (heart eyes) >
  2. batterystaples I'm trying to fork the omemo-plugins repository
  3. batterystaples But I'm told that I've reached my limit for repositories
  4. batterystaples Even though I just created my account
  5. batterystaples Is there some other way to make a merge request?
  6. bronko batterystaples, account created using google/github authentication?
  7. batterystaples Github
  8. bronko forking is disabled by default, ask a moderator/admin to activate your account: asterix / lovetox
  9. batterystaples Ah, okay, thanks
  10. lovetox batterystaples, what is your account name?
  11. batterystaples lovetox, my account name on github is appleorange1
  12. lovetox should work now
  13. batterystaples Thanks, I'll give it a go
  14. lovetox what do you try to achieve in the omemo code ? batterystaples
  15. bot appleorange1 proposed a new merge request for _gajim-plugins/master_ < >: Updated error messages to reflect that python3-cryptography and python3-axolotl are now required
  16. batterystaples I guess the bot answered for me :D
  17. lovetox batterystaples, could you make the commit message smaller, something < 50 is usual
  18. batterystaples Sure
  19. lovetox if you need more space there is a extended commit message
  20. lovetox thanks
  21. bot appleorange1 updated a merge request for _gajim-plugins/master_ < >: Error messages now reference python3 packages
  22. bot appleorange1 proposed a new merge request for _website/master_ < >: Latest versions of Debian/Ubuntu required
  23. lovetox batterystaples, i dont think this is true
  24. lovetox Gajim 1.1.0 is in debian backports
  25. lovetox so nightly should work fine without any unstable packages
  26. batterystaples I tried installing it and it didn't work. Also two users with bug reports. I'll find them.
  27. lovetox Also it would be nice to name the version
  28. lovetox the latest ubuntu is probably already wrong in 2 months
  29. batterystaples Not sure about ubuntu version, but the debian one is sid
  30. lovetox im not a debian expert but is there something like a debian sid version?
  31. lovetox is it not just debian, and you can pull packages from different repos
  32. batterystaples So that's the thing
  33. batterystaples sid is constantly changing
  34. lovetox you certainly dont need to upgrade your whole debian to unstable just to use gajim
  35. batterystaples It's the unstable branch
  36. batterystaples No, but if you want to use the nightly build you do
  37. batterystaples See e.g.:
  38. batterystaples
  39. batterystaples Well, you can install those packages from backports I guess, but it really isn't an ideal solution
  40. batterystaples And I haven't tested it
  41. batterystaples So I can't confirm you wouldn't just get some other dependency error
  42. lovetox and on ubuntu it works?
  43. lovetox you need debian unstable, but in ubuntu you just need the latest version, seem weird to me
  44. lovetox nightly probably doesnt work at all on ubuntu, because they simply dont have the deps yet
  45. lovetox hm no seems they have precis in 18.04
  46. lovetox so it should work from 18.04 on
  47. batterystaples Ah, okay
  48. batterystaples So 16.04 doesn't work according to this user:
  49. lovetox only with flatpak
  50. batterystaples I think the user in that ticket was trying to install with apt
  51. lovetox if you change that stuff anyway, could you mention on the debian section, that Gajim 1.1.0 is in backports?
  52. batterystaples Okay, sure.
  53. lovetox because it just say, apt install gajim
  54. lovetox but that would install Gajim 0.16 i believe
  55. batterystaples I'm thinking that I could just spin up a VM to test installing the backports packages
  56. batterystaples And then give instructions for that if it works
  57. batterystaples I'm really hesitant to suggest using the version in the Debian repos
  58. batterystaples Because it's really out of date
  59. lovetox thats why we should add "backports" somewhere
  60. lovetox backports has always the most current version
  61. oli linux packaging is a mess
  62. batterystaples And you have problems talking with people who are using the latest version (e.g. issues with the omemo plugin, emoji completely different, etc.)
  63. lovetox at least for now
  64. batterystaples Oh, right
  65. lovetox you dont need to test backports, it has Gajim 1.1.0 and all the current plugins for that version
  66. lovetox we released that a month ago
  67. batterystaples So you're saying that the gajim packages in stretch-backports are current
  68. lovetox and the debian maintainer is very active
  69. batterystaples Okay, good
  70. bot appleorange1 updated a merge request for _website/master_ < >: Latest versions of Debian/Ubuntu required
  71. bot appleorange1 updated a merge request for _website/master_ < >: Latest versions of Debian/Ubuntu required
  72. lovetox mrDoctorWho, i can reproduce the notification bug
  73. lovetox it only happens if you have the "pop it up" notification setting enabled
  74. lovetox where new conversations open itself on a new message
  75. Wiktor Hello, I have a curious problem using Gajim 1.1.0 on Arch Linux - I can't install any plugins (except the OMEMO from AUR), the installation seems to succeed ("plugin downloaded") but they don't appear in Plugins/Installed tab, interestingly some have Installed version in Available tab but still can't be used. I tried look at arch wiki, to no avail, does it seem like a problem someone had? I really like the Url Image Plugin :( Thanks in advance!
  76. mrDoctorWho lovetox, great!
  77. mrDoctorWho as of the stream resumption bug, I don't seem to be able to reproduce it anymore
  78. lovetox Wiktor, delete the plugin installer from ./local/share/gajim/plugins
  79. lovetox restart gajim
  80. lovetox it seems this is a old version of the plugin installer
  81. Wiktor lovetox, 👍️ I'll try that right away, thanks
  82. Wiktor aaand it works like expected, think you *a lot* lovetox!
  83. Wiktor by the way, it seems Quit doesn't really close Gajim, only hides it, is this by design or is there an option that controls this?
  84. lovetox how do you trigger quit
  85. Wiktor right clicking on gtk tile (I'm using Dash to Panel but it maps the application menu to tile) there is a Quit option, near Plugins, Preferences, Accounts etc.
  86. Wiktor IIRC the same menu was just called "Gajim" in the main menu on Windows :)
  87. lovetox hm this should always quit gajim
  88. lovetox what happens if you click it?
  89. lovetox why do you think its hidden?
  90. lovetox how do you bring it to front again?
  91. Wiktor gajim window disappears, but it's running minimized (`px aux | grep gajim` verified)
  92. Wiktor click the tile again, it opens the app, I see it was just minimized, as it's very fast :)
  93. lovetox hm i have to check
  94. Wiktor it doesn't happen like that with any other app (and I've got 12)
  95. Wiktor no problem, thanks a lot for help and working on gajim :)
  96. lovetox Wiktor can you run gajim from console
  97. lovetox try to quit
  98. lovetox and look if there are errors
  99. lovetox for me the only possibility that this hides is that something prevents the quit
  100. Wiktor 👍️ sure, in a minute
  101. Wiktor nope, just nothing is printed on the console when I press Quit, only the window disappears (the log works, there are different messages)
  102. lovetox hm what happens if you quit with CTRL+Q
  103. Wiktor lovetox, CTRL+Q really quits the app, fantastic, until now I had to killall gajim ;)
  104. lovetox then i have to say its your Dash to Panel thing
  105. lovetox it overwrites the quit action and implements its own
  106. lovetox because shortcut and menu trigger the same action in gajim code
  107. Wiktor good point, let me disable it
  108. Wiktor yes, that appears to be the case, closing it from the gnome menu (with Quit) works as expected, I'll file an issue in Dash to Panel, weird that it works in all other apps... Thank you again for help!
  109. lovetox yeah please report if we can do something to make it work
  110. Wiktor Got it, 👍
  111. mario hi, I'm having some issues with OMEMO and try to debug it. Is there any way to get/refresh the device list from the server? I want to find out if a key was not pushed to the server or if it just missing in my client.
  112. mario I already know I should get PEP updates for the device list, if anything changes. But is there a way to trigger such an update to retrieve the lates information?
  113. lovetox yes, just restart gajim
  114. lovetox you can inspect logs with -l gajim.plugin_system.omemo=DEBUG
  115. lovetox there you see all the device lists that we receive
  116. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *0ac52a39* < > Allow handlers list to be modifed while iterating
  117. lovetox mrDoctorWho, ^ this should fix the pm notification bug
  118. mrDoctorWho lovetox, thank you!
  119. thanks, lovetox. Actually this is rater odd. The contact where OMEMO does not work properly is listed with two devices. But in wrong roster.
  120. lovetox wrong roster?
  121. I have three accounts set up in gajim. The contact belongs to account A, but ist shown in "C => Roster devices after boot: [...]" (A, B, C just variables for my jabber accounts)
  122. but *not* shown in "A => Roster devices after boot: [...]"
  123. when I disable all other accounts, the contact is still there to chat with, but is not shown in the terminal output of OMEMO
  124. btw. the issue I have is that no keys are shown for the respective contact and I can't read his encrypted messages
  125. lovetox this maybe just means the contact once was added on A
  126. lovetox and that we never received devices on C
  127. lovetox so its not printed
  128. lovetox so what does the console show if you activate omemo, and want to write him a message
  129. ah, interesting. A => Querry devicelist from [...]. And it actually found three devices.
  130. so, the device list is not fetched automatically for all contacts?
  131. lovetox the server tells us the devicelist on login
  132. lovetox if we dont receive one for some reason, we query it ourself
  133. lovetox a reason might be that you are not fully subscribed to the contact
  134. lovetox right click on the contact, manage contact -> abonoments -> both top entries shoud be grey
  135. yes, both top entries greyed out
  136. lovetox so what is now the problem?
  137. lovetox still see no fingerprints in the fingerprint window?
  138. Problem is that I cannot decrypt his messages. So I wanted to check whether there is a problem with keys pushed (or not pushed) to the server.
  139. lovetox so you see his fingerprints?
  140. Then I saw non of his keys at all. Which I found strange. But after hitting enter on the message, three of his keys appeared.
  141. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 1 commit to branch _refs/heads/master_ of _gajim_ < >: *89d99409* < > Roster: Register our-show with lower priority This event is used to shutdown the roster if we quit, it destroys all windows. This should be run last because other objects like the ChatControl need a reference to the window to shutdown properly
  142. lovetox ok, then write him now a message
  143. so, I guess, keys are actually present on the server.
  144. lovetox this should reset the session, and if he answers this should work
  145. okay, thank. so far so good..
  146. now I also got his answer and could decrypt it. I wonder why it didn't work in the first place..
  147. But now I know how to find out which keys are actually persent at the server. This should help if problems come back. Thank you.
  148. If I would have had one of his three keys already stored. Would the other two ever have been queried?
  149. Maybe that was the reason why I couldn't decrypt his message in gajim, but only in Conversation. Maybe he already had the key from Conversations but not the other one. And if the server, for some reason, never sent him an update, I guess, his client never asked, since it already knew one key.
  150. lovetox no, keys are only actively queried if we have no keys at all
  151. lovetox otherwise we depend on the server to inform us about new devices
  152. lovetox if this was right after adding the contact to the roster maybe there was a glitch
  153. lovetox as you had no keys at all, it sounds to me you have just added this contact to the roster
  154. lovetox after you add someone, you should at least write one message with him to get omemo starting
  155. bot Philipp Hörist pushed 11 commits to branch _refs/heads/gajim_1.1_ of _gajim_ < >:
  156. I added the contact months ago..
  157. but I had OMEMO off, since I also had some problems in the past
  158. (for this contact)
  159. maybe I never send an ecrypted message to him..
  160. *sent
  161. bot Daniel Brötzmann modified an issue in _gajim_ < >: #9499: < '<3' is not 😍 (heart eyes) >
  162. hermann Hi there, I'm trying to update my old Gajim 0.16 on Linux Mint to the latest Gajim version, but I'm having some issues. I'e installed Pyton 3.5 and removed gajim 0.16, but when I run apt-get install Gajim , then Gajim 0.15 is installed. I've ran apt-get update, but it didn't help. Anybody having a hint how to proceed? Thanks
  163. hermann I've linux mint 17 (ubuntu 16.04)
  164. lovetox you ubuntu is too old
  165. lovetox only way to install gajim is via flatpak
  166. lovetox
  167. hermann ok, thanks Lovetox. I'll have a look at it. I've to update my mint anyways within the next 3 month.
  168. lovetox then maybe wait until you update
  169. lovetox flatpak is sandboxed and migration from flatpak back to normal install is probably tricky
  170. hermann ok. will do. Thanks again.